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  1. The default is reflected in the eyes and will be reflected within the higher self. And this will be reflected in such a way that humans can bear it. This is certainly still changeable the further a consciousness advances. Earth/Reality is certainly something very interesting.
  2. David has experienced what he was ready for. That does not mean that he could put everything into the right context. This is true for all of us. Some lose all believed notions of what reality is. Because you will lose all the knowledge you have absorbed. And only then will you begin your journey. Then you will know what humans have distorted and reality itself will rearrange itself. Everybody will walk this one path at some point.
  3. The higher form of existence will certainly not agree to this. And it demonstrated things in a very simplified way. And the fact that humans have made religions out of it is not the creator's problem. Everything that all cultures have experienced is an entry point. And Humans don't get anything for free. And if you believe the word written by Humans, you will certainly experience disappointment. And by this is meant prematurely believing everything that has been described by humans.
  4. Awakening means that you are walking a unique path. The path becomes clearer and clearer and what others have told you will turn out to be their truth and their illusion. You will walk the path alone and you will be able to answer many questions for yourself when you are ready.
  5. Humans do not understand why all the myths came into existence. Humans saw light phenomena that were inexplicable. Humans made gods out of them. And then Humans started adding things that it did not demonstrate. And that is still the case today. And out of that they made the next religion. Flat earth was relevant but it will never be able to decipher reality. Even the present world view cannot really explain certain things. Because science is almost based on pure conjecture, especially cosmology. Humans have a very interesting idea of explaining reality. And that assumptions are converted into fictitious paper money. Illusions are more interesting than the truth.
  6. No flat earther is capable of explaining anything that has to do with the firmament. What creation really is. Everyone relies on interpreted explanations from the ancient world. And I don't want to take away all the dreams of this movement, the creator has never passed on any higher knowledge. Everything was presented to certain individuals in a very simplified way that corresponded to this stage of development. Glass ceiling? That is the level of explanation that corresponds to the cargo cult. Sorry. Humans are dealing with an intelligence of the highest sophistication. Which sees all levels of development as equal. If Flat Earth wants to progress, it will have to study the so-called UFO phenomenon. Because that is inseparably connected with creation itself. oops..
  7. Never before has it been so obvious how helpless Humans as a whole are. And something is present here. I can only indicate that each individual should make wise choices for their path of development. I wouldn't say that those who have seen it have fully grasped it, but humans will not get past this intelligence. Not on any level. Nor do these fools who think they have any control here.
  8. Humans have been getting weaker for decades. The current artificial global system is becoming just like all its predecessors. One look into the past is enough to understand what is happening worldwide. When the peak of development is reached, the disintegration begins. Humans pay the price of placing themselves above nature. And one consequence of this is to take away the last freedoms of populations in order to keep control. Governments have never had control over this so-called planet. Humans own nothing and everything will crumble to dust after a period of time. Especially failed illusions of ruling over something.
  9. Cosmology is based on assumptions and the belief that some of it will be true. In all ages people have perceived something and tried to describe it and give it meaning. What it can be. To this day, not one human being has been able to touch any of it in real terms. No matter what humans try, they cannot see the true image and the context will remain unknown. And there is no truth that humans are ready for. And no one stands where the next one stands in development. Everyone has their own version of truth. And that is the one he can cope with.
  10. That which has many names does not expect you to convince others of your version of reality. In the knowledge of the past there are hidden aspects that are true. But it has never revealed the whole picture to those who were there before. And what is now is the same. Those who seriously search in the right places will inevitably have to study the knowledge of the past in order to expand the present. And that means all the knowledge that has ever been experienced. nasa and the present imposed view of the world knows that everything has a different context. No one can advance into something they are not ready for. This intelligence predetermines every step humans will take. It expects each consciousness to search for the truth on its own responsibility. I can tell you that the truth of what is real will be beyond anything humans dream of. Your view of the world is one of many paths. There are also trajectories that go beyond the current understanding horizon of humans.
  11. It is a typical human construct to compulsively try to convince others what reality is. In the end, everyone will put together their own personal view of the world. There are many ways that will be one way.
