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  1. My posts have been pro science, anti racist and a few others inbetween. Guilty as charged!
  2. Yes, I know a fair bit about virology and vaccines. Not an expert by any strengh. But more importantly I work with people that are experts and work on viruses, and have worked on sar-cov-2. And I trust them. So when you hear people say you can't isolate a virus... well, it's just false at the end of the day. It is a vaccine. The argument that it isn't is pure semantics and disingenuous.
  3. I would be against mandatory vaccines. Would be very surprised if it went that way. There is a strong history of medicine by consent in this country and I don't see the government crossing that line. I'm not saying it's impossible. Government has said no way as an option. But they have been known to change their minds! Vaccine passports, less of a redline for me. Again don't think the government will impose this, but private industry may.
  4. Keep your hate to yourself. You must be an angry bitter human being. How about start looking at your own flaws before attacking others. You've got your life in order, have you? I very much doubt it.
  5. Everyone is seriously pissed off with these restrictions and now Christmas has been cancelled in some areas. My take, which is very different to others in here, is that the vaccine should not be public enemy no. 1. The vaccine is the one thing that is going to put a stop to this in the near future. I know about problem reaction solution. Don't think it applies here. The theories about what the plan is for this vaccine just don't hold up to scrutiny. The trials were done and now around 350,000 people have had take it. When do you expect the adverse reactions to start? (by adverse reactions I mean anything above the statistically norm). After 1 million? 5 million? There will be no significant adverse reactions. Next couple of months will be tough. And we need to look after our mental health. Obsessing over evil vaccines isn't going to help you and you will see in 3-4 months, the anxiety was not warranted. Get outside, take up a hobby, call a friend. Stay safe.
  6. Have you got the link to see this chart in its context? Not disputing influenza cases are significantly down but there's some aspects of the charts that are confusing me. No mention of northern or southern hemisphere which is unusual as most analysis of influenza is broken down into the 2 hemispheres as they are distinct seasons. The starting year doesn't make sense to me either, is it meant to be 2019? If so, why doesn't it say it. I read the chart as week 1 = January. So it follows the expected pattern as influenza would reduce to minimal levels around late March/April (week 12). It's a bit confusing but the original source would be good if you have it.
  7. They were lovely! But that's the problem. My experience was a very brief one but was enough to see the foundations on which they have built their belief system on - and they were rotten to the core. I saw advertising for a free personality test outside one of their buildings. I had interest in all things alternative and I knew this was one of their recruitment methods, so I went in as I'm curious by nature. I was greeted by a lovely lady who gave me a cup of tea and talked me through the process. She handed me a personality test and left the room. I completed it as honestly as I could, it was mostly standard questions to determine if one is an extrovert or introvert etc. But there were the few odd ones thrown in. Do you suffer from night terrors? Do you suffer from unconscious jerks or tics? There were others questions like this but can't quite remember now. I thought they were odd questions at the time. The lady came back, took my results and fed them through a computer. That generated a personality profile and she then started to probe. She was interpreting an over simplified chart and trying to find weaknesses in me as a person. Imagine trying put an entire human being's personality onto one a4 piece of paper! Ludicrous. So she went into my childhood, desperately searching for some kind of trauma to latch onto. She asked if my father ever beat me. I said no. Then all still smiles, she asked if my mother beat me! The whole thing was basically 'come on, you must be damaged somehow, you must have some trauma in your life'. I felt under pressure to find something and she was looking stupid at this point. I said, "well, I lost my granddad a few years ago". She jumped straight onto it, started pointing to her chart saying how that explains a lot. I tried to tell her he was a 93 year old man and it was a natural passing. But, she had found her 'weakness' and was trying to exploit it. She told me Scientology could help me heal myself. Gave me lots of examples of how it helped others and told me how to join. But I saw right through it, saw the psychological tricks, the exploitation. I don't know if you've ever seen Derren Brown but he demonstrates what these charlatans can do and how effective it can be. Psychics use the trickery a lot when doing seances. I was out of there sharpish. Fortunately, I was in quite a good place in my life and was psychologically strong enough not to be exploited. But if I was in another place, perhaps had recent actual traumatic events in my life, then I may have been more vulnerable to their methods. So I saw first hand their recruitment methods, they find a weakness (we've all got them) and they exploit them for their own financial and power gains. Stay away from cults and stay away from belief systems in general.
  8. I agree. I don't think JP is a conman, guess it depends on what you think the con is in the first place though. I really enjoy his psychological take on things. His depth of knowledge on the human condition is impressive and he has helped perhaps millions of people better themselves through personal development. He suffers from depression himself so understands the mechanisms needed to keep afloat in this chaotic world. He clearly is passionate about what he believes in and I don't think he's in anyone elses pocket. A true free thinker. His bible talks from a psychological perspective are really good and I'm saying that as a staunch atheist. He's actually softened my views on religion. I used to be quite militant against all religions but now I can understand them from a psychological viewpoint.
