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  1. Doing none of those I stated clearly what i wouldnt accept as evidence - i ignored your calls for what i would accept because quite frankly - i wont accept unsubstantiated gossip where evidence amounts to he was in the same country (or words to that effect) was far less restrictive and gave many more avenues with which to present evidence. Fair enough
  2. Re the bold It was supposed to read that calling all the afforementioned Paedophiles makes a change from them normally being attacked as being Jews. It wasnt intended to suggest you normally called them jews. Please accept my apology for the inferance, It really was no more than a case of being how the line was interperated . If it wasnt clear my fault.
  3. Refusing to call him something without proof isnt defending him. Asking for proof isnt defending him Pointing out the good things he has done you could say was defending him - equally you could just say i was presenting what i knew of the man and why i wasnt jumping on the bandwagon. I do not care what you or others think of him - but a contrary opinion is sometimes needed lest this place become an echo chamber
  4. This again - I repeat My account screwed up on switchover i couldnt get it to accept a retry with name, or email - nor would it accept the password details or let me use my email to change it. Eldnah was simply a quick unimaginative stand in cool or funny or hiding never came into it Never said i was offended by it I said it was impolite and offensive to do it on the families web page as some have - but id say that if someone did that on yours - its crass and says a lot motre about those that do it than those they speak of. I didnt express any view about it being written on here or facebook etc - its not as if a family member will see it. Again nothing to do with who they are but how we should treat all people.
  5. I gave no one any orders - I didnt give any instructions I simply asked for proof rather than the usual unsubstantited and frequently proven false allegations. As for pro royalist no - im not really as I explained - Im not bothered by them one way or another - im only pro royalist in the sense that i see no point getting rid of them and having a US style media frenzy to pretend to choose which other elite we will give the top job. At least this way they are a political - not beholden to supporters and we know their history As I say more leave it as is ist than royalist. Incidently as a French man im also a republican by default. On topic as regards Phillip He did a lot for disadvantaged Youths, Environment and Industry Oh and for his quick thinking saving his ship in 43 he gets my respect for those , I feel he deserves it for them.
  6. No youre celebrating their life at the funeral / wake not their actual death Subtle distinction. We had a happy party at my sisters funeral - we were not celebrating her being dead
  7. So thats a no - you have no proof just your absolute belief in your the elites must all be Paedos religion. Given the lack of evidence and yet the way its adherants tolerate no other thoughts a religious cults exactly what it is.
  8. Absolute envy based bullshit someone has something you dont so you will latch on any wild story by equally pathetic folk to attack them. Celebrities all paedos world leaders all Paedos Royals all Paedos Bankers Judges all Paedos Which admittadly makes a change froms Jews but its all the same - I dont have what they have - They must be part of an evil plot to be successful and thus im not a pathetic failure im opressed. As fo queens han and orphanage - as i said they were on the other side of the continent Fuck i was in Europe I must have stole Maddie - i never realise Fucking spite fuelled hoop the lot of it
  9. Ah right the old - If you shake a paedophiles hand its because you to are a paedophille Interesting Ive never touched a child inapropriatly yet by your logic i must be a paedophile Truly moronic logic there
  10. Ive never been sure of the context of that was it tongue in cheek or was he really trying to emphasise the issue of overpopulation. Ive never seen the actual clip - just heard how the media spun it (always suspicious that) I will disagree with that - unlike Bono and lots of others who tell us we should stop travelling, give to charity and pay more taxes (as they fly to a tax haven to deposit their cash) - The Dof E did do a lot for both the environment and youths in deprived areas. So i would say hypocrit is perhaps unjust. His death makes little difference to me - I didnt know him. I am i suppose a reluctant monarchist** but I do find it unpleasant that people post on the palace twitter page nasty comments and false allegations - regardless of how you feel about somebody he was their husband/ father / son etc politness and decorum and plain old decency should stop people from harrassing a grieving widow **Simply because what we have works and replacing it would probably cost more and result in a US style media circus every 4 years - so not so much a monachist as an if its not broke leave it be ist
  11. Please feel free to produce 1 piece of evidence he was a paedophile I mean real proof not the usual he was in the royal family and therefore must be a racist child molesting Jewish Nazi and once visited a country where 3000 miles away a child disappeared usually bandied about as evididence
  12. Not convinced in the slightest thats actually a shipping container They always have square cross section / square framed cross section (eg oil tanks in container frame - for loading purposes - image clearly shows sloped roof corner section. Film prop / simulator / other perhaps - have to ask why they managed to get such good high quality interior shots yet a really poor unlit exterior shot - almost as if it was intentionally so as the exterior would not support the claim However shipping containers are used as hospitals / accomodation so it would be no great suprise to find images containing seats beds equipment - carefully missapropriated to create fake "evidence". Smuggling containers dont have seats and facilities - that would reduce how many you can cram in thus reduce profits. Its not as if the human traffickers care about the cargo .
