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  1. happy new year to everyone in all corners of the globe
  2. Non event Its simply a low altitude restriction to keep away tourists and especially news helicopters. (Possibly disturning the scene). Its an easy go to standard restriction and format - the reality is no ones getting shot down, you would just lose your licence. The posters reading far to much into what is just a standard US format Since its not a mass casualty event - im not sure why bother keeping aircraft / drones away - Id be interested in that - but theres nothing sinister in the NOTAM itself - red herring there
  3. It may well be that the person behind its intent was to cause damage / Chaos / Fear / Confusion/ Terror / other - rather than kill and maim.
  4. See what your saying - My point still stands viz hardware As for Psyops / disinfo campaigns and indeed just planning industrial / economic domination Russia and China are the best at those. China especially - Our governlments think 5 yrs is a long time - but China thinks 25 yrs is only a short time - If we dont start looking at the long game - then we will all be owned by China. See Japans domination of the motor industry as an example of where the long game seriously screws over Western short sightedness. Its something we will need to grasp post o
  5. Dont talk rubbish - Whilst there may be a few troops, boats, special forces teams sneakig around unrecorded - its bloody obvious that theres been a huge reduction in numbers in the various Navies Armys and Airforces. The Idea theres secret fleets of battle ships and B2 bombers is farcical. On top of which the various countries monitor each other so when the UK says its scrapped 200 tanks Russia has the right to confirm this. Russia also has the right to fly over NATO countries and vice versa to look at bases - its called open skies.
  6. They werent false flags at all - nor could they have predicted the Lusitania - It was siezed upon to justify US entry - but if the Lusitania hadent been sunk - they would have pointed to the number of ships or another action (The Zimmerman saga for example) No 1st attack was real - 2nd didnt happen we agree - but its entirely possible the initial reports by the ship were honest error - that it had confused false signals and was shooting at clouds. After that then it was manipulated as you say Still not a false flag though F
  7. Not a false flag - You can argue it was used as an excuse or that Germany was right to sink it - but Germany did sink it and thus i wasnt a false flag Since the Japanese really did conduct the attacks its not a false flag - im not sure how the Japanese attacking Pearl harbour can be claimed as perpertrated by the US to start a war. Even if you argue they let it happen - the fact remains the Japanese attacked. Now if you want to argue that the US forced Japan into a position where it felt it had no choice then I agree they did (whether that was the
  8. Yes - negating the need for a rotating section. Upside smaller ship Downside - 1) its not as viable for a generation ship owing to the need to flip (cows goat tractors bouncing etc).
  9. You could just have whats in effect the rim of a wheel and rotate that to create a centripital force. - See also IIRC The Icarus space craft If you want 1G then your diamitor has to be quite large in order to keep below 2 rpm a which point spin becomes noticable . 2rpm is considered the tolerable limit for most people - theres some who can go higher but you are seriously limiting your pool of candidates. On a space craft you would face the problem that accelleration / deceleration would create G force in the wrong direction* - If tyu were accelleating constantly
  10. It isnt African - Its a practice thats mostly African and its conducted on girls - theres no condemnation of Africans circumcising boys The condemnation is of an act carried out anywhere on females - Muslims pretty much do - its considered a male rite - but it isnt a you will. No - Certain North American Women have their sons done because they think it looks better - which I find more disturbing than the Jews / Muslims doing it on religious grounds Ive explained several times that it isnt only jews that circumcise men
  11. What part of Im against it are you missing - Ive explained why male V female is viewed differrently - that doesnt mean I agree with male - i mean of only stated that at least 3 times now Because despite you keep saying this - it isnt a case of Jews getting a pass and Africans not Jews Muslims Blacks whites all get a pass on male circumcism. Nobody gets a pass on FGM - because whilst its mostly an Africa thing it isnt exclusively
  12. They dont they do it for religious reasons What I said was its origin may have been hygene in Desert regions hence Muslims continuing the practice but not Christiazns Again I never claimed there was a benefit to circumcision - I said it was sometimes done on medical grounds (in the case of a friend of mine following a nasty zip moment - in the case of a work coleague because his foreskin shrank and was painfully tight. Thats because you missunderstood my point - hopefully the above clarifies for you.
  13. I would say rather than deserve it people think theyre helping intersex Trans is another issue and its worrying that its become trendy and foisted on confused teens
  14. You really are tedious - That is exactly NOT what I said Again not what I said - I even said that if you were arguing the outcry was sexist your argument would be better Since my stance is neither racist or sexist and there can only be 3 reasons you claim it is 1) you are trolling 2) you didnt read my posts 3) youre an idiot In any case its demostrably a waste of time responding to yourself. I think everyone else understands that im oppossed to male circumcision whether its carried out on Black white
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