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  1. There is only one truth that Humans could not corrupt. And that is this. No cult will ever be capable of assimilating it for themselves..
  2. And that is the problem. You don't seriously believe that it is possible to decode real information. As a non experiencer. You are following some garbage that was suggested by Humans. That is the only reason why flat earth is still on youtube. They know who can't decode Reality, this includes flat earth, NDEs, UFO believers. This includes science. Everything is perfect to get lost in nothing.
  3. Flat Earth has created its own fake reality, a legend should be dreamed there as well. One kind of flat time..
  4. And who told you that? Humans? Let me guess that the Flat Earth channels have told you that like all other tales. But they will never come true.
  5. Non Human. Makes no sense to include it in any amusing dogmas. Humans don't know it..
  6. And now imagine that something of vast intelligence has created a 'cosmic' illustrated manual for us. And it is not language that can translate it. And that what it can properly recreate is hidden in us.. Isn't that interesting? Like small children it must be acquired :)
  7. That is the problem with human language. The scientists also do not know how to describe reality in any way. Words were made up that were joined together in frequencies and nothing matches the pattern. Do you know what that means? It never has and never will convey reality in human language. Something is inside the body that can translate it, and this is not language...
  8. Describe me how you imagine it. You know that is a contradiction to the belief that has been described by humans. Because they could never translate the seen into language.
  9. Humans have been programmed to perceive this thing as a moon, an object. The question is whether we really understand what we see. Who knows..
  10. Holographic universe? I'm sure humans can't even describe light meaningfully nor why light must connect into something predefined. Maybe light is not even light and does not originate in this small frequency band where humans are located. Simulation is also more than relative. Since Humans can neither see nor understand the functioning of the non-random. Bible or Enoch does not help either....
  11. It's a Grey. lol. All of them are fake, so are close ups of UFOs. Those who can manipulate perception and reality do not really have to make an effort. Because Humans can't distinguish it. Between show and function of the construct...
  12. How do I connect to infinite consciousness? Everything is already in place to be able to do this. Here you have the opportunity to take your first steps and start to advance. It is a very difficult process and there is a risk of losing yourself in the process. You basically have to transform the human experience as a whole that it makes sense. You go to school and you will find out what is important and what can be left behind. And infinite possibility? It will be all about comprehension and extension. There are no limits which means that someone can decode reality by himself. Where we are at the moment and also the other side. And such a person will perceive reality in unified pattern and that unfiltered. Something of immense magnitude will become perceptible. There is no going back. That would be infinite possibility. Realistically, only a vanishingly small fraction will manage this. Which raises the question of why there are so many different types of development and all at the same time... :)
  13. Tartaria belongs to the Flat Earth Cult. A tiny group of people who want to impose their little worldview on others. Flat earth does not speak for what they understand as God. How can they speak for something that is not addressed to them? ;) But it has always been like this.
  14. For those who are looking for similar pattern. And how to track them down. NDEs have a function to convey something. Often they are short expressions concerning the earth. And that is exactly the pattern she is supposed to talk about. It starts from 10:38 ~ 11:24. She is not the first to see it, and it doesn't matter that she can't understand it yet.
  15. You are no longer the chosen one? Sometimes you just have to wake up from the dream... For entertainment purposes, this video is not real.
  16. This is one of the most deleted videos as far as pattern are concerned. And yet it appears again and again. lol What you see there really took place and is an important pattern. Your brain cannot first understand how to define this pattern. Ghost, alien, apparitions. Later you will find that it will match many other pattern. ;) Video starts from 04:11 and ends 08:13. As always audio or language has no significance. In order to find pattern, such channels have to be checked as well. It's actually interesting to discover where you can find pattern.
  17. I'll try to speculate what the future might bring. That perhaps new connections will be found that will redefine the old world view of physical objects and matter. This also includes the so-called sun, basically every so-called physical object and what function and context they have in the fabric of reality. And that there is no way around accepting that we are in something impossible and also unexpected. When it will be discovered will not be decided by humans. And it is not so easily discovered. As too many old notions are still on the agenda for Humans. Alien, Gods, Supernatural..
  18. I am actually what you are trying to express. I am going through this process because this so-called phenomenon has been following me for a very long time. And I know that like many others you cannot distinguish what is true and what is not. Without direct encounter with the phenomenon, it is impossible to differentiate. I have always been very suspicious that humans know the truth. And I didn't want to let go of my belief system in the universe and UFOs. And everywhere I looked for pattern that matched other. And at a certain point I was studying a very unusual UFO pattern where I discovered that it did not have a physical shape. That something completely unknown to me was taking place. That's when it became clear to me that humans don't know what reality is. It was like a Tsunami, my belief system collapsed everywhere, this encompasses many areas of human existence. And that everything has been built on flaws. And everyone integrates the mistakes of others into belief systems. Then the phenomenon began to demonstrate things that reflect exactly that. In the end I lost everything where I thought I understood at least something of it. After some culture shocks, it was clear that human knowledge and experience can't be trusted. If you go on youtube and listen to all these people who think they know, you know they don't know. And that behind every opened door there are other doors still unknown. Be more suspicious of what Humans say. And yes you have to question everything.
  19. This video is a very special demonstration, which goes far beyond the ordinary. I know it's from China and never expected it to find its way to youtube and in good quality. I can only recommend whoever studies pattern to download it. Because too obvious videos always disappear after a certain time. And this goes far beyond the UFO illusion and objects;)
  20. Everything happens in small steps. For some it starts very early, it can then go in a direction that is beyond imagination. And it takes a very long time to attribute and process it. This concerns, so to speak, the whole experience of humans and then complex knowledge from the other side is added. That which is human will shrink considerably and blend in where it had to blend in. Something will inevitably reveal itself and that on every perceptible scale. Not everyone can go this direction, there are many other possible ways of approaching it. There will be something that ensures that no one can access anything that the person is not ready for.
  21. That is her decision, even if she has to live with having missed something. Both are a dead end. This makes it impossible to decode reality and the causer. This construct can be studied in detail by experiencer for a relatively more recent period of time. Let's just say something had to be given beforehand to open up new possibilities. To discover it in the first place.
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