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  1. It looks like you have it correct. I did some research and "adjuvants may act non-specifically in promoting an immune response"(Adjuvants and delivery systems for viral vaccines--mechanisms and potential - pubmed) So it does play a role in boosting the immune response as you said. I think I was getting mixed up with preservatives. From my reading, it seems some vaccines aren't as effective as they could be, so adjuvants are added to increase their effectiveness. I don't have an issue with questioning what's in a vaccine or how safe it is. Not at all. I've looked at all the information and have come to the conclusion that they do significantly more good than harm. A lot of the counter arguements don't hold up to scrutiny. And the geniune cases of serious adverse effects are so rare, they are anomalies. Although it doesn't make them less tragic. All medicines carry a risk, just read the potential side effects of paracetamol. The vaccine will end this pandemic. Yes, I know all about the problem, reaction, solution model. I don't think it applies here. Sometimes nature throws a curveball at us. Earthquakes, volcanos, droughts, floods, tsumanis and viruses.
  2. This just isn't true. Your link is as dodgy as they come. If you Google the publisher, Off Guardian, there are literal warnings about the legitimacy of the content they publish. In the first paragraph it states 'infected with covid-19'. You don't get infected with covid-19. You get infected with a virus that causes the disease, covid-19. Clearly, the authors don't know what they are talking about. The trials for the pzifer vaccines are finished and the MHRA have authorised it as they are happy with the data. The vaccine has been developed so quickly compared to other vaccines is because there has been a global effort to put all resources into research and vaccine development. They also conducted the three phases of the clinical trials in a staggered way, i.e. the trails overlapped one another. Normally these are done one after the other which takes years. All this nonsense around covid is nothing but a distraction from real issues.
  3. Stop copy and pasting other people's words! You do it in most of your contributions to the board You must have files for everything. All you do is open a folder, copy and paste. No critical thought, no actual discussion. It's an issue I see constantly, bad information getting copy and pasted everywhere, with no one thinking for themselves anymore and coming up with their own thoughts. Your written reponse doesn't make sense. I have said they don't have all the data on whether you can still pass on the virus if you have the vaccine. That's got nothing to do with the safety of the vaccine itself. A vaccine that doesn't prevent transmission is better than than no vaccine at all. I don't see how your guinea pig comment applies.
  4. That is not a legitimate source for the original poster's question. DarianF has answered perfectly with his answer. The banner at the bottom of that website asking for donations is a bit of a giveaway. The website is full of biased, sensationalist and alarmist information. As DarianF suggests, go and look at peer-reviewed scientific information and come to your own conclusions. Good luck.
  5. I second this. The videos were clearly edited. I'm really surprised this wasn't spotted by the poster.
  6. The vaccine isn't mandatory and I think I will take it if available as I have loved ones that are in the vulnerable group. It's been trialled in tens of thousands of people and I don't think it has been produced to microchip the population or alter our DNA. Majority of people have a smartphone now so there is no need to hide a microchip into a vaccine. It goes without saying, but for medical advice, speak to a medical professional. Do not take medical advise from the internet.
  7. I remember mine quite clearly. I was in secondary school and a copy of FHM was going around the class :) There was a piece in there entitled something like 'Top Ten Conspiracy Theories'. There was a picture of the Houses of Parliament with cartoon lizards crawling over it. I read the list and there were ones I recognised as they had entered into popular culture, such as the moon landing, JFK, Elvis etc. Some were new to me, such as Nazi moon bases. And there was one (number 1 in the list, I think) that said the royal family were shape-shifting lizard. I remember almost laughing out loud at this. You what? Shape-shifting lizards! Now, I have an enquiring mind and I wanted to find out more. Who actually believes this? Why? How? So I investigated further. Flash forward 5 years and I'm in as deep as the rabbit hole goes. I had read all of David Icke's books, spent more time than I can count on this forum, and of course the many hours of YouTube videos. So that's where it all begun for me... FHM.
