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  1. Everything you need to know in half an hour. Has the link to HIV in there too. A reverse HIV that is killing your natural immunity.
  2. Now I’m spiteful for calling you out. Anything else?
  3. Of course you will. A man of many excuses and no doubt promises who cannot admit his own posts and intentions. It’s there in black and white.
  4. Well that’s nice you have your own opinion. Well done.
  5. Well how about you smash up your PC for good measure and solidarity with all those who have smashed there’s on your say so?
  6. And here’s the resident butter in of a discussion. What would we do without these types?
  7. What? Nothing about smashing up smart phones? Is this not an important topic to you?
  8. Calling you out as an authoritarian fascist. Now what sort of job would suit you?
  9. They’ll be along shortly no doubt. When it gets too hot.
  10. Now I’m a flamer because I calling you out. I’m willing to carry on and let the chips fall.
  11. No. You’re not. You are even resorting to guilt tactics to make people do as you ask.
  12. Oh dear. The famous. I am RIGHT quote. Downhill from here.
  13. In what way? I’m not telling anyone to go stupid and smash up their phones! People can moderate themselves. They can choose. You want to take away choice in order for those to make the …”right”… decision. you sound like the other side. Are you doing this on purpose?
  14. I’m just anti authoritarianism and fascism. I’ll pick it out in any environment. You are what you fight in your case. There is a reason you push and push. And then install your own brand of fascism. Keep fighting me and you will be a better person!
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