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  1. Isn't Priti Patel accused of doing the exact opposite of what you say? She is accused of being too tough on immigration.
  2. Again, those fighting for germany were not nazis. The german military were not nazis, although there were a lot of nazis in there. Nazi's believed in white supremacy as one of their core beliefs. I'm sure there were some imposters seeking sanctuary from the firing squads, pretending to be nazis. I think if we had those 23 and me DNA tests back when human beings were working out how to segregate ourselves into different groups, do we think they would have even bothered. We know now that the majority of people already have dna from all over the world. I believe the elites of the time tried to cement race as a solid construction in order to promote their globalist agenda. It's much easier to get support for an invasion if you have convinced your population that the subjects of that invasion are racially inferior.
  3. I think you're mixing (excuse the pun) culture and race up. The two closely align but they are not exactly the same. My point was that humans beings are very very horny creatures. I don't need to go into detail, but we're at it like rabbits! That's why I think mixing is inevitable. It might take a long time. 500 years maybe before the demographic of European countries begins to move away from predominantly white. Just because I have sex with a Indian woman say, and we bring up children. What's stopping those children embracing british culture and essentially being British? I agree there is an issue with some people coming into Europe and clingling onto their often backward culture. That's not good for anyone.
  4. I disagree with identity politics so I'm not in favour of blaming on entire group of people, such as whites for historical crimes, such as the transatlantic slave trade. However, the issue is nuanced and there may be some accountability, for example if a company profited from selling human beings, perhaps that company should acknowledge it now and perhaps make a charitable donation. But to blame white people today is ridiculous. I referenced the nazis whose aim was to become a white master race. The Axis powers is something completely different. A coalition effort to win the war. I'm aware Hitler called the Japanese 'our honorary aryans'. Although I've never been sure what he meant by that.
  5. Just a different spin on this, might it be a good thing if humans are no longer burdened by the 9-5 rat race? Do we want to work to make someone else money our entire lives? I don't. I say let the robots have the work, more free time for us to follow our own pursuits. Could the use of AI not free humanity instead of enslaving it? Of course, the arguement goes that the AI will turn on their masters. Happy to to read evidence for this but mostly seems to be the stuff of sci-fi stories.
  6. The British Empire went to these different countries and made the people of those countries British citizens. Which meant they were entitled to come to this country and live here. They were invited here as British Citizens. Given enough time, and how the world has become a much smaller place, the mixing of races is inevitable and will increase and increase. Which from a biological point of view, is probably advantageous to the species, as certain biological deficiencies linked to certain ethnicity with vanish. Despite the ramblings of a few die hard racists on here, humans beings in general aren't too fussed about having sex with other races. The natural urges far outweigh the artificially constructed belief systems of race. I don't think the global Elite have an agenda for removing the 'white' race, I think it's more to do with the fact that human beings like fucking one another regardless of their skin colour. Genetically, there is hardly any significant difference. One human race. I think culture plays a much more important role. It's more important for different communities to be integrated into a society than what colour skin they might have. Culture is not race. White supremacists today would have been Nazi's in 1936, why wouldn't have they been? They are closeted fascists who would welcome a totalitarian government in a heartbeat.
  7. Last question, will Liverpool win the title this year?
  8. So you believe that Firmino's eye celebration was unrelated to his freaky injury he got to his eye the week before?
  9. Are you serious with the Firmino picture top right? He celebrated by covering his eye because of an injury he received in another game. He even explain it. https://www.dreamteamfc.com/c/news-gossip/423160/roberto-firmino-eye-celebration-liverpool-psg-champions-league/
  10. The pubs are open now in Tier 1 and Tier 2 but with restrictions. Tier 3 they are closed until March officially. But I think the expectation is that Tier 3 areas will drop to Tier 2 or Tier 1 before March. There are several reviews along the way, the next one is Dec 16th. At the moment the Tier is determined by a few things such as infection rate and hospital admissions. But I think once the vaccine rolls out more and more and protects the elderly, then the infection rate is less important, as it will mostly be spreading around younger people not at major risk. The risk of the young passing it onto the elderly is removed because hopefully they would have had the vaccine. Hopefully see restrictions ease off around Feb. Although the potential spike from Christmas is a bit of an unknown. If the vaccine program goes as planned, I can't see how the government can justify any major restrictions from April onward. But time will tell. And remember, drink responsibly!
