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  1. Watched this concise documentary this morning - would be better as a series, but a good watch never the less.
  2. Sadly I think that portion is too big.....and it's this willingness to proxy responsibility elsewhere that leads to bad ideas for running a society to take hold. Sadly people will actually need to feel the jackbook cracking arses for the penny to drop....but of course it will be too late by then!
  3. You know I kind of do do that.....I'll read the article in a minute. I was trying to enter a wine merchants a couple of months ago. Female owner at the door with rope across the door threshold and a large bottle of hand sanitizer at the ready (one customer in at a time). I did put on the mask, but refused the sanitizer, she went into full melt down...told me 15 new cases in the town in the previous 24 hours that I had to take this seriously. So I just asked her a few questions to learn more as she seemed so passionate.....1. How many of them are dead, or in need of medical attention? 2 How many of them knew they had the condition or even suspected prior to the test? 3. What was the age distribution across the 15? I just got a stupid look back and silence, she had nothing. At the till I asked if she knew anythig about the testing method, about the PCR test, anything on it's intended useage and what it does to a tiny sample taken...she just wrapped up my wine and wished me a nice day as quickly as she could. I know the questions were a bit unfair..but my point was that she was acting on blind faith, and it was clear she does no independent research herself....making her in my view an idiot!
  4. Some of them have already stated so....if there is a low adoption rate, the lockdowns will continue. If there is a genuine threat there, why do people need to be forced to take a vaccine. Beleive me, if there was a pandemic similar to the historic big ones...the plague that desimated the Roman armies across Europe (Plague of Cyprian I think it was called) or the Black Plaque of the 14th Centruy...I'd be begging for the vaccine even if experimental! I'd never leave my house and if I did I'd be taking a much wider berth of others than a mere 2m.
  5. Yes...only serves to feed my misanthropic tendencies
  6. Yeah, agree with that, but how much of that is down to poor education system, that has gotten worse over the decades. You'd probably have to conduct a multi-varied analysis to get a full picture of why that is the case...from laziness, lack of interest, distractions in life, education system, propaganda and brainwashing mis and dis-information and many more. I'll be honest, my real education has come about in my adult years and the on-going effort to try to understand and get at truth. You might find this conversation interesting -
  7. I agree with all of this. I think most people just do not realise that we are literally dealing with people devoid of having a conscience, of being burdened by empathy. If you have high intelligence, drive and as not burdened with love, empathy.... you can do anything to reach your goals and not lose a wink of sleep. As DI has said many a time that we are ruled by psychopaths, enabled by idiots. If you read into Psychopathy properly, it makes for some hard reading. The narcissists are easy to spot should you work for one…they show no emotion, fail to respond to emotion and everything is about them and they can be warm one minute (act) and super cold the next (real personality). And I also know that what is put in here will be monitored...but then....just about everyone with a smart phone is being monitored anyway. Tor is a pain to use...very slow...and for me it would be a flag to pay more attention to....your average man on the street won't have even heard of it!
  8. Well that is interesting, but as time passes, I'm not sure there is a correlation between a belief system and intelligence. I used to be baffled at many people I deem to be intelligent that they can't see flaws in organised religion for example. But for me then, I grew up under the same educational system, was subjected to the same programming via the TV and other media, hung about in same social groups etc, but I don't think I'm brainwashed, maybe I am and just don't realise...I strongly desire to be wrong that we are not headed into a very dark place that is likely to go on decades given the magnitude of the effort and force that's gone into this....
  9. Hardly a shock. Once you realise that the state is not making any decisions and that they are just following orders from psychopaths further up the chain this all makes sense. Once you realise we are not dealing with human beings here......
  10. Like many here, I have been doing my bit by discussing the pandemic, asking critical questions around lock-step responses by states around the world, are they proportionate to the threat, where does the great reset come in, testing, gates etc. etc. I have sent articles, talks etc to my circles and yet many still do not accept any of it. They pretty much all think the virus is still as prevalent now as it was in March. Mutation? bound to happen. Lock downs all next year? yup can be explained easily. Many also think it’s the lockdowns not being strict enough that has lead to this on-going situation… I just don’t know what to say to them…other than I hope they are right and I am wrong, that this is not all a ploy to usher in a technocracy on a global scale, that we will own nothing and be happy….nothing would give me more satisfaction to be wrong, that the old normal will return in the next year or two… Have others gone through similar frustrations? Any breakthroughs?
  11. Do they use Dominion voting machines per chance?
  12. Interesting that I have just stumbled on a series covering rise and fall of civilizations and the first part covering the height of the Roman Empire and the attempts in the 1st Centruy BC to invading Britania , eventually successfully by Emperor Claudius, the failure to take the north and errection of hadrians wall to mark the controlled territory....and then around AD 249, a disease brough back from campaigns in the East caused a significan pandemic for the empire. The Plaque at it's height killing many thousands a day in Rome and that went on to decimate the Roman armies across Europe...some 5 Million.......that puts the Covid19 pandemic into some perspective does it not?
