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  1. And would have cost very little.
  2. You imagine wrong. The evidence (which you wont address) is all there, you were fooled, get over it.
  3. Al Bielek's Faked Family Album... http://web.archive.org/web/20030802042230/http://www.bielek-debunked.com/Cameron Issue.html Al Bielek Debunked Home page... http://web.archive.org/web/20191219101803/http://www.bielek-debunked.com/index.html Bielek totally Debunked
  4. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/19483-al-bielek-debunked/&tab=comments#comment-270431
  5. Bielek claimed to be involved in many conspiracies, time travel, Philadelphia experiment, Montauk project, UFO'S, reptillians etc, all the mind control programmes........ Many people backed up Bielek's claims with their own stories, all liars.
  6. If the first link isnt enough to hang the lying bastard ive linked to the home page for more damming information. Al Bielek's Faked Family Album... http://web.archive.org/web/20030802042230/http://www.bielek-debunked.com/Cameron Issue.html Al Bielek Debunked Home page... http://web.archive.org/web/20191219101803/http://www.bielek-debunked.com/index.html
  7. Blackface and Morris dancing many reasons... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackface_and_Morris_dancing
  8. Personally i would do what David said he would and take them to court. David often points out those he accuses dont take him to court, if he doesn't act on this he needs to stop doing that.
  9. Aparently this is racist https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-56956071
  10. The following video is based on both official information and speculation on the part of the maker. Theres always delays, changes and setbacks on large projects but it will be interesting (to some) to see how this plays out.
  11. Hey Oz according to Bielek whos this in the photograph? Bielek claims its him as Edward A. Cameron, its actually a photograph of Alex Cameron III the millionaire yarn manufacturer who really (unlike Bielek) attended Princeton and Bielek stole it from the year book published in 1936. No Edward A. Cameron had attended Princeton at the time of comparison. You could check that yourself by calling Princeton or examining the book but i doubt you will. That same photo is on Bieleks website his bullshit is there for all with eyes to see. Do we need to examine the photograph Bielek claims was taken inside the Eldridge having no clue people who know their stuff would instantly realise its not even the right class of ship. Yeah your right i enjoy a good laugh https://paw.princeton.edu/memorial/alexander-cameron-iii-’36 The only connection between Bielek and the guy in the photo is they were both yarn spinner's
  12. Draco comes from the Greek drakōn for dragon, it spits out fire. Musk isnt just some rich dude paying others to do the work like Bezos, he's chief engineer at SpaceX. Oz ive told you before the Falcon 9 has Merlin engines not Raptors. Bielek was caught bang to rights bullshitting even as far as stealing a dead mans identity. He never thought people would spend time doing real reaserch on his claims. Whats funny is like the NASA means to deceive you are one that just took his bullshit as fact and did no real research. Tell me why the photograph he used on his website from the university year book is actually of someone with a different name whos son has confirmed was his dad a cotton manufacturer No doubt you have invested a lot of time and self credibility in Al, i guess its hard to except and admit you were conned.
  13. Yes but is he endorsing it? I heard a recording of Harvey where he was warning David about this video saying it had been offered to him as some sort of trap. Thats where David said if it went public he would have them in court. Not sure if this is the video or part two is, maybe another. However if this Is not the video Harvey's sentiments are shown in the text below it where he writes 'David Icke is not a peadophile'.
  14. Maybe i dont know him or much about him, not my cup of tea as far as music goes. Has that got anything to do with the video in the opening post?
  15. Ive seen plenty of people wearing bandanas as face masks, the reason he's wearing it is because he's on a panel of people sitting next to each other. He looks and sounds like he does because of a lack of sleep as he explained at least twice. Elon is well known for his crazy work ethic, sometimes 2 hours of sleep a at the factory. I dont think its an obsession with raptors and i doubt Elon came up with the sign, the new engine is called Raptor as you know and know why, hence the amusing play on words. Actually they use robot dogs. Draco you say, the Dragon 2 uses SuperDraco engines in the launch escape system. Al Bielek The Montauk books were the first conspiracy books i read and Bielek has been shown to be a liar over and again. For example he even stole a dead mans Identity in his fraud. Philadelphia Experiment Survivor A Fake by Bob Florida Al Bielek has made a living over the last 10 plus years by selling books and claiming to to be a survivor of the mythical Philadelphia Experiment, the legend of a top secret WWII test in early stealth technology for destroyers. The legend has it that the U.S.S. Eldridge was used for the test and at some point during the experiment it went completely invisible and teleported from the Philadelphia coast to Norfolk, Virginia and the back again. Bielek's version of events is even more elaborate - he and his half brother, Duncan Cameron, jumped overboard as things started going heywire on deck and they landed in 1983, 20 years into the future and on dry land at the Montauk Air Force Base in Montauk, Long Island. What follows is an extensive bit of sci-fi sounding adventures that include nearly everything from time travel to mind control and despite being too fantastic to believe, Bielek has plenty of believers around the world. That may change now, and Bielek may well consider an other vocation, and not because anyone can prove his time travel claims wrong. Instead, his tall tale house of cards is coming down because it's now come to light that he stole the identity that he claims he had when all his adventures began. An unlikely trio of X-File sleuths from three different countries joined forces due to their shared interest in the WWII legend and they each at some point became too skeptical of Bielek's claims. Finally the three, with the help of additional friends and coconspirators, began their own investigation focusing on Bielek himself, analyzing every aspect of every version of his story. Tracking down names, dates, places, military facts. Whether it was conferring with an expert on ship interior's who was able to establish that a photo that Bielek claimed was taken