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  1. OK. I think that Flat Earth is a dogma. And nasa hides the true image from the outer layers. Nasa is also a dogma and this is not about discovering something. There is a remarkable difference of images/videos from amateur astronomers and the images from nasa. And both dogmas are responsible for the fact that there has been no development to put reality in the right context. I only have contempt for Nasa for hiding that we are in the middle of something extraordinary. And that flat earth dogma? Not having dared to move forward. And to ignore the demonstrations of the Creator. Here is a video. What you see there is real and yet humans will never be able to touch it. And both dogmas cannot explain it. Since I know nothing I can prove nothing and is an illusion....
  2. The problem is that many cannot see it spatially. Most will perceive it as a flat image. But if you see reality as an infinite number of cuboids staggered by endless interweaving layers, it results in something else. And unfortunately, something is playing with the perceptual capacity of humans. And that on every scale. Reality is not perceived as it should be. I know from experience how useless it is to fight against dogmas. It is comparable as in this video. That is from Humans. I see comparable when I study the moon, sun, or the very close tiny light points in videos of amateur astronomers. Apparently not only the reality of Humans is a lie, reality itself is a lie. And Humans argue about whether it is flat or a sphere.
  3. Youtube has two sides. Everything that serves the dogma is allowed. That's also how nasa works. And that the status quo is maintained. The anti reality of Humans, that reality has to be like this. Reality of Humans can be defined as a complete lie. All belief systems, including UFO belief, are allowed. Anything that serves the anti reality of Humans is appreciated. Any misinterpretation that does not reflect the actual reality. Aliens, extraterrestrial life, universe, gods are simply human constructs to control something. Humans. And no one needs to be under any illusion that there are uncorrupted teachings. Everything was corrupted by later Humans. But what can't the system hide? Countless videos of all the anomalies that seem to question reality. Anomalies discovered by amateur astronomers. Experiencers which have very good cameras. That something is present here that cannot be hidden. That much of it resembles the old things that the first ones saw. And that all stages of development will have their so-called encounters. And that will especially hate the system, it cannot be stopped. Because then nothing more can be shown. Humans have no control over perceived reality, on any level. Universe - Is not there, just something different is there. Information - Is a intended actual state. We - belong to it. One
  4. I rather think that consciousnesses arise as something very unstable and tiny. It is an becoming. And then you have to put reality into yourself figuratively in a three dimensional template. According to the great template. All knowing also means knowing that God is not a God. And there seem to be no limits. And that you have grasped a process of something that is immensely complex. And then you have your hands full not to question the meaning of human existence. You know that here on this plane of existence you are only an observer.
  5. You are in what can only be defined as the highest perfection. It can only be decoded if certain conditions are met. You cannot go the way that humans dictate. You will then be able to understand when you have left behind the knowledge of humans as illusion. Everything will rearrange itself and you will perceive something you never expected. Answers will fit in where it is demonstrated. You will know what reality is. This includes all the fundamental questions that have ever been asked. The form is infinite and it is One. It is always the same. Earth has no beginning and Earth is everywhere. A human sees 0.0000000x% of it. And it might be possible for a human to do something similar to Movie Contact except that you never have to leave your location because everything is already here. Earth has no void and infinite compactness exists. Reality is certainly something very significant.
  6. It is real. They are where they think they are. Just like us. But that doesn't mean that the people in the ISS know exactly where they are. Or Virgin Galactic. Humans can't determine anything. Where exactly something is. I find that hilarious. No matter how far away humans try to get, it's always Earth.
  7. He does not know the truth. All sell a belief. The whole phenomenon is still completely misunderstood. What the right context is and what it wants to be understood as. Everything is based on assumptions. All who are confronted with the phenomenon see what they expect;) Everyone saw and sees their version, that's what it's capable of. And what humans see today has been seen by all before them. All religions belong to it. Because that is what it is. The newest religion. And no one should question anything prematurely why it acts that way. Because it takes care of life itself. Also which way we go.
  8. The so-called Creator placed an enormous number of anomalies in the reality of Humans. Several are static and a large number of them are filmed every day by humans worldwide. They are currently called UAP, before that they were UFOs, before that they were angels, before that they were dragons, mystical creatures, each culture has its unique terms. Whoever is able to place everything where it belongs knows what the message is.
  9. Doesn't belong here but I was bored by this war as usual. Here is a real star that Nasa would never show like this because everything is beautifully reworked for the taste of Humans.
  10. I want to imply that prematurely wanting to understand something and defining it as established knowledge has very often turned out to be a mistake. Assumptions come and go, some last a long time and others are constantly revised.
  11. As I said, all this only has meaning in my reality.
  12. Surely what I have written has no meaning. Because everyone here has their own reality. And in my reality I know that both models are worth nothing.
  13. No one from the ancient world has ever left the ground or been able to see it from a different perspective. Everyone knows that Nasa and all the others manipulate the image. An apparent arching is massively amplified. The fact that something must always be warped forwards has no meaning, because the circle must remain a circle. There is only a sphere or an ancient flat fake sphere. Also that only a tiny part of the earth is visible at all is not really important. The fact that the earth could be a tiny part of something much larger and more complex is also irrelevant. That everything is not what it seems to be is of course not important. That both models might be worthless is of course also irrelevant.
  14. Good luck with that. You can't escape your reality. No one can. The next one is another reality that is demonstrated. Then you will reflect intensely on yourself why you were in this human reality in the first place. And everybody has something to regret.
  15. The thing is that I have no belief. I only saw that what was done and also that what was not perceived as such. Always with my eyes. And not as a belief. There are no secrets because it demonstrates everything. Are you blaming me for the fact that humans can't see it? I know what you want. Clarity. Maybe I saw everything from a perspective that I had to see. The template that was given is still solidified and Humans are still fixated on something that is not the way. Human knowledge is nowhere where it should be to portray reality properly. And answers will not turn out as Humans expect. There is nothing anyone can do about that.
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