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  1. The Dragon capsual is so named because when Musk told a friend what he was planning they sang the puff the magic dragon song, they didnt think it was possible.

    The engines that carry Dragon to orbit then to the ISS are Merlin.

    The Raptor engine followed the Merlin which followed the Kestrel, all birds that fly.

    Its called the Falcon (another bird) 9 because it has 9 Merlin engine's, the Saturn V had 5 F1 engine's.

    Nasa spelled נָשָׂא in Hebrew means he carried or he married (the latter when followed by the word for woman). Nasa' spelled נָסַע in Hebrew means he traveled. I speak Hebrew BTW.

  2. On 4/18/2021 at 3:02 AM, oz93666 said:

    doesn't matter the public are so dumb they will never know, or remember what was originally promised 


    Would you clarify that statment for me plz. Being a member of the public myself as are my family and friends, infact everyone i know, do you consider us all dumb? Isnt that how the Illuminughty view the public? Im sure millions if not billions will know and will remember.

  3. I heard David say (somewhere to Brian Harvey i think) if its said publicly he would have them in court. You cant get much more public than putting it on YouTube.

    David always makes a big thing about no one ever suing him over his allegations (not true) and gives the impression this lack of legal action adds credibility to his claims.

  4. On 4/13/2021 at 11:21 PM, alexa said:


    This will depend on when the tribulation started but IMO we are in the beginning of these dreadful days and so at the end of these 7 years we will see;




    The Vatican knows the signs & what to look for in the stars formation, why else would they have their telescope called 'Lucifer' (Luci) on the look out ?



    What if after 7 years nothing has happened?

  5. The first operational starship will dock with the Gateway and then be like a taxi taking people to the surface and back. Im sure there will be many mission's to the Moon and back before this. Unmanned Sarships will also land before humans.

    Passenger starships will retank in Earth orbit then on the Moon, thats why they chose methane as fuel.

    I think your missing the point, the ship is the lander there not separate like on Apollo.

    You sound suprised by all this but the Starship and Superheavy booster are being developed and tested now. 


    The Raptor is 15% more efficient than an F1.


    Could i ask if its all about the money why did they choose the cheapest, the other contenders were half and three quarter's more expensive.

  6. No its not going to come back, the first Starship will ferry Astronauts and cargo to and from the Moon and Gateway. Eventually Starships will land on the Moon or Mars with 100 passengers plus cargo and return to Earth. 
    Starship and Superheavy will be the biggest rocket ever made...




    You claim engines have not improved in efficiency much yet the Raptor engine has more than twice the thrust of SpaceX's Merlin engine that powers their current Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch vehicles.

  7. 22 hours ago, screamingeagle said:

    in engineering there is always place for improvment..... "know how"  but the basics are the same....


    Musk had to spent "his own" money because the cult which enabeled him to make that money, told him so.....to push nwo,diystopian society 

    Understanding the basics is easy a kid could do it, getting them to work in a space program is the hard part. 



    22 hours ago, screamingeagle said:

    i would guess.....what needs to be known about rocket tech,is known

    they are going in circles,calling it progres...

    And yet Musk has spent millions of his own money developing a new engine (Raptor) which is being impoved on with each new batch.

    Rocketry is always moving forward and even with the best trained minds and massive budgets things still sometimes fail and people still loose their lives.

    More testing is whats needed if we want spacecraft to be like planes.

  9. 11 hours ago, oz93666 said:

    Still testing , testing !?....


    80 years after Hitler showed he had master rocket technology by impacting  thousands of V2's on London ,

     NASA is still Testing rocket engines .. despite itself having fired quiet a few rockets ....


    A rocket is the very simplest of devices , it's just an empty chamber into which two reactants are pumped and ignited.




    No moving parts , nothing to go wrong , only the pumps ...simple pumps for delivering fluid reactants ....


    An Internal combustion engine or a jet engine is infinitely more complex with hundreds of moving parts , yet we don't have planes exploding and falling from the sky , or cars constantly breaking down ....


    This is all about the ET controllers preventing public access to Space .....They don't mind us moving on the surface or in Earth's  atmosphere ....


    So NASA can show their latest test , and the public will be mesmerized by the roar and power  and not ask ...  "Why are they still testing?"

    Aircraft Engines are tested before and after fitting as are car engines and they've made a few of those. Formula one teams do massive amounts of testing but look at how many cars breakdown.

    Only 46 RS-25s have ever flown, a small amount by comparison. I dont think an 8 minute test of each new engine is over the top.

    Edit Are you claiming rocketry is easy?

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