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  1. There is no mystery. The construct is rather basic. It is shapeless. No geometrically determinable objects. It has no dimensions. An alternative principle exists. Spatial determination is impossible, not even here what is considered earth. It can imitate everything. Unaltered humans are unable to distinguish it. Only basic information was conveyed in order to be able to investigate it. Just like everything else was granted to humans.
  2. NASA? It's a cult. And it's not about exploring the universe. It's about delaying the truth. Apparently NASA has stumbled upon something impossible that Experiencers already know. I guess NASA knows that we are inside an impossible paradox, and Earth is neither round nor flat, and that there is nothing out there that humans can access. By the way, NASA does not see any genuine image of reality, it is physically impossible. It will surpass all legends and hypotheses of the system entirely. There will never be a controlled disclosure because everything stops. Then the dream ends and most will be unable to endure that. Science is completely irrelevant. This chapter of human experience will not see it. The real thing..
  3. Perhaps I should mention something. I'm the kind of experiencer who had hundreds of encounters with something extraordinary in real life. And not only in this reality, but also in the holodeck. If you asked me what the film Matrix means, I would say that it's from very little children drawing something for the first time. If you ask me what religions know, I would say that only the first 1-2 pages of their books are important. Knowledge of Experiencers are comparable to those that would correspond to the 15th century. What are the chances that something will be broadcast that a handful of Experiencers per generation will know? And the system has no control whatsoever over reality. They can manipulate other humans here, who says you have to believe them?
  4. He chose himself as an authority. And he chose himself to be the authority when he leaves his body. Independence? He's not going anywhere. Because there is no universe. And sorry. Everything NDEer/OBEer are saying is not worth anything. Everyone was guided here. Nobody can do it alone. In the same way, humans are unable to navigate the unfamiliar. ;) And not even in dreams. Nobody can find the demonstrations from the other side on their own. We are being visited and not the other way round. Omniscient, powerful creators who have created this existence themselves? That is bullshit from the system. To deny your elders is more than infantile. Especially that Humans could not answer the simplest questions. And why the other side has to constantly take care of us and created one of the simplest possible realities for us all.
  5. Stop spreading nonsense. There is nothing in your words that can take you further.
  6. What happens in this video is unfortunately normal. It is almost unbearable what this creature (Michael H. Adams) emits. It is always the consequence when an Experiencer tries to convey an experience. And how it is directly trashed. Paul has something to share. A fragment that will make sense on a grander scale later. The important thing occurs in this section. 12:30 ~ 15:09
  7. Observe, and yes you've never seen something like this before. Audio is irrelevant..
  8. It's all his interpretation. We all have the choice of what we pay attention to.
  9. I think that not going the same way will cause confusion. It has to do with the human imagination what NDEer get demonstrated. Travelling through a tunnel and the same holodeck variations all the time. I have a somewhat different understanding of the construct. In terms of structure and spatial awareness. It means nothing else that it will be something that is customised for me. And this will not correspond to three dimensional imaginations and also not from point A to B. What awaits me will also not look like the concepts of solids, evolved human like constructs. It is not higher or deeper, denser, better, worse, more special, more chosen. Simply expressed, I transfer through the designated entry point. And it will be different for everyone. At least NDEer have managed to translate that more or less successfully. I mean the ones that actually brought something back. That's all..
  10. It will appear to you as that which will seem familiar. It depends on what you get access to that can help you get forward. We are definitely not going the same way. In my case, it was fun to watch my own end and what is waiting for me. That could be more than confusing for others. But that has something to do with the high number of times I've been exposed to something. It seems familiar, and it's not even remotely close to something Humans are aware of.
  11. We are not even human existence. We are a higher entity that transforms. And it observes a scenario where two contradictory dynamics neutralise each other. Both are part of the illusion. It is essential to experience this. I can understand that every illusion has to be left behind. Some will encounter very strange anomalies. How exotic developed existence really is. And that it can't be judged from a human perspective. It's not like humans convince themselves. Do nothing and simply encounter the unknown. And the process is always the same. Something will look after you. And some will advance into domains of which human existence has no comprehension. Others will be tremendously disappointed. About themselves.
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