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    Part of the problem as well is that it will only be David Icke fans watching this, while the presentation will be great, it won’t change anything the next day. He’s preaching to the already awake, having it free and easy to watch/ share, may wake some new people up. Imo DI is at his best in his presentations, his Wembley one is the one that woke me up. If YouTube had have made me pay to watch it, I’d never have bothered and probably still be fast asleep now wearing a mask. My saving grace would have been dr John Bergman, but I’d never have fully understood the NWO Take the London real interview as an example, tens of millions watched that worldwide because it was free/ easy to share
  2. One of the secret societies we sometimes hear about, but what exactly is their role in helping the NWO come about? A quick search shows me they’re big believers in Jesus Christ, kinda confuses me that does, especially with their symbol clearly being of a sun, sun worship, perhaps Saturn/ Satan worship... so why are they so pro Jesus and the pope if they’re the bad guys? What’s the deal here?
  3. until

    Why do we have to pay for this? If the information is so crucial, why make it so people have to pay, meaning that not many people will end up watching it. I do like DI, but it does feel like he is milking his followers at times. I can understand paying to watch him live, as it costs money for venue, plus money to survive. Surely he’s made enough from a new book every year
  4. This isn’t going to be one I want to watch before I go to bed is it?
  5. Kind of encouraging for now, so many agendas ride upon this hoax, in particular with the gene therapies. An insane amount of money made by the elite, and the draconian measures... hopefully it stays that way in Norway. Don’t know how optimistic I am for the five eye & commonwealth countries
  6. And Chris Whitty says ‘there’s no evidence that fluoride causes harm to us’... been evidence for decades
  7. Apparently the situation in the Philippines is much worse than this. I was talking to someone recently who has family there. They barely have any food or water, and aren’t even allowed to leave their house, otherwise run the risk of being shot or taken away to camps. The president there did say, take the jab, or go to jail. The guy I was talking to said that a fair few of them have natural suspicions on vaccines after the damage the polio vaccine caused, I assume another one from Gates and WHO which damaged kids in India too. Frightening if the draconian measures there are true, hard to find out what’s going on there through the internet.
  8. I wish the answer was yes, but as mentioned, looking at history, why was there no intervention to stop holodomor, ww1, ww2, Chinese communist revolution, the ‘spanish flu’ which was actually a mass genocide from experimental vaccines created by Gates and Rockefeller’s, the exact same as what is happening today... all of these, including the covid scam has been done by the same network of people, I hope there is a divine intervention of some sort soon, maybe the only thing that will save us at this point
  9. And no connection will be made between the cancer and the the jabs. They will just get told, oh you got cancer, ah thats bad luck... not even thinking about shit food, sugary shit, gmos, vaccines, emf, fluoride... fluoride being the thing they wanna put more of in our drinking water, as if enough people weren’t brain dead already
  10. Yep I read something about China made the decision on the 15th Sept, but didn’t tell anyone in the media until recently... market manipulation maybe
  11. I’m gonna guess the inverted 5 pointed star badge just to the right of DI’s head?
  12. I don’t know much about VPN’s, my mate suggested nord vpn to me. I can put my ‘location’ into any country around the world, and get the Internet accordingly. For example some videos on Zionism is banned on bitchute, so I have to change my country from UK to maybe America, and then I can watch the video. Works on my laptop and phone. I dont know much about this sort of stuff though, and how useful/ protective it is
  13. Audit apparently says Biden won by a bigger margin?
  14. All life on the planet is carbon based, the more co2 in the atmosphere, the more life flourishes, despite what the media lies say... and the carbon atom has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons... the element of life on this planet is made up of 666... maybe we really are in hell
  15. How would people have connected to god before Jesus was around? I’m a bit 50/50 on the whole Jesus thing, without going into it too much, there’s just so much deception in the world, and a lot I’ve got to learn. However, I do pray to god, surely this is a method that worked before Jesus, so surely still works?
  16. Great find, thank you MrH. I like my old school dips, press ups & pull ups, cycling for legs too. How do you feel about yoga? I found I felt great after it, and is surprisingly challenging, hitting muscles we maybe miss in current workouts, but it overall lacks back muscles and rear delts. Rear delts important to train imo for good posture and to avoid injuries. Also for lower body, once set up I’d love to try kneesovertoes workouts, they look a bit scary, but happy to do stretches and nothing too intense, as a bad injury of any sort these days could spell trouble with hospitals... no excuse to be lazy though https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCGybO-bWZ3W6URh42sdMQiw/videos
  17. There really is a special place in hell for these people... seems they want to ramp up keeping the masses docile and a slow death, more money for pharma
  18. I use ones from amazon, plenty to choose from after reading reviews.
  19. If i remember correctly from previous years, some ingredients can be considered a trade secret, and not declared. Not sure how true that is, I guess the best way is to try and find anyone whose done a lab analysis. But that might then be considered a ‘conspiracy theory’ or someone pushing false conspiracies. One guy did take a sample of a vaccine, to get sent to a lab, but was arrested. I know people dont have much faith in him, but if you look at recent videos of Reiner fuellmich on bitchute, there’s one showing nanotechnology in the vaccines in a lab, only a short video
  20. Oddly the price of gold seems to keep going down
  21. There’s no way it would have taken them that long, while every other country had done it much faster. Also if trump was such a good guy, why not call out the fraud of the jabs, lockdowns, Gates and fauci? They’re gonna have the lockdowns and destroy the economy anyway, but in his mind injecting people with toxic shite faster was the solution??? Makes no sense mate, anyone who promotes or helps the rollout of these jabs is extremely sinister or dumb as fuck
  22. It is a shame as a portion of truthers fall for the hopium, which is understandable during these times. The more I think about it, the more I think Trump is still an ace up the sleeve asset to the cult. They had to rig the election so he didn’t win, cuz he couldn’t have gotten away with mandatory jabs like Biden is doing. If he runs for 2024, I think he’ll get it and fulfil the idea that he will be last president. And if he runs for 2024, why would he run for it if he believed the last one was rigged against him... as I said he’s still a valuable asset for the cult and Israel, a place Q seems to conveniently ignore. One guy I know whose awake, a big trump fan, new age, actually believes that it’s all gonna come out, rigged elections, virus hoax, jab depopulation, etc, and then every single person will all be compensated financially... like for real!?
  23. As Mr H says over the years AJ has been brilliant with the information he’s exposed, and he’s been brilliant on the vaccine damage. However, I don’t understand his stance on the sars-cov2 virus. When David Icke is on, he says it’s fake, doesn’t exist, as DI says, but then all other times he says the virus is definitely real and a bio weapon. Yet most of the deaths are of other causes, so can’t be much of a bio weapon. It’s not a great look for him when he changes his mind on if the virus is real or not based on who his guest is
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