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  1. I agree and a lot of truths can come to you when just being out in nature and it helps with problem solving and allows me to reground myself. Better than any medication.
  2. The woods are a nice place. Very peaceful. I’m going on a walk in one this week. Helps me de stress from modern life. Also very old big trees I love.
  3. The elites have always hijacked others great ideas. Doubt they could come up with anything themselves. It takes imagination. Instead they find other inventors steal their ideas and use their expertise. Elon is always looking for people you can tell he hasn’t got his own brain. Gates does it too. They have money but not the smarts. Too tired to watch that tonight but I’ll try to tomorrow.
  4. Two sides of the same coin. Both leading to a communist destination.
  5. If you’re looking for your stick I think I know where it is.
  6. Yes I think it would be a bit scary at night. Might be nice if you had some lanterns hanging from the trees.
  7. I would say the same about a tv.
  8. Poor signals in the woods. That’s why I say that.
  9. They fizzle children’s brains and adults that play them are weird too. Can’t see why a grown adult would spend their time on those things. But each to his own. I don’t think it’s a very strong argument pitting two things against each other that you acknowledge are both bad but ones more bad than the other and yet calling for everyone to dump the one you see as worse.
  10. Depends what you want out of it. I’ve learned some things today I didn’t know.
  11. You can have your foot in the water without being submerged.
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