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  1. Question who is Mario Anthony Haji-Costas?
  2. I have read that you would like your account removed but I consider that you write your thoughts very well and would like to read more of them. Maybe start your own thread to describe your considerations as to religion? I would read it :)
  3. You sad fuck posting that tells me all I need to know about you. time is now short mate lol
  4. Did a forum search for OneWeb but nothing came back about UK gov spending £500 Million in July 2020 buying 42.2% of the company. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-government-secures-satellite-network-oneweb OneWeb was going bankrupt in March 2020 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OneWeb They now have 110 satellites all nearly ready to beam shit down upon us. Should be running by end 2021 and full op in 2022. Considering the UK gov have no money, how nice of them to spend half a billion of our labour on shit to control and enslave us.
  5. Which religion are you stating for SE? The pope states it is all good to have the injection but there have been some lower levels who produced letters against all the current shit. I just want to know what the 'books' state about having different things injected into the body??
  6. Simple FIRST question regarding vaccines: As it is taught by your religion, what is the stance on being injected with DNA from a white male aborted foetus which is still used to produce several vaccines including hepatitisA, varicella and polio? What would your God think of such an action allowed by you? We can get to the GMO of the current shit in time
  7. Really? If you knew me, well this place is a realm but FFS, you even have people walking past the 'grill'. Damm it guys, come on, took 20 seconds.
  8. Yes it is a spiritual war but I do know many here. 4 years and nothing has changed but you continue! Why?
  9. Tell me .... How many kids were harmed and abused in those 4 years while you all were told to "Trust the plan." No one is coming to save you .... Stand the fuck up and save others.
  10. I would and I comprehend that which you say but I want to learn more about 'people'. It is the mass which are allowing this current harm to be done and I think I could learn by asking those who consider Q to be a good thing, even though nothing has changed, WHY?
  11. I do actually wish to know! How long will those who consider the Q and Trump concept to have been true continue with the idea? I do wish to know. The idea has been going for quite some time and I have an interest in 'people'. So, please, what is a date that you go .... well nothing happened again so maybe????
  12. But it is a lie Nothing ever happens and all the years go by and .... nothing. Just another date to wait for. I really enjoy the videos by polly but NOTHING happens. How long do you continue this path? It leads nowhere!
  13. Ok .... while I do not give a fuck about this crap .... and it is crap. I looked at your link and see no proof of anything blocking fuck all! Parkes .... you consider that shill to be anything worth betting your life on? Absolute cunt and was from day one. How many more 'days' will you need .... the whole concept is to keep you inactive. And it has worked very well. You all do nothing waiting for some one to save you. Guess what ....... they are NOT coming. Best stand the fuck up. Man or boy?
  14. This is the same file but at 150 mb https://we.tl/t-OktaC2h5Qh Same 53 mins just compressed.
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