  13. Thank you for sharing. This is part of why I think free speech and maintaining historical artefacts is so so important. We need to keep the conversation going, remember the past, the lessons learned, else we are doomed to repeat.
  14. Yes, I do not miss any of his Talk Radio appearances. I still dearly miss his brother the late Christopher Hitchens. I was moved very powerfully by a talk he did about Saddam Hussein and his regime. And this line resonated with me 'If you think SH is a bad guy...then you don't know what you are talking about'. I think there is much truth to this. Unless you have seen first hand what real evil is can you really comment? It's investigative journalism that I respect most, those who are prepared to take risks to present other narratives. John Pilger is one of my longer term favourite journalists, and while I find some of his film making harrowing to watch (Coming War on China) it does serve to open your eyes...there are no such things as the good guys and the bad guys (that's just propaganda)...there is a mix of both everywhere from within your own family and applied to every grouping you care to mention.
  15. Every single person you see wearking a face nappy in Tesco will all likely be taking the Vax....the odd people you don't see wearing a mask may have genuine reasons...but the few amoung them who just see the BS for what it is will resist the vax...so I think adoption will be high. However there have already been some negative consequences from the vax...face paralysis etc. So maybe that ought to slow it down. I am not an anti-vaxer....but what makes me deeply suspicious in this one are all the points David Icke makes about this pandemic + Bill Gates as front man (could you pick a more creepy front man???) + Speed of it's creation + global force to adopt it (for every adult human being). You must take the vax if you want your freedom back.....this does not tally up to a caring Government sick with worry for people and deeply invested in getting the Economy back.......WEF anyone....Great Reset.....Great Profits......Mmmmmm
  16. I feel the same...why do I have to be sceptical?? Why did the brainwashing from first breath to now not work on me damn it!!....I am putting myself in very small minority and frankly it's a lonely place. I take the same position with religion...I so wish I believed and felt with conviction that capitulation and prayer would yeild a better life. And all jokes aside, I do still read books that big up religion because I'm not so arrogant that I think there is nothing in it. There seems to be absolutely no correlation of intelligence to faith...so where does coniviction in faith come from...why is it so strong in a great many even today. Suffice to say that if I could only trust the politicians, don the mask...do as I'm told and just clap every thursday night, I might be a smidge happier!!!!!
  17. But of course, that makes a complete joke of the whole mask movement, certainly in Scotland. And of course 99.9999% of people won't even experience a tug of motivation to actually look into the regulations, and upon seeing how ridiculous it is. If the whole of the poupulation were to read the regulations on face nappy wearing, then being positive....you might get 2...3 people who would brave/risk removing their masks. Faith in political leaders is strong in the many!
  18. No not at all...I mean we're back talking about brexit, but does not look like we'll actually get it! I voted to leave! Why, because I don't like how truly un-demoncratic the EU is with all it's power grabs. If they UK wanted to reduce VAT on sanitary towels, it could not make the decision on it's own. If you or I or anyone else in the 28 member state does not like the direction of travel, or a new law - tough....there is even less you can do about it...you can't vote in the council members, you can't vote them out....you can only vote for you MEP...and they have about as much power as a Covid Marshal......
  19. Yeah, me too....just when I was getting tired of hearing about the C word...no not that C word, the other one. Now it's back to Brexit without the Exit
  20. Or have they just buckled under the same pressure just about every other country has? Good on them for resisting this long!
  21. Yup, and if you want a glimse of what society it will likely lead too...this is a scary read - https://www.amazon.co.uk/have-been-harmonised-Kai-Strittmatter/dp/1913083004/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1OYR27WXCE90L&dchild=1&keywords=we+have+been+harmonised&qid=1607963437&sprefix=we+have+been+h%2Caps%2C166&sr=8-1
  22. My concern though is that countries in the west have not lived under any recent authoritarian dictatorships and therefore are less aware of the patterns/tactics used to usher in such a society. You see protests in much higher numbers in countries that have....Germany for example, they know all too well where this is all headed! My fear is that we'll need to feel a lot more pain before enough resist...and that could take decades to then turn around. In addition, I worry about our ability to revolt once a technical enforcement solution is in place from surviallance.....AI merged with robotics is no longer Sci Fi realm.....it's not that far away. As soon as we have stable quantum computers, AI will take off expotentially I think....and on the robotics side, bostom dynamics have come on leaps and bounds! Unfortunately the negative forces of the world will want to use such solutions to control us where the power of 'no' is not really a viable option.
  23. I can't see that happening - far more likely to isolate you in ways that will make your life difficult.....seeing family, restrictions on social activities, travel, job (use employers to enforce) etc
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