  8. Thanks for your honesty, too many on here claim to hold absolute truth without the humility to admit there may be doubt or errors in some of their beliefs. We're constantly told we are at a crossroad for humanity, but it's been the same message for over 20 years. Surely this pandemic is the moment the powers that be will show their hand. They have us basically in house arrest in some areas - it's the ideal time to strike if you want to enslave a population. We will see what happens. I certainly value things that I didn't before all of this started. Our family, friends and community are so important to our well being. I am looking forward to seeing people who love me again without the restrictions of the current situation. I think I'll appreciate this Christmas more than any other. Despite what you might hear on here, we are not Maoist China, we are not Saudi Arabia, we are not current China, we are not Soviet Russia and we are not current Russia. To respond to some of your points; 1) I doubt masks will stay for good in western countries. I don't like wearing mine, and I remove it as soon as I leave a shop. Some people will continue to wear them in busy areas, (as people did on the tube before the pandemic), but I think they will be a small minority. There's no reason to social distance when the pandemic is over. I think there will be an opposite reaction - strangers will be hugging in the streets when our freedoms are given back. A few post-pandemic conceptions as well I would imagine. Human touch is a human need - I've seen no evidence that is going to disappear. Hand sanitizers might stay - but no issue there for me. 2) You're right, a lot of road work has been going on. The council widened a pavement nearby recently but that was to give more room to runners as it was a popular route. I don't think it's necessary to herald in a new socially distant world. The lockdowns have been a good opportunity to work on the roads/pavements as they don't have to deal with the traffic etc. If you had plans to do major works on the road/pavement network, it's makes sense to get it done in a lockdown. 3) I disagree here strongly. I have outlined my views on anti-vax theories in other replies. The pzfizer vaccine is 95% effective, how is that 'not effective'? It's also not true that it 'won't stop passing on the virus'. There is a strong likelihood that it will do this. Scientists are careful people with their words, so they cannot confirm this yet. They need more data. But, from their knowledge of other vaccines, they believe it will stop transmission to some extent. The virus does exist, I have shared pictures of it on here! Scientists are just doing their job, like anyone else who does their job. The pandemic is beatable, who is saying it is not? The virus will always be with us in form form, but it will be manageable with a vaccine. Unless it mutates drastically, but that's highly unlikely for a coronovirus. 4) The current situation can bring out the worst in people, but the opposite is also be true. And by the way, I have a washable face mask :) Introspection is key, as it is only when we shine a light on our own deficiencies, do they diminish. Love conquers all. Let some light, or light relief, into you life if you are being overwhelmed by too much negativity.
  9. Not too many in the last 10 years, but; 1) Bruce Lee 2) Christopher Hitchens 3) Jordan Peterson 4) Joseph Campbell
  10. Thanks for a well considered response. I agree with your first statement. I should have been clearer in that I meant the more outlandish anti-vax views, like sars cov-2 virus doesn't exist or 5g causes covid-19. Yes, I agree with your other point. The medical industry is not infallible. They have got things wrong as I'm sure they will in the future. But as you mention they have now corrected that view on bacteria in the stomach. Which is proof to me that science is a self correcting system. Scientists are humble enough to admit when they are wrong. They are one of the few people who are happy to be proven wrong. When did that situation with stomach bacteria occur? I'm assuming it was many decades ago. Knowledge has come a long way since then and I believe it is the same with vaccines. The covid vaccine has been designed on well known science. It's one of the reasons they have progressed so quickly from it. The whole point of most vaccines is to illicit an immune response. I don't think this is triggered by the adjuvant, but by an antigen mimicking the virus or a weakened version of the virus itself. Those with over sensitive immune systems do need to be extra careful. And the current advise by the MHRA is that they do not take the covid vaccine. Hardly the actions of those with murderous intent, as another member posted. The risk about vaccinated new borns is a serious subject, and all parents should weigh and those risks/benefits. The government have stated that the vaccine will not be mandatory. There is a long history of medicine by consent in this country. If I'm wrong, and the government make it mandatory, remind me and I'll transfer you £100.
  11. I can try but I'm not sure it will meet your expectations! [https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m3862] And photos of it here [https://www.niaid.nih.gov/news-events/novel-coronavirus-sarscov2-images] Just found these after a very quick search. Just to clarify, covid19 is the disease. Sars-cov-2 is the virus. So sars-cov-2 causes covid19. And sars-cov-2 is a type of coronovirus, of which there are many. To prove the existence of the disease, scientists insert the virus into mice/rats or other animals and observe and record the results. There is also dissecting of the tissue to be able to see the physical damage done. Which in the case of covid-19 is damage to the lungs. I'm no expert, so my knowledge is limited by my own admission. People have spent many years studying to become experts in their fields. What I like about good science is that it is peer-reviewed, that means scientific papers (ideas) are published and the scientific community essential review them (anyone can actually, as the research is often published in popular magazines). So although, we might not understand all of the content of these papers, if they have been peer-reviewed many times and no one has been able to disprove the research, then it is a good indication that it contains a lot of evidence based truth. Yes, there is bad science out there. And yes, corporate sponsored science is worrying and should be viewed with suspicion in case there is a conflict of interest. I don't believe scientists are being controlled and being directed by the powers that be. There are far too many of them and they are truth seekers by nature. They are critical thinkers as I believe many on here are. I don't know why the conspiracy world seems to have turned on basic science, such as whether viruses exist or not, or whether the earth is flat. It wasn't always this way, the focus was more on governments and corruption, or the financial sector and the MIC.
