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  1. Humans have a clearly structured reality. It does not matter that another one is hidden in the first one. Reality is apparently flawed. That is what we have to find. We have to question that this world view of Humans can explain reality. The answer is no. What is really there and what have humans misinterpreted. This is the reality that humans have no control over. And they never will. Do humans have control over the way they can go? Yes. Do humans have the capacity to find the answer to everything? Yes. Is it possible for humans to grasp this paradox of two intertwined realities? Yes. Do I
  2. The answer is no. Nothing can penetrate this agglomeration. Your mind cannot even figuratively comprehend what you exist in. There are no other dimensions, just as this is not a three-dimensional reality.
  3. It is not Humans who have control over reality. Everything above the ground cannot be manipulated. There is no human technology that can change any of that. You mean the absurd world of lunatics who desperately maintain the slave system. Where everything is a lie. Money, sciences, religions. The universe, the lie of planets and star systems. That we have a goal and someday set off to the stars. That we have something to fear, first the evil Angels and now the evil Aliens. It is indeed so that certain groups fear something. Something infinitely superior.
  4. I just mean that binary thinking is absurd, there is always only yes and no. God or star civilisation. Flat earth or NASA universe. Angels or UFOs. I have had hundreds of encounters or rather demonstrations of this intelligence which Humans call God/Watchers others call UAP/UFO Alien. Humans are in something remarkable and it is different than either side thinks they know. The whole of perceived reality is filled with numerous anomalies and these are no coincidence. And I say that humans have not yet been able to decipher it. NASA lies about the universe and religions worship something they
  5. Aether is not yet properly understood and it is not defined by sound and resonance. The Michelson-Morley experiment has interpreted one part correctly. And yet Aether exists. But in a different context. And it is what holds reality together. Everything. Humans will discover something fascinating when the time is right. And it will turn out to be neither a naive god construct nor a simple Matrix. Binary thinking is meaningless.
  6. There are two timelines. 1947 Roswell or Kenneth Arnold. Those who believe in Roswell will see nothing but simple orbs and UFO shapes for the rest of their lives. Kenneth Arnold has seen light apparitions. Roswell is just another religion. Greer knows as much as MUFON. And by that I mean nothing.
  7. A very large number of demonstrations are perceived by people who have to see it. Even if it seems impossible, something unknown to you determines who has to see what. The term UAP is the first step. It has nothing to do with another dimension, rather with not yet understanding what reality is. That it was not of natural origin is the second step. But you will not find anyone who will reveal anything. Nobody gets an unfair advantage. Humans have to learn to understand it in the right context.
  8. It is a demonstrated reality and it is also a colossal artificial creation. Humans have not even begun to grasp what is artificial and what is natural. It uses an extremely sophisticated method to make it seem real to Humans. It does not see Humans as a civilisation. No one will be confronted with anything impossible that is not already reflected as a real aspect in the brain. Here and there there will be humans who have deciphered certain questions. And they have different questions to ask than present ideas. There is no reason for it to demonstrate more complex patterns as Humans have not an
  9. It is the same nonsense that anything has ever crashed. Most Humans can't even comprehend what UAPs are. Humans have seen the same demonstrations since the beginning as Humans see today. UFO believers don't understand it like all the religions of this so-called world. To grasp it in the right context is not decided by Humans. Those who have to know will perceive demonstrated answers directly from the origin.
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