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  1. Not armchair warriors. We actually take action and go out there and protest. Check out standupX
  2. Check out Telegram. This forum is not great for taking action but rather just whinging.
  3. It seems like it was written by someone who knows all the conspiracies and neatly put them all in the same email. It also lists Exeter but not Bristol on page 3, even though Bristol is bigger.
  4. This couldn't be more fake if it tried.
  5. Are you able to give an example of Jordan Peterson's shady past? I am not disputing it but it would be a shame as I thought he was ok.
  6. I agree that they have overplayed their hand, I am getting a sense that people are getting more and more fed up each day with little things like not wearing the mask at all times etc. We can't wake people up unless they are ready to wake up, and I do think everyone has that little voice of reason within them, but until things get bad enough for them personally they will continue sleepwalking.
  7. For a revolution to be lasting and of benefit it has to change the minds and hearts of the population, and this has to be done peacefully. If a violent revolution occurs, it only goes from one control system to another, often making things even worse.
  8. Photo sadly not true, it's from 2018, but good turnout still.
  9. until

    Many thanks for your help! I might get some "social media" for things like this, but I tried to stay away most of my life as I don't want to be supporting big tech. If anyone is coming from southwest UK, if they wanted to carpool I would be up for that to save on petrol (and have some company during a 3 hour drive!)
  10. until

    Are there any more details for this for someone who doesn't use social media (such as where to meet, what time etc)? Would like to go to the London one on May 29.
  11. There is no need to be this angry. Anger and fear come from not accepting reality as it is. This is not the same as giving up and doing nothing, it is simply recognising that getting affected only makes you feel worse, and when you get angry you give up your power. They are more likely to change their ways if you have quiet confidence in not following the rules then if you lose your shit with them.
  12. I've seen some White Rose posters near where I live yesterday, very heart warming. Otherwise I am starting to lose hope. I managed to not involve myself with coivd news as it just brings me down but it feels like the last couple days everything has been ramped up to 1000%. What can we do to stop this? Obviously non-compliance but there has to be more. I think the posters are a good idea to get to people on the fence potentially.
  13. I feel you, I have days like this as well. Even most days I will have a few minutes of quiet desperation, sometimes hours. All we can do is fight until we can fight no more. This world, this life, is just a little part of our never ending journey. Even if the worst comes to pass, who cares when our infinite consciousness is exploring the universe forever.
  14. It just doesn't make business sense to say no to 20-40% of your customers. I work in finance (yeah I know, trying to change) so I know how companies think.
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