  9. Cult for me. I had personal experience of their recruitment methods. They prey of those who are struggling already and jump on their vulnerabilities.
  10. I was happy to draw a line under this, but okay... 'nurses' are not a hive personality. They are individuals. Some nurses made videos. Do you see how important the word 'some' is here. It completely changes the context. The better question to ask is what % of nurses were frolicking about making videos? I don't know the answer - but I am confident it was not a significant number. My girlfriend is a nurse, and she couldn't stand those videos. So not even all nurses agree with each other. Yet, you've lumped all nurses together, the exact charge you put at me! Even the people on your side of the debate about covid can see the double logical flaws. Are you trolling me? It was me who had the rigid belief system when I was balls deep in the truth movement! I hope one day in the future you can laugh about all of this. The extreme end of the truth movement is like being in opposite land. Everything is flipped 100%. Zero nuance. How is that not rigid? When I thought I was questioning everything, I was only taking in certain information, when I thought I was critically thinking, I was just consuming information feed to me across the internet. Technology has moved on, I wouldn't be surprised if AI are generating misinformation and sending it around the internet. I try not to have a belief system at all anymore. I agree with Jordan Peterson about the dangers of ideologues. Left and Right. An ideology places filters that we are not aware of and distorts how we view the world.
  11. I agree, not entirely fair to lump everyone into one category. Although the truthers tend to do that themselves of course - elites, politicians, the medical establishment, sheeple, bankers, zionists etc, even people having a go at 'nurses' on here! But you're right, people are on here for all different reasons. The thing with the rabbit hole, is that it widens as you go down, which I find interesting. The beliefs tend to normally go in one direction, from rational to less and less rational (IMO and experience). People seem to rarely fall back into a less extreme position once they are fully absorbed into an extreme one. Which makes sense as if you erode an element of reality on one level, the possibilities in the levels below become wider and wider and therefore more plausible. I'll step back from this thread as we are in danger of taking over it. There was one video that was posted to me as a reply in another thread I think. I am going to watch it a few more times and respond. Other than that, nothing is really gained by playing top trumps with each other's truths. All the best.
  12. So personal insults thrown into a civil discussion. And now you're wishing death on someone that disagrees with you. Can't really pass judgement as I was in your shoes once. When you go too far into the the global conspiracy, it ends up consuming you with hate. I was filled with it - hate for everyone who wasn't in on our little secret. So much for David Icke's message of love. He even found it in him to find love for the people causing humanity harm - he said he loved George Bush. Yet, you can't even keep your hatred contained to an anonymous poster on an internet forum. I've come through the other side of the belief system and can reflect back on the psychological mechanisms that underpin it. The way it bands us together, makes us think we know secrets others don't, makes us feel special and important because we can decode the world. Makes us feel superior to others. Shelters us from uncomfortable truths about human nature and complex geo-politics. We're probably more similar than you think, I even noticed Macnamara and I have suggested the same pieces of work in the Suggestions sub-forum. We both read the works of Joseph Campbell, but we clash on whether covid is part of the global conspiracy or not. That's fine. I think the fundamental difference between who I am now and who I was as a truther, is that now I am capable of viewing things differently without slotting them into pre-conceived ideas. I can see that America isn't 100% evil. They have done good things. And some of their bad things had good intentions. I can still also point to the very bad things as you all can. I can see that the U.K government isn't 100% evil. The Tories have raised taxes on second homes - that's not what Tories are meant to do! I used to think nation states were mere illusions too, the same hand controls both sides theory. What I am trying to say is that things are nuanced. People are feeding us a black & white picture of the world like we're children. When I was a believer before there was nothing anyone could have said to change my opinion. I was a fundamentalist in my beliefs. I decided to leave the fundamentalism to murderous cowards like ISIS. For an idea of how the world really works, try taking at look at Adam Curtis' documentaries.
  13. I'm afraid you can look for yourself. I don't believe copying and pasting snapshots of information is useful in getting to the truth. It often lacks content and it is too easy to manipulate to fit the poster's agenda. But I didn't have to look long on the ONS site to see the 'its not worse than the flu' argument just doesn't stand up. If I had my truther hat on, I would just question the data on ONS site as being unreliable because it comes from a government body and go back to my infallible worldview. Another benefit of writing down or thinking through ideas and theories is that as you are thinking about them, you apply rules and logical filters during the process. The process can actually make you look at something in a different light before you've even articulated it. Copy and pasting or even looking at information that has been copied and pasted, can by-pass our ability to look at things rationally.
