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  1. Indeed, it is an interesting picture. And I know that nothing comparable has been found anywhere else.
  2. Why should anyone care who doesn't want to change their monkey history in any way? And it is definitely unique. Since it was destroyed the history is again as they want it to be. Classic case of inferiority complex.
  3. I can understand what it must be like not to be able to see the real thing. To be at the mercy of this crazy human system and its lies. And that system lies about what reality is, the universe, that stars are not stars, that moons are not moons, that earth is not a planet. Isn't it enough to just decide I don't care what they sell? I can't trust what they say? The truth has been corrupted by Humans and that at all levels. And the biggest lie of all is that we are alone. And the inferiority complex that the system is nothing more than insignificant that would never have made any perceptible progress without it. That something takes care of us and that we can develop independently of the human system. It's a long journey..
  4. I studied a few more videos. She thinks she has it all decoded. She is missing huge chunks of pattern she has never seen. The old story. Never claim that the other side has conveyed everything. Caution is advised in her case. ;)
  5. Wasn't recorded from the ISS. That was simply captured on film from a different aircraft. Most videos are not suitable for study. Two examples .. Real.. Aircraft. Audio added afterwards, video accelerated ;)
  6. I'm not really interested in conspiracy theories. I know that Flat Earth is making up its own world view. Real history is simply distorted. And I know that Flat Earth is not one of those who know certain minor Details from the perspective of the causer. Like what the true state and particularly appearance of reality is like. They simply don't know. This makes them a useful tool. Like NDEs. Tartaria is irrelevant.
  7. I suspect that it is not possible to decipher the construct with pure human thinking and understanding. No one can and will bypass the phenomenon. Bye..
  8. I advise just to stay with this series. When I searched 'YOU HAVE ESCAPED THE MATRIX WHAT NOW' for pattern, I discovered flawed pattern. I was only interested in how she was able to detect it. Without direct counterparts coming from the other side. I indicate that she had no access to non-human aspects and had to fill them with human notions. To put it figuratively there are sectors that are corrupted. And yet it is impressive. One video was exceptional.
  9. Why didn't you include that in Nature Of Reality? There are a few imperfections in the first part. And yet, pattern emerge. I am excited to see how far she has come. I will watch her videos. Thanks.
  10. It was meant ironically. It doesn't matter what you are interpreting into me and what definitions. I am not committed to anything. Bye..
  11. I recommend you to wait until someone translates it to you in such a way that you can have a transit less accompanied by fears. Just find the right chosen one.
  12. If you hope that I will reveal some details, it will not happen. I know that the clown show is present everywhere. And I know that they do not know everything. Every word must be carefully chosen, even the videos. I shouldn't have done that at all. Because they are also looking for similarities. Any influence and change is in contradiction to what that phenomenon does. And it is omnipotent, it controls and influences human existence itself. And even if you decode it from the human perspective, it only works with the phenomenon itself. It knows if you are stupid enough to tell others, and it knows that before you know it. Non-linear progression of experience. An Experiencer who has to study it is playing with fire here. Because then you can't decode the really interesting pattern. And you will lose everything you believed in. Just think how beautiful human existence is, there is no need to know. Perspective is everything..
  13. I smell jealousy. But the phenomenon does not care what you think you are. And we all are nothing more than a pet project. It is meaningless to be selected, special (lol) to worship it. It doesn't care if Humans have made it into religions. Humans are nobody and that is the first thing you will learn when it appears. And that you are filled with nothing.
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