inside the Eldridge was actually from inside a much bigger ship, to discovering that many of the scientists that Bielek claimed were involved with the secret test were either dead before the test was ever conducted or were really characters from a science fiction book! The most damning evidence against Bielek's account, however came with the discovery by Barnes that Bielek had stolen the identity of a millionaire yarn manufacturer who had attended Princeton back in the 1930s. Alex Cameron III was from Pennsylvania and appeared in a Princeton 1936 year book as "A. Cameron". That same photo was placed by Bielek on his web site where Bielek claims that it's a photo of Edward A. Cameron, the son of Alexander Duncan Cameron and half brother of Duncan Cameron. Through a series of adventures, Bielek claims that Edward Cameron was age regressed by intelligence agency scientists and then sent back in time to 1927 and placed as a young child in the Bielek family where he was raised and grew-up as Al Bielek. He regained his memories after watching a sci-fi movie about the Philadlephia Experiment on TV. The photo of A. Cameron was the first piece of hard evidence that Bielek had ever produced to support his identity as Edward Cameron. Being that the source of the picture was known, Barnes went to Princeton and visited the archives there to verify the photo. There he made the shocking discovery that it wasn't of an Edward "A." Cameron but that the "A." stood for Alex and he was from Reading, Pennsylvania not anywhere near Lond Island. Not only that, but Barnes was able to obtain a phone number and address for the man. After calling it he discovered that Cameron had died 2 years before but was able to get the phone number of his surviving son. Meanwhile, Schelm and Houpt were busy double checking the identity of "A. Cameron" as well and were able to get a confirmation in writing of his true identity as well as some background history on the man. He had made a good living in the yarn business and also had a daughter. Schelm got a photo of the man and his wife in their later years, sitting comfortably in a convertible automobile, proving that he had not been aged regressed and sent back in time and was now running around as Al Bielek spouting conspiracy theories about time travel, UFOs, aliens and the secret government. Barnes prepared a secret email account for Cameron's son and when he was able to talk to him, he got permission to tape the conversation. In it, Alex IV told the true story of his father and admitted to not having any idea of who Al Bielek or any of the other colorful characters are that are associated with Bielek's tale of the Cameron brothers. Then Barnes had Alex IV open the secret email account and listened as he identified the photos of his father, confirming that in fact he was A. Cameron's son. Then Barnes guided Alex IV to Bielek's web site at http://www.bielek.com and had him click on the bar for Al Bielek and then where it said "Ed Cameron". When the page came up describing Ed Cameron's life Alex let out a "Oh my God. That's my dad!" There at near the top of the page was his father's 1936 Princeton year book photo. Then when asked by Barnes to identify the photos of Alexander Duncan Cameron, who should be his grandfather by Bielek's account, Alex IV couldn't. "My grafather was never in the navy". This confirmed suspicions that Barnes had been having since discovering the true identity of A. Cameron. Bielek had taken two different Cameron families and put them together, with him claiming to be A. Cameron so that he could then be a part of the other Cameron family if only by name. This twisted scenario was confirmed later by Schelm's contact with an H. Van Pelt and a member of Barnes' American team's contact with an M. Long. Both are related to Alexander Duncan Cameron and both deny any knowledge of the man in the A. Cameron photo. In particular, from M. Long's account it seems that the stories about Edward and Duncan Cameron's youth are based on the true life of Alexander Duncan Cameron. They were probably told to Bielek by one of his sons who is also named Duncan Cameron. This Duncan is a friend of Bielek and used to claim that he was the half brother who jumped overboard with Ed Cameron and traveled through time. He claimed that his spirit was placed in his current body when his previous one began to breakdown due to adverse effects from his time travel experiences. Both he and Bielek would later join Preston Nichols as part of the secret government's Montauk Project program at the abandoned Air Force Base at Montauk, Long Island and eventually be b rain washed to forget after the project was shut down. Of course since the one man that Bielek claims was Edward Cameron wasn't, that means there was no Ed Cameron, thus causing a chain of deletions that cancel out not only Bielek's version of the Philadelphia Experiment but blow a king size hole in Nichols' claims of the Montauk Project as well, since Nichols is on record saying that Bielek's tale connecting the two projects together is true. A cottage publishing industry has been based on these stories for Sky Books, a small press house run by one Vincent Barbarick who uses the name of Peter Moon to publish under. There is no telling whether these revelations will help or hurt future book sales. "I think poor Al has smoked one too many," commented Alex IV about Bielek's story. The son of the man who Bielek claimed to be said that he wasn't going to sue Bielek because the "story isn't true" and "it's just too crazy to believe", but he did give Barnes and his investigators the right to use the taped conversation and photos of his father to set the record straight.
  16. David did say, to Brian Harvey if i recall correctly, if (whats said in the video) is said in public he would have them in court. You cant get much more public than YouTube. Ive often seen David commenting how people never take him to court for his accusations against them, he uses this as if to say their lack of action is some sort of proof of guilt. However when Richard Warman did take David to court, despite asking for and receiving donations to fight the case David settled out of court on the eve of the trial. There does seem to be a case of double standards here.
  17. I dont know you so its impossible to say, people write many cranky things on the net.
  18. Isnt that consumer rights, or were you joking?
  19. European Super League: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez says 'binding contracts' mean founding clubs cannot leave... https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12285533/european-super-league-real-madrid-president-florentino-perez-says-binding-contracts-mean-founding-clubs-cannot-leave
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