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  1. They were lovely! But that's the problem. My experience was a very brief one but was enough to see the foundations on which they have built their belief system on - and they were rotten to the core. I saw advertising for a free personality test outside one of their buildings. I had interest in all things alternative and I knew this was one of their recruitment methods, so I went in as I'm curious by nature. I was greeted by a lovely lady who gave me a cup of tea and talked me through the process. She handed me a personality test and left the room. I completed it as honestly as I could, it was
  2. I agree. I don't think JP is a conman, guess it depends on what you think the con is in the first place though. I really enjoy his psychological take on things. His depth of knowledge on the human condition is impressive and he has helped perhaps millions of people better themselves through personal development. He suffers from depression himself so understands the mechanisms needed to keep afloat in this chaotic world. He clearly is passionate about what he believes in and I don't think he's in anyone elses pocket. A true free thinker. His bible talks from a psychological perspective are real
  3. Cult for me. I had personal experience of their recruitment methods. They prey of those who are struggling already and jump on their vulnerabilities.
  4. They constantly refer to Jews as 'using the globe for profiteering' and Jews are 'going to enslave humanity'. They don't make references to Zionism (a political movement) in these statements and they are not talking about the ideology of Judaism. They are clearly focusing of Jews in their own words. I'll give one specific example at 22:35 - Adam quotes a comment that has come in - "Christianity is the complete opposite to Judaism. Christ was the first to expose these devils". He then goes on to say "that's not accurate at all. There were so many writings all over Egypt, Greece, all
  5. I would hope it's unsurprising for me call out an abhorrent racist. I'm completely opposed to the hatred spouted above.
  6. I was happy to draw a line under this, but okay... 'nurses' are not a hive personality. They are individuals. Some nurses made videos. Do you see how important the word 'some' is here. It completely changes the context. The better question to ask is what % of nurses were frolicking about making videos? I don't know the answer - but I am confident it was not a significant number. My girlfriend is a nurse, and she couldn't stand those videos. So not even all nurses agree with each other. Yet, you've lumped all nurses together, the exact charge you put at me! Even the people on your side of the d
  7. I agree, not entirely fair to lump everyone into one category. Although the truthers tend to do that themselves of course - elites, politicians, the medical establishment, sheeple, bankers, zionists etc, even people having a go at 'nurses' on here! But you're right, people are on here for all different reasons. The thing with the rabbit hole, is that it widens as you go down, which I find interesting. The beliefs tend to normally go in one direction, from rational to less and less rational (IMO and experience). People seem to rarely fall back into a less extreme position once they are fully ab
  8. So personal insults thrown into a civil discussion. And now you're wishing death on someone that disagrees with you. Can't really pass judgement as I was in your shoes once. When you go too far into the the global conspiracy, it ends up consuming you with hate. I was filled with it - hate for everyone who wasn't in on our little secret. So much for David Icke's message of love. He even found it in him to find love for the people causing humanity harm - he said he loved George Bush. Yet, you can't even keep your hatred contained to an anonymous poster on an internet forum. I've com
  9. I'm afraid you can look for yourself. I don't believe copying and pasting snapshots of information is useful in getting to the truth. It often lacks content and it is too easy to manipulate to fit the poster's agenda. But I didn't have to look long on the ONS site to see the 'its not worse than the flu' argument just doesn't stand up. If I had my truther hat on, I would just question the data on ONS site as being unreliable because it comes from a government body and go back to my infallible worldview. Another benefit of writing down or thinking through ideas and theories is that
  10. Hi Tom, trying to be honest here. Asking serious important questions. I believe people should encourage rigorous debate of their ideas, as it is only when those ideas are pushed against do they reveal their strength or not. Used to be on the side of believing most of the things on this site, so I believe I have some insights people might be interested in. Don't think I've been trolling at all, mods will pull my collar if I do. Suggesting that sars-cov-2 doesn't exist and that is no worse than the flu is, in my opinion, the proverbial turd in the punch bowl. It's so wrong that I think there's a
  11. Odie, I have just spent time on the ONS website. All the data on there supports my argument that Sars-Cov-2 is a significantly more serious virus than influenza (current strains in circulation). I managed to find the data which I think your table is taken from. And they include influenza AND pneumonia deaths. So, the numbers above are not correct for flu. Did you locate them yourself or have you copied and pasted from another source? I don't think the ONS work out numbers of flu deaths that would have been counted if the same method was applied to covid deaths. Why would they do that? But, we
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