  14. Hi Tom, trying to be honest here. Asking serious important questions. I believe people should encourage rigorous debate of their ideas, as it is only when those ideas are pushed against do they reveal their strength or not. Used to be on the side of believing most of the things on this site, so I believe I have some insights people might be interested in. Don't think I've been trolling at all, mods will pull my collar if I do. Suggesting that sars-cov-2 doesn't exist and that is no worse than the flu is, in my opinion, the proverbial turd in the punch bowl. It's so wrong that I think there's a good chance it could be misinformation planted by the Russians or Chinese. The reason for your autocorrect edit has an autocorrect error in it! Which I found assuming :)
  15. Odie, I have just spent time on the ONS website. All the data on there supports my argument that Sars-Cov-2 is a significantly more serious virus than influenza (current strains in circulation). I managed to find the data which I think your table is taken from. And they include influenza AND pneumonia deaths. So, the numbers above are not correct for flu. Did you locate them yourself or have you copied and pasted from another source? I don't think the ONS work out numbers of flu deaths that would have been counted if the same method was applied to covid deaths. Why would they do that? But, we can go back and forth. Let's say the premise of your argument is correct, flu deaths are the same as covid deaths. It still doesn't logically follow that covid is a non-serious disease, as there is a vaccine for influenza so millions of people are walking around protected and there have been extreme measures in actively trying to suppress this virus, which isn't the case for influenza. Can you not see, that even with your own logic that if flu deaths are equal to covid deaths (they're not), it still must be a lot more deadly than flu given the the two factors mentioned above vaccine & lockdowns). What is really the reason you are committed to an anti-covid agenda? Have you considered the Russians or Chinese are behind this misinformation to damage our populations? I mean, just look at China, if they released the virus as some say. They have protected their population, as the rest of the world, mainly powerful western countries struggles to control it. And then they go about spreading anti-covid propaganda. Think about it.
  16. Please take off the blinkers on this. This isn't good information that you are putting across. How long have you been a truther? Sars-cov-2 is more lethal than the current strains of influenza that are out there at the moment. All the evidence points to this. Hospitals and coroners have reported 65,000 deaths attributed to covid-19 to date. Someone in government isn't fudging these numbers. Flu kills around 17,000 a year. You don't believe the cases are legit because of false positives. Well, yes there is a margin of error in the figures and it's calculation is not a perfectly precise measure due to the nature of the virus. The excess deaths in the population this year support the official count death is at these levels and even points to them being higher. But here's the rub. Covid deaths are higher than influenza deaths in all countries around the world with significant outbreaks. And this is even despite the fact that WE HAVE A VACCINE FOR FLU! Can't you see how disengenious it is to play down the deaths caused by a novel virus against a known virus which a good percentage of the population is vaccinated against? Wait! There's another. The covid deaths are still this high DESPITE EXTREME MEASURES TO CONROL THE VIRUS! We don't lockdown the country for influenza, yet covid still kills more and you're somehow comparing the two? It doesn't make sense. You're argument would be impossible if we didn't lockdown as covid deaths would be in the hundreds of thousands. Yet I feel you would still make it. And another thing I think is important is why are you leaving out over 70s in your figures? Is it because the 99.8% would be wrong? Is it because these people have a 10% and higher chance of dying? Which should be frightening to anyone. Is it because if they have to go to hospital, they have a 30-40% chance of dying from covid-19? That's ~10 million people you have omitted from your data set to make a disingenuous point. The virus has never been about the young, it effects the elderly significantly worse. And you and others just brush them aside. I've read theories on here about a plan to replace the old people of this country. Sounds like you're fully on board when you erase them from the data as if thier lives hold no value.
  17. It doesn't seem like a lot is known about them, especially how to treat them. I know about they nasal sprays they give you, are there any other suggestions? They can't seem to say if it is physiological or biochemical in nature. Maybe a combination of the two. Thanks.
