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  1. You thought first. I thought later. That was a mistake.
  2. After I filled it out with the questions on health it made me wonder about organ donation and I felt guilty for stating we were in good health. I presume they are solicitors. It’s very intrusive questionnaire. I don’t think think anyone should be revealing anything about their health especially.
  3. Mine was a week late and only that early because my child kept getting on at me to fill it in or we get a £1,000 fine. I’m traditionally late but this worrying of my child about the state bothers me.
  4. I’m so nosey I can’t do that. I had a gypsy here the other day offering to chop the trees back. I’m intrigued. I have to watch them. Not to the point of letting them in but to hear their chatter. Thinking I must be stupid. Yea I’m very interested please put your card through the door as I’m very busy right now. And they stutter off.
  5. Yes like a postcode lottery. Mine was more instructive and demanding than yours from the sounds of it.
  6. Yes it is. So it’s not generic. NHS should be in caps but the others shouldn’t. or universal might be a better word than generic.
  7. Covid, yes, no, nhs, and respond are all in caps on mine.
  8. That’s what I’m thinking too. By responding no you are putting yourself on a register. and then shall just move onto someone younger. By not responding it’s a pending and more work.
  9. No it doesn’t. Trust your instincts. If that is what you said without thinking then wait and see the response. They’ll be spending time chasing it up.
  10. I’ve had my invite from GP. Not replied and not going to as the message states to reply either yes/no or had it done with the NHS. It is calling for me to follow the rule of replying so I’m not replying. I already told my workplace no and sent the adverse reactions to them. Now my GP is having a try. I’d rather create them the extra work and slow them down.
  11. The ticket factory quoting Liam Gallagher. TWEET OF THE WEEK
  12. What about all those intelligent women with lots of money that ran off with Gambian toy boys! Went on their hols and someone told them they were pretty and would like to marry them although they look old enough to be their grandmother. I always knew there was a difference in intelligences. It’s a fascinating subject how people can be taken in.
  13. Were you born to resit ist or be abused? Love them. Dissapointed.
  14. I don’t think there is an ‘it’ as such. It’s just people testing positive from a pcr test that has been ramped up to 45x detecting dead nucleotides or a doctors word because of the symptoms. Some would have had flu and others wouldn’t.
  15. CNN Legal Analyst Who Celebrated Vaccines Dies After Receiving Pfizer Jab https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/04/14/cnn-legal-analyst-who-celebrated-vaccines-dies-after-receiving-pfizer-jab/ Wont tell you what she died of..im guessing heart attack like so many others seemed to be popping off with.
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