  13. Im not disagreeing with you - but i havent heard speeding or undermanned Ive heard mechanical failure (engines) and very low speed loss of steering - with wind blowing it to the bank My point viz 8kts = about 13 kph was simply to offer an explanation as to how those of us asking questions could get confused as I say - i myself saw 14 and because it was a ship imiddiatly thought kts wheras its KMH - so I was passing duff info by mistake (since corrected of course) So rather than disagreeing - im saying i cant yet agree or even disagree because the info just isnt there. I think theres lots of speculation - with wind speed being the only thing we can be sure of at the moment Edit - I do think a lot of the theories are really off base especially those related to them trying to hide the name because they call it ever given not evergreen - If you cant research well enough to know the ships name then it doesnt bode well really.
  14. Im not sure where you have heard it was undermanned from - - I havent seen that reported - do you have a link Not much apparently it really is cut throat and margins are tight Dont forget theres lots of costs fuel crew transit of canal - insurance - maintenance - the cost of the ship (loan) Docking fees - Pilot fees It seems counter intuitive but theres a push for smaller vessels as they would be cheaper to run - even though you would need lots more crew - it spends a lot less at the Berth - usesa smaller berth and so 5 150 K can be cheaper to run than 2 x400K - despite economic logic that bigger is better. Edited to corecct Transit speed is 16KMH or 14 for tankers - thats about 8 kts (I misread kmh previous as kts) Im sceptical as to claims it was speeding - as it would be in convoy and have a pilot (and monitored) - its possible someone has (like i did) seen 13 and because its on a plane / ship assuled kts was the measurement 13kmh is about 8 kts Worth noting at 8 kts she could possibly be a bitch to steer with slower flow over the rudder - especially if cant use bow thrusters in zuez (dont know)
  15. They may have to but its not as easy as that - it gets loaded using massive cranes , it could take weeks if not months to get those in place. Then theres helicopters - Not many are going to lift that size and weight of object the few that can could lift some but others will be to heavy - Its going to be a significant challenge if they cant shift it laden.
  16. Feel free to point out what part of my response was factually incorrect in explaining how it COULD just be an accident Preferebly without using tired old means that neither make you look clever nor make the point you think they do.
  17. Slightly unfair on point one - despite the predations of the conquistedors the Native americans were not wiped out in a deliberate genocide - It was contact with white people and their diseases - leading to mass infection and mortality by people with no immunity** As for the 2nd - I think it should be made clear that it wasnt simply his policies or his orders - but he himself damn near murdered half the congo. For some reason when people mention atrocities, genocides, war crimes Belgium allways escapes being named and yet arguably wer the worst offender in modern times Mongols probably hold the title for % world population killed **See Benin for an example of where the reverse*** happened and local diseases wiped out whitey if he set foot ashore ***Almost reverse native diseases rather than diseases the natives carried with immunity
  18. Was reportedly gusting at 40 or 50MPH - ship has a huge sail area and then theres bank effect - if it gets close it will have a sucking effect. Also reported but not confirmed may have sufferred engine failure Its operfectly common to loiter about awaiting a pilot - as for the phalic symbol - in this case someones been mischivious and overlayed several days tracks to create it - Intentional efforts are far clearer and better drawn (must admit most are done by aircraft - especialy military aircrew) They may have done but were (ignoring engine issues) possibly A) Further from the bank B) Crew reacted quicker C) Not big slabsided container vessels so less subject to the force D) had better steerage - if for some reason they were going very slow - the rudder is less to completely inefective (hence tugs for berthing) I think is just an accident
  19. Yes thats my whole point The person reporting them - assumed they were muslim then embellished the story Which brings us to the point that the claim they were dancing / celebrating is erroneous and stems not from their actions but the anti muslim hysteria of the individual who reported them for being brown.
  20. There would be chemical traces of explosives in some of the debris ranging from covering a small amount of debris if were going with the explosion around impact to an absolute fuckton for a controlled demolition. Whether any would be found is another matter - Would the subsequent fire have burnt it up entirely ? Never mind the sheer volume of debris, making it extremely difficult to identify what was near the impact site, without first testing it for that. Personally I would not have been suprised to learn no examination was made of the building debris for explosive residue - but some aircraft wreckage had been in order to determine if explosives had been smuggled aboard I cant delete the above without it deleting my reply
  21. They were never dancing - Thats a red herring They were seen filming (as were many others) but as they looked a bit light brown and Muslimy somebody embellished the story . Rather than proof of Mossad involvement its proof of an anti Muslim undercurrent in the US
  22. In which case i withdraw my remarks as he was making a valid point with that definition in context - unfortunatly I could only go by what the poster stated - which implied it was his actual position I often cant watch videos on here
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