  18. Have a re-read of the posts. I am talking about vaccine data. @Tom bombadil chimes in with 'garbage in garbage out'. He then states how it really works, as if he would know. He states no one has ever isolated the virus, but has provided zero credible proof. If you actually knew anything about virology, you wouldn't even make this claim as it's so wrong it just makes you look like you haven't done any independent research. You then copy and paste a mainstream link related to modelling data used by the government?? I reply with an Alan Partridge reference to reflect the robotic nature of copying and pasting information without knowing the content. Then, you accuse me of having a problem of reading! Your article has nothing to do with anything in the posts before, which was about vaccine data not modelling data. Completely different. That's a perfect example of the copy and paste mentality. And then you go on to compound your misjudgement all because you are not willing to actually enter into an exchange of ideas, but rely heavily on Ctrl + V. To address some your points, 'they're supposed to wait 2 years before starting phase 3 of the trials' - It's a global pandemic, is it not reasonable to speed things up a bit? Death toll is only 1.6 million! What are they going to do, twiddle their thumbs? If there was a way to get to the vaccine more quickly, they would take that option. That doesn't imply that safety measures were overlooked. In your worldview, it does. But there's nothing I can do about that. The speed was obtained by overlapping the 3 phases of the trials. So, phase 3 began, as phase 2 was still ongoing. Data (safety measure) was collected and reviewed as the trials were ongoing, whereas they normally do this after each phase as you say. It's not overly complex, and I'm sure most people on here can see how staggering a process which is normally linear would speed up the process. 'This means that the british public are themselves being used as the stage 3 participants'. - completely false. See above. All 3 phases of the clinical trails have been completed before the vaccine was licensed by the regulator. This is a fact. They were staggered to speed it up becasue guess what? Newsflash, a lot of people are dying around the world from a pandemic! You point to a link of how it's normally done. So what? Context is everything, and the context to this vaccine is different to others. A key thing to remember when pulling out details of how things have been done differently for this vaccine and obsessing over them, is that this vaccine has been manufactured IN RESPONSE TO A GLOBAL PANDEMIC. That's the context. The status quo wasn't entirely applicable, the default position needed adjusting to react to the unique challenges that were present. Anti-covid theories/plandemic stuff is mostly a nonsense, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were generated and fueled by Russia or China to destabilie western democracies. Tag cui prodest?
  19. More copy and paste, think for yourself, man! Generate your own thoughts like others in here are doing. Isn't half the fun of being into conspiracy theories is that you can just throw down ideas, play with them, investigate, come up with thought patterns that others haven't thought of. Yet, you're obsessed with copy and pasting the words and ideas of others. Your Ctrl and V buttons must be in bits! You've copied in information on GMO's. So what? I don't get your point so can't respond. I'm not saying this about your above link, but as a general observation, you will always be able to find a picture, a link, a quote, an article to support a view. It is not proof that that view is correct. Just because someone said something once, or they were photographed in a certain pose, or an 'expert' wrote something in support of the argument - isn't a smoking gun. Much more investigation is needed.
  20. 'An acceptable insanity which is the best humans can get'. I like that. It holds an incredible psychological statement on how one can tolerate existence and human suffering. I believe human beings have the ability to endure unbelievable hardships and trauma and still have the ability to move through life without it overwhelming us. It's astonishing. If you think back to our ancestors (I'm sticking to the orthodox version of events here) and what they endured, the natural disasters, filthy water, hunger, predators in the wild - other animals that will eat you! Imagine that as a reality. The diseases, the strong likelihood of infant death, tribal wars, the absolute terror of everything around you that you don't understand. And yet they still moved forward, they still bettered themselves - and others around them. It's worth pointing out that some of the above are still a threat to people in the world today. And it is a luxury to be able to sit here and type my thoughts on the internet. This world is an insanity and humans beings a mere shadow of it. We are so complex that it would be impossible not to be flawed. The spectrum on which a human being can exist is vast, one end, a tyrant that can kill 30 million people, and the other, a being that can do nothing but serve others. And like Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, I believe any one person can find themselves in any position on the spectrum, given the right circumstances. We're all human. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said 'The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either -- but right through every human heart -- and through all human hearts'. We should never aim for utopia as it will never arrive. You cannot keep the snake out of the Garden of Eden. The world is an insanity, and the best humans can aim for is to make it as acceptable as possible. It is the hand we have been dealt. Our ancestors have given us the strength the bear it. And from time to time we're even strong enough to flourish and develop ourselves as individuals against the chaos and against all the odds.
  21. Did Icke really say that? [https://www.livescience.com/worst-epidemics-and-pandemics-in-history.html] If you're not afraid of Polio, there's one reason for that - it has been successfully targeted by a vaccine campaign. There are small pockets of the virus left, mainly concentrated to Pakistan and Nigeria, and in labs around the world. In most parts of the world it has been eradicated. Interestingly, the labs and the vaccine itself are now considered the greatest risk of an outbreak in parts of the world - especially in developing countries that are using the old sugar lump method. Which makes sense as if you reduce a virus to zero with a vaccine that contains a weakened form of the virus itself, then the vaccines themselves are the only things that contain the virus (a stable weakened version). Also research labs hold a lot of the virus and it has recently be re-categorised as a Schedule 5 material - to ensure it is handled correctly at these facilities. There is a very small risk that the virus in the vaccine can revert back to the wild type and spread again. I believe efforts are underway to replace the old method of vaccination we a new one, which is much more stable and removes the risk of the virus mutating and reverting back to a transmissible virus.
  22. What was the name of that guy who was predicting a false flag UFO invasion at the 2012 olympics? Big fellow, with a beard if I remember rightly. I randomly thought of him the other day. It's actually the reason that brought me here as I couldn't find him on YouTube. Wonder what he's up to now?
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