  11. Good points. This is why I feel it is important to focus on the actual tangible stuff that is happening in the world - criminality, corruption, abuses of power etc. Too many ridiculous ideas with zero evidence getting too much air time these days. Too many turds in the punch bowl. Makes it very easy to dismiss all of it as just 'conspiracy nonsense'. One could argue that who needs the 'sheeple' - they're lost to the system. I disagree, we need all the help we can get if an authoritarian government comes knocking at the door.
  12. What's the prediction exactly? The covid19 vaccination will turn us into a serf class?
  13. What's your source for these numbers? The truth is no one knows exactly the real number due to comorbidities and all sorts of complicated things when trying to determine cause of death. I just did some quick math. The above figure, 99.972% should relate to 18,480 deaths based on the population of the U.K. (0.028 x 66,000000). The U.K official death toll is currently at 64,000. So going by those numbers, someone in the U.K. is 3 times more likely to die than your numbers you provided suggested. Of course, anyone can dispute the official numbers. I would guess the death rate between 1-2%. Although there is the unknown factor of asymptomatic contraction, which would mean there is a potential for it to fall below 1%. We're not actually that far off from each other. Now 1% sounds like a small number, but that is a wrong assumption. 1% equates to 660,000 people dead in the U.K from a novel virus. I know, the virus will never reach 100% of the population. It was just an example that sometimes 1% can still have a big impact. Imagine if 10% of people died in a country. That would be mental, it would be an absolute disaster. I believe we're at about one tenth of that situation, obviously not an existential threat, but it's not ideal is it? Besides the 99% survival rate is misleading and should not be the end of the discussion. It was known from the early stages that this virus affects the elderly significantly worse than than the not so elderly (under 60's, let's say). When you get into you high 70s and 80s, the death rate is up there around 10%. That's not good. These people are looking forward to seeing their grandchildren grow up. A good percentage of them have active lives. A lot of them are dying. The 30% mortality rate for those admitted to ICU is from Professor Martin Landray, and I have no reason to doubt it. It's quite a shocking figure.
  14. Your comment barely warrants a reply. 'Muslims don't have the intelligence' - what an unintelligent thing to state. That's 1.8 million people you have just dismissed as inferior to yourself in IQ. How can you make such a claim? I used to believe 9/11 was an inside job, now I'm agnostic on it. If it was a one off attack it would point more to an inside job but as we've seen over the last 20 years, those that follow jihad have no shortage of desire or methods to attack their enemies (unless you believe all terrorism is fake news). I don't want to get off topic, I was hoping this thread would look at what it might mean if governments around the world do not hold onto the power that they currently have over us when the pandemic is over. Does it mean their plans are not ready? The population won't allow it? They have bigger things coming our way? Or the people behind the curtain don't have the power they once had?
  15. Very interesting points. You're right about air travel but I guess the threat of terrorism is still here. And I think the other posters are correct, perhaps there is no going back to pre covid19. There is a strong possibility it will become much like seasonal flu, hopefully it weakens over time. Although about 98% of people survive, if you are admitted to hospital, you have a 30% chance of dying. It will be interseting to see what the government do try and keep hold on to. There are those who think it is 5g or completely made up, but I'm not one of those. Hope everyone is doing well in these dreary times.
  16. Everyone agrees that these restrictions on a feeedoms are worrying. The pressure on mental health is significant. He's my question, what are we to believe if the government gives back our freedoms when the covid19 is under control? We've been constantly told by Icke and others that the totalitarian state is around the corner. I have been listening to David Icke and these theories for around 15 years. The gov have us by the short and curlies, if the police state theory is true, why on earth would they give up powers that they currently have? Serious question. Some might argue that they won't give up the powers they currently have. I guess only time will tell. I predict that by this time next year, all current restrictions will have lifted. People will be able to go back to their lives pre-pandemic. What's your prediction?
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