  12. I have studied microbiology and virology. And there are scientific papers and text books that outline the characteristics of viruses.
  13. What do you mean? It's a well studied field. People with tall genes can pass on tall genes. People with green eyes and can pass on green eyes. It applies to all living organisms. Plants have genetic material and pass on genes. Do you mean that it has been used by racial supremacists for their own agenda? If so, then I agree. Although fortunately, their bad ideas have been pushed back to the fringe. They were much more popular at the turn of the century. But, we must be vigilant as it might re-surface again.
  14. Why are you mixing up the influenza and coronovirus? They are separate viruses. I don't believe covid-19 is a planned and pre-meditated plan to kill millions. Am I not allowed to have that view? I don't believe in every conspiracy theory anymore. I think there are too many turds in the proverbial punch bowl. Flat earth, anti-vax etc. They do nothing but distract from serious, real, issues that are out there. Although, I have opened up a new account, I used to frequent this board a great deal many years ago. Not very open minded to deem someone a good or bad being based on a few internet messages, is it? I think you need to free your mind. Not quite sure what you mean about links. How can I delete them from the internet? I wouldn't know where to begin! I actually think that is one of the issues, far too many links, far too many people copy and pasting other people's words without doing the due diligence to research themselves. It wasn't like that ten years ago. I don't think the information on these boards is beyond questioning. This place is full of diverse people with a range of beliefs. You sound like Mao or Stalin when you say that. I think it is important to question ALL information if we are to get to the truth. I learned that from this forum many years ago. I'm an atheist so your hell comment doesn't really apply. I would like further inputs into the original aim of the discussion, which is what does it mean if government hand back the power they currently have. What will people on here make of it? And on a similar note, what does it mean for the anti-vax movement if the covid vaccine doesn't damage the population? Or doesn't alter our DNA? Or doesn't turn us into a slave race?
  15. Aye, not the best thing to look forward to. I'm a believer in keeping as healthy as possible to alleviate the effects of old age though. I really admire those oldies who are still active, I reckon they kept active in the 40's and 50's as that has put them in good stead. Genetics play a big role too but not a lot we can do about that.
  16. The videos of police that make the internet make my blood boil. I just try to remember there are thousands of interactions with the police that don't end up on the internet. Basically, we are only seeing the worst case situations. That then calms me down a bit.
  17. Have you read the link posted? The elderly woman went into hospital with a broken arm and she was negative for covid. It seems like they kept her in because she was 79, had health issues, and a broken bone can be a severe injury at that age. They then moved her as there was a positive covid case on the ward. So they have established the virus was in the ward and there was a risk. And unfortunately it looks like they were right. She tested positive 2 weeks after her initial admission. That's 2 weeks for someone to pass on the virus to her. Her health deteriorated and then she passed away. Isn't this evidence for exactly the opposite of what you are trying to say? Old lady goes to hospital, catches covid, she is in a high risk group so dies (11.6% chance of death at her age). [https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02483-2] Unfortunately, hospitals are not the safest places during a respiratory virus pandemic. I wouldn't go if it wasn't critical. Where does being murdered come into this at all? You're saying nurses murdered a woman on purpose? Do you not know any health professionals? All the ones I know aren't really into the whole murdering people thing. And yes, you'll always be able to find an example of a healthcare worker who has murdered, such as Harold Shipman, but they of course an anomaly. At a stretch you could argue a hospital is negligent for putting a negative patient in with a positive patient. You could claim manslaughter although it wouldn't stand up to the courts. The nature of the virus is that you can't protect all the people all the time, the hospitals have systems in place such as 'hot' wards and 'cold' wards, but you can't fully stop the spread. It's impossible.