  12. Experiencer here. What humans call the UFO phenomenon is directly related to the intelligence/creator. All that humans see is nothing more than an unknown kind of visual representation. And it is incredibly sophisticated. It is irrelevant whether humans interpret it as gods or angels or currently as aliens. Humans cannot distinguish between illusions and something real.
  13. Greetings.. Here is something for both world views. What the viewer has to do is concentrate on the so-called horizon and on the position of the stars. Once the northern hemisphere and twice the southern. The ones in the southern hemisphere are particularly interesting. I don't want to imply anything or take a position here, but I think that such videos should be studied very carefully. North South
  14. The last question is interesting for me. I can imply that we have no limits to capture even very complex processes. Finding answers in a context that challenges human understanding. This is only possible with the direct confrontation of something that is responsible for everything. But you asked the wrong questions. The right question would have been whether I can bear the implications of answers at all. And one answer alone will weigh more heavily than the so-called knowledge of Humans. Knowledge, by the way, is perceived through the eyes and not through words. Whether you are ready for this is something you have to find out on your own.
  15. Human perception is more than relative. To see something in the right context, you have to encounter something impossible. And after that, human assumed knowledge has no more meaning....This is neither a life form, nor an angel, nor a UFO. Welcome to the other reality that most will never see.
  16. Something is here and is massively interested in a great variety of unexpected things. To make a long story short, humans have seen one and the same thing at all times. Mystical apparitions became angels then aliens. It reflects and demonstrates human dreams. And nothing can change the shape, it only changes the sequence of generated images that appear where humans are supposed to see them, even spatially. The idea of shape-changing three-dimensional creatures comes from Humans. But only so-called humans, animals and plants manifest here. That is the only thing that humans can rely on to be physically there. Everything else will be discovered when certain conditions are met. No government or dogma will be able to stop it. They only believe that they have some kind of control. But you can't control a holodeck. Humans have neither the technical capability nor the ability to fully comprehend what earth is.
  17. Earth will turn out to be one that contains everything. And it will definitely turn out to be artificial and not natural. No matter where Humans think they are going, it will be within this Earth. Nasa has never been able to leave the holodeck. ISS is inside like everything else. Humans will never be able to comprehend this reality and determine where something begins or ends. There is no dome or space or water above. Earth is everything and only a tiny part of it can be perceived by humans. But perhaps it is better to believe than to see. This thing is worshipped by billions even though it demonstrates a fake reality.
  18. Something like that should never be posted. It translates as. Others who think differently have no idea, and they are morons. And flat earth is the only truth.
  19. The picture clearly says something. It cannot be missed...
  20. Flat earth believers will never be able to prove that this plane of existence is flat. Neither will those who believe in a round earth with an infinite universe. None of the dogmas can prove anything. To put it bluntly, humans have no idea what light is. What the atmosphere really is. Where that form stabilised changes into other states not accessible to Humans. And nasa can only go forward, stay there and has to return. And that perceived image will adapt. This means that humans have no idea where they are. I say it again everything is based on pure conjecture. And what would happen if all believed things like the so-called sun were no longer perceptible for a few so-called days? Or that so-called water would stop moving. Or the beautiful sky stops in its so-called movement. Flat earth knows as much as Nasa.
  21. All that is there is an entity that is everything and it operates at a speed that is imperceptible to normal humans. Whether it is unique is to be assumed for now, since it has control over what humans currently define as reality. It would certainly be interesting to see if it is embedded in something itself. Or what was necessary to become what it is.
  22. Here are a few frames of the beautiful universe/firmament/matrix/non-human fabric of reality/creator..Nothing special to see here. NGC 2516-the 500 parsec Long open Star Cluster. Astronomers know that nobody cares, everything is natural.
  23. What you see here is called Zoom Into The Veil. Normally this would not be noticed when zooming into these huge images of astronomers. I have taken out some frames because it is not possible to post them all. The last frames are directly in the square sector and as it is zoomed in further and further. And here, too, something remarkable is visible. And it should be noticeable even on small monitors. At least I hope so. I see something like this with a 2560x1440 resolution or higher. As I said, it is only meant for reflection...
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