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  1. All they can control are human illusions. NPCs have no control over the Holodeck. And they know it.
  2. I am shocked. This man was one who seriously tried to extend the horizon of understanding. He was one of the important ones who made me seriously consider Enoch's book to better understand my encounters with something impossible. Even though I can never be a Flat Earther, I found certain details that took me further. Michael Talbot also died much too early.
  3. It is noticeable that your understanding horizon is very typical of a very young consciousness. When you depend on belief, it is so easy to create your own universe. But you will never know the difference. Then believe.
  4. From my perspective, savages throw sticks into a higher-dimensional construct. And wonder why the construct can neither be properly determined nor that it reveals its secrets. After all, there are already preliminary stages of clarity that it could be some kind of holographic construct. And that an intelligence is playing an interesting game here.
  5. He can only interpret what is written. And what has been watered down and expanded by humans, he can't differentiate that. And it is no secret that humans distort everything to create their own version of reality. Do you seriously think that the origin is interested in what you believe in? It expects you to go your own way. And only yours. What you understand as the opposite side is bound to the same principle.
  6. Dean Odle interprets his version of interpreted versions of predecessors. If an experiencer follows a certain path, the misinterpreted can be successfully translated into the current overarching pattern it demonstrates. And also be significantly expanded. It has no meaning for you in what complexity others have to experience it. Everyone decides for themselves the pace and the degree of complexity. As I said, this model is simply an entry point from something much more sophisticated. And all attempts at explanation only apply here.
  7. You're not serious, are you? A human consciousness cannot correctly determine anything it perceives. You don't even know what you are. Humans have formed an absurd distorted image according to their beliefs. As a result, there are countless dead ends where there is no progress. Again and again, uncontaminated concepts have been given and humans have perverted them. Self-elevation and arrogance to go their own way. But Humans go nowhere and they always come back to the same point where it all began. At least be suspicious and don't believe everything that is written by Humans. Belief means that you believe everything that comes from humans.
  8. So that means that your God has given you the ability to see higher order knowledge with your eyes? This means the reality that is unreachable for you. I tell you, that the earth is flat and does not move was written by humans. And there is a difference between experiencing it yourself and seeing it in representations of humans. And it doesn't occur to you that you're missing something? That all human knowledge is subjective and based on pure conjecture?
  9. That's all? You represent a concept of others who think they understand creation. Like the ones from Globebusters. A handful who think they can make money with it. You, like all other believers, are an eternity away from the truth. You cannot even see it.
  10. I don't think that's the case. It was your free will to believe the words of other Humans. If humans understood this intelligence, there would never have been religions and dogmas. And since you are full of human constructs, the so-called divine cannot reach you.
  11. I like that. And it is possible to perceive various layers and interconnecting sub-segments at the same time. Something extraordinary unveils itself. Absolute perfection of something far superior. Where everything seems to have a different meaning. Which is in clear contradiction to the current world view, and to all predecessors. When a consciousness is confronted with this, it has to acknowledge that it is not of natural origin. Then the process starts to redefine reality. The old goes and it is finally properly reflected. This is perceived by something. A seemingly interesting learning process will then probably take place. As if something is just waiting for this consciousness to ask the right questions and is then very eager to demonstrate.
  12. Earth is much more than flat and round. A normal human consciousness can only reproduce very simple shapes. 95% is hidden because neither cameras nor human eyes can reproduce all the layers of the entirety. And successfully reflect in themselves, where something is in function at that exact moment. It might turn out that when some layers are assigned simultaneously, a different picture of reality manifests itself. But under normal conditions, it simply reflects a very fragmented, vague image. To use a metaphor, earth and all perceptible luminaries are embedded in something much larger. And it is all one. Of course, this is pure speculation, since humans have determined what reality is supposed to be.
  13. Okay. You want me to translate that for you? Everything you think you understand by perceptible reality does not move. Something unknown to humans is taking place. The only things that can physically move are animals and humans. And their primitive technology. And that's in the fixed three-dimensional construct. The rest you can't even comprehend. The firmament is the same as the stars. The layers only release what humans have to know. It could demonstrate countless variations of reality. If today's humans are unable to decipher reality, what makes you think that those who wrote down interpretations could understand it? You basically know nothing. Reality itself is a single superordinate anomaly.
  14. The flat earth movement is similar to what can be seen in the video here. Something wants to be found and placed in the right context. And they can't see it. Don't worry, the others can't see either... Sorry
  15. Flat earth is simply a complementary way to open a door. One of many. Deciphering reality means finding all the clues that, when combined, make up a larger picture. What humans call the UFO phenomenon is one of them. Basically everything that humans have experienced so far. The more the approaches are unclear, the less Humans can decipher correctly. And they use every means at their disposal not to redefine reality. That creation is of artificial origin. That is why there is the dogma that everything is infinitely far away, because no one can verify it. You can interpret it as the greatest manipulation to make humans believe that they are alone. And that this so-called world belongs to us. It is allowed to speculate but not to know.
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