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  1. The UK can end the lockdowns quickly and safely if we have access to ALL available treatments! https://www.change.org/TreatmentsforCovid-19
  2. Did he have access to a missile, or is it the usual false flag scenario? https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-12-26-nashville-explosion-was-actually-a-missile-strike-att-nsa-spy-hub.html
  3. Thanks HAARPING_On, here is my MP's response and Steph, you're right he didn't address the issue with any substance, so I sent him my response: Response from Peter Kyle MP: Dear Mr R. Edwards, Thank you for getting in touch and for sharing your concerns regarding the coronavirus vaccine becoming compulsory. This would be an unprecedented action and you have every right to ask questions about the safety of any vaccine which Public health experts must be able to answer. I am satisfied by what I have read so far about the Vaccine which is now being rolled out in
  4. I've already sent it to my MP and I'll post details of any responses as and when I get them.
  5. Using existing legal and traditional structures of Government& Parliament, what do you think will happen if every one of the 516 MP's who voted for lockdown measures, received the following letter from at least one of their constituents? It's certainly a challenge to Government that I would like to force them to deal with, how about you? https://tlc-project.com/dearmp
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