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  1. I know. The traces are worldwide. Everything is altered, built over and recycled. The gigantic foundations and the remains of the standing walls could not be eradicated. Or what was created underground. The older it gets, the more obvious it becomes. And the traces of technologies used. Today's Egypt shows clear traces of an unknown high civilisation. Baalbek has been completely reassembled multiple times and it is no longer possible to trace what kind of structure it was. Just like in Egypt. Almost everything is overbuilt with junk at cargo cult level. Or primitive graffiti was chiselled in afterwards. But they lied, nothing built the ancient world itself. They could only produce a far more primitive version. I study many of these videos. It doesn't matter if they are from Japan or who records them, the language, I am only interested in the images and details.
  2. The thing is that we are not people either. What really happens has nothing to do with beings or anything familiar. What we have to know we will encounter when we are ready for it. If there is no reason to attach to something any more, why should there be anything interesting here?
  3. Yes, I have seen things that were unimaginable for myself. That such a thing is possible and that it exists. There is a truth and it will surpass anything humans have ever dreamed of. And it is indeed the case that today's world view is being deliberately distorted. What earth could be and how it has to be connected in the context of the so-called universe. I can only say intelligent design and it is not of natural origin.
  4. Neither she nor the science of the 21st century can answer that question. There is something there that cannot yet be represented visually. Imagine something tremendously complex based on mathematical principles that have not yet been discovered. And it's connected to everything and it interacts in extraordinary manners. It does not expand but constantly merges to form new designs.
  5. Here is a fantastic example that history is nonsense. The most developed is always the oldest. And it's all pure form and function. The ancient world is nothing more than a primitive copy based on cargo cult.
  6. Impressive. So it was that simple. Interesting. Then it is certainly more than easy to produce these two simple examples at any time. Good luck...
  7. Nothing but flat earth dreams and distortion of reality. For many millennia (human idea that time exists) there has not been a highly developed society. No one can harness something that is not understood. There was and is no technology.
  8. Is made up like Roswell. Most humans will never disclose what they have experienced. If someone has to study certain contexts, this will only concern them. Just imagine that something knows who would spread it, and exactly they will never know.
  9. It is everywhere. That certain countries allegedly have more sightings is surely an exaggeration. Most Experiencer will never record their demonstrations on film. Certain Humans will see specific types of demonstrations in their lives. Those who see it as a UFO have never seen that there are even more complex demonstrations.
  10. Let's just say that 90% of all recordings have nothing to do with the phenomenon.
  11. I am an Experiencer. I have had a high number of demonstrations. Many at close range. The phenomenon is neither alien, nor does it have any relation to what humans think they know. It is more than known to me what it is. It doesn't matter which videos I watch, I will always know when it is a real demonstration.
  12. This is an UAP. This is usually the case when Experiencer have to record it. Non-human 100%
  13. Don't worry. It wasn't that. It was just what most people dream of. Direct visual confrontation of what has many names, and demonstrations of how it does it. It's not really that special. When you are not filled with human nonsense it can sometimes be very fair.
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