  18. I've got no reason to scare monger. I have said in my previous comments that no one knows the exact rate as it's difficult to establish. I also said the rate might be below 1% too given all the cases that don't go detected. It's worth bearing in mind that countries around the world have gone into severe restrictions to handle the virus. The death rate would be a lot more if they didn't . The rate might be as low as 0.1% in the under 30's. But you must admit it is much higher in the elderly? If you end up in ICU the virus has a very good chance of killing you. what is the source of your chart? Anyone with an agenda can knock that up? Excess deaths are up this year. The numbers are there from official sources such as PHE. https://fingertips.phe.org.uk/static-reports/mortality-surveillance/excess-mortality-in-england-latest.html
  19. I'll check out the video. Murdered implies intent, surely you mean manslaughter? I'm aware of the arguments that vaccines can cause damage and lead to negative side effects. But you're saying it's murder, as in they have planned to use vaccines to kill people on purpose? That's quite off the scale and I think actually undermines some of the good points around vaccine safety concerns.
  20. Nice beat and decent flow. I was quite the fan of Jedi Mind Tricks but keep my distance now as some of their lyrics support jihad and violence against non-muslims. There's a lot to take from the video you posted, but he starts with 'long time the world's been run by a load of liars, how'd you expect me to believe in coronavirus'. I really don't understand the logic. He is saying that people in power have lied (true), so because of that he shouldn't believe in the existence of a virus. A virus is not political, it is part of nature. Yes, it can politicised, but that's no reason not to believe in its existence. The virus is being studied by thousands of scientists around the world. The scientists aren't in power so I don't know why he has linked the two in his opening lines. Scientists are just people doing a job. And from personal experience, quite smart people. And it's not as if this coronavirus has come out of nowhere and is the first of its kind. It it was, I would be more suspicious. But viruses have been studied for over a hundred years. We know of quite a few coronoviruses. We've got photographs of them! I listened to the whole video, but after the errors in his first sentence I'm not going to pay much atttenion to the rest. For a rapper that hits the nail on the head on most issues, I would stick to Akala.
  21. You obviously have comprehensive knowledge on the globalist conspiracy. There is a single point of failure in the belief though as it all hinges on the initial assertion that thousands of years ago a secret cabal put in place the plans that are being played out today. All your logic follows from that one belief. It just so happens to be the hardest to find evidence for. I'm fully aware of the ancient clues but I have come to the conclusion they are mostly symbolic. Man's relationship with reptiles is fascinating, and is more about the battle between mammals and reptiles during our early evolution. I would reccomend the book Dragons of Eden for more on this. I was fully immersed into conspiracy theories 15 years ago and in this forum. Since then I've taken a step back and don't buy into a lot of the stuff nowadays. For me, it started to get silly when sandy hook victims were dismissed as crisis actors. Not to mention flat earth and anti-vax stuff. What you say about vaccines just isn't true. Scientists know a great deal on how vaccines work. Why do you think vaccines have been so successful? To focus on a couple of adverse reactions out of tens of thousands is disingenuous. It can only be made from a position of complete comfort in the 21st century. Try putting yourself a few hundreds years ago where polio, tb, meningitis, malaria, rickets, typhoid fever were rife. You would never make the same arguement. There's still plenty of work to do, malaria for example. Again, the covid vaccines allows us to put our beliefs to the test. Either they're going to chip us/alter our DNA. Or they're not. We'll know in 6 months.
  22. I think the Awakened should be alarmed by what you've done here. You've focused purely on non-white people and have claimed they are the reason the country is in a bad way. You then pass off any accountability to those comments by saying global elites are actually the real racists, because they are controlling it. But if that's how you see non-white people role, I hope you don't reflect it in your everyday life. Your comment about a health damaging vaccine is nonsense. Why do you keep saying things that are the opposite to the truth? I know you have all the counter arguements ready, and I'm aware of most of then. Fortunately, the best settler of the vaccine debate is time and we won't have to wait long. The covid vaccine theories will be debunked in 3-6 months after the covid roll out with no significant negative effects on people's health. Just watch. When the British Empire, or Jews as you say, went into India, they seeked to reinforce the caste system. As a divided country is an easier one to control. They actually went out of their way to focus on racial differences. It looks like you've fallen for the same trick left right and centre.
  23. Yes, interesting point. Survival? Perhaps the nazis played down their racial beliefs in front of the Japanese. Sometimes people make deals with people they disagree with for a perceived greater good. I'm sure there are many examples in history. The non agression pact between Stalin and Hitler would be an obvious example from the same era. I don't know much about Japan's relationship with Nazi Germany from the Japanese pov. Would be interesting to look into. I guess in war, it's not too difficult to find yourself working with people that might go after you after they've destoyed the current enemy. We only have to look at Afghanistan/Syria for that.
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