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  1. They focus on British history, concluding that we are taught a Hebrew version of history which isn’t our true history. They reckon King Arthur was an important figure, dates are deliberately mixed up all over the place to make events seem random. Finally their big claim is about Jesus, who was from noble lineage. That he didn’t die on the cross as he was only there for 6 hours, but he was given hyssop. A plant or something of 3/4 ingredients that will knock someone out like anaesthetic for surgeries. So in this case this will have been knocked out for a few days, and come around again, never died. After that Jesus came to South Wales and was called the Fisher King. (Also known as the Wounded King or Maimed King, a character in the Arthurian legends, who was the last in a long bloodline charged with keeping the holy grail. I think they believe Jesus was an incredible person in history, who had the true ability to connect with god like no one else... A big claim, was wondering if anyone had ever looked into these? If there’s anything to their books, mix of truth/ disinformation, or all nonsense. One youtube channel that dives deep into these topics featuring his work and interviews is this... would be interested to hear people’s thoughts on this https://m.youtube.com/c/BritainsHiddenHistoryRoss/videos?view=0&sort=p&flow=list
  2. I’m still trying to find out why Jo cox was assassinated, what was the consensus? This far right thing didn’t seem to add up
  3. I have no idea, but just finished watching a Richard D Hall video on the Jo Cox assassination where it appears a patsy was used, and was planned for many months. He is quite good at dissecting state cover ups and terrorist events. Will be interesting to see if he finds anything out of the ordinary about this one. Not much to go on so far though, as usual will need some time.
  4. Turns out it was a different MP Mark Sexton met with, seems like his efforts have been futile
  5. So the story seems to be that it was a different MP that Mark Sexton met with, at least we know that David Amess wasnt killed because of him trying to stop the jabs. Which means we can focus on the other ideas https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/covid-antivaxxers-graham-brady-meeting-b1930027.html%3famp
  6. I had never heard of him either, but he’s a ‘Sir’ so can’t be a nobody. Apparently in the BBC article, he was good at passing laws to help the vulnerable. Again, it’s a big if in this situation. I guess time might give us some clues
  7. https://www.bitchute.com/video/RYvJFh4yInzD/ This could well explain why he was stabbed, if he is the same senior conservatives MP that Mark Sexton was working with. It’s a big if, and I’m not jumping to conclusions, but right now I think this could be the very likely scenario for why he was killed.
  8. Now you say it, I’m sure that policeman Mark Sexton had talked about how he and a group of others approached a senior MP with concerns of pcr fraud, vaccines and all that... they never said which mp it was, but if it’s the same, it’s kinda obvious https://www.bitchute.com/video/RYvJFh4yInzD/ Yeah he says it was a senior conservative MP... and it was a Sir David Amess, he fits the description, not jumping to conclusions, but it’s very likely this is why he’s been done
  9. Welcome onto the forum quantum, whilst I don’t know too much about spirituality and this sort of stuff, I can tell you that even on this forum, people’s opinions are split about yoga, kundalini awakening and new age stuff. For starters that mantra does seem a bit strange with what it can spell out. I personally enjoy yoga for the workout, to strengthen my body, get fitter. Some people here love it, some say it’s risky business. I’d imagine there are many different kinds of yogas for different results. I don’t see what’s wrong with normal yoga, getting stronger and more flexible. Perhaps certain kinds of yogas with mantras like that might be a bit dodgy though. The way I see it, I look around, and most people who do yoga are normal people, even the new age yogis are good kind people, nothing evil about them or their yoga imo. As for kundalini, I don’t fully understand the truth of what exactly it is or how it works. I have had experiences with my third eye chakra, it’s very real. But for me, it was as if I accidentally opened a door way I didn’t know about and some strange entities tried to take advantage of that. I don’t fancy messing about with it again, although I have no doubt it can be used for good if you know what you’re doing. With the symbolism of the snake, it has many different interpretations, who knows which are accurate. David Icke in Peru didn’t have a kundalini experience, he took ayahuasca, a 5 hour version of dmt. Which is when he was shown reality is an illusion. Again I’m no expert on psychedelics so can’t offer a decent explanation. Some people do criticise David Icke for his new age approach, as it appears to stem from Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky, who some believe were high up free masons or satanists. One example could be from what I heard from a new age friend of mine, saying that death should be celebrated, because that’s when people leave this shitty realm and move onto a nicer experience. Whilst I kind of understand that, it seems strange to celebrate death, something satanists are obsessed with. Things like that make me wonder about new age and it’s true intentions. Some believe new age stems from the Kabbalah too, so might not be a good one to blindly follow. You sound similar to me, a person with good intentions but not knowing what to follow. I’ll sort of pray, say words out loud asking for something from god or Jesus, sometimes I get phenomenal results. When it comes to yoga, breathing exercises and all that, I don’t see why there’s any need to be afraid. They are good for you, but deffo probably best keeping away from ones that have strange mantras like that. Part of the fun in life is learning and trying to figure out the truth and what it’s all about, enjoy and keep being a good person :)
  10. Got the space probe that went to Saturn, very symbolic hexagon storm at the north. However, it all looks fake to me, like what’s recording the probe? I could understand a mini camera attached to it, but sometimes the camera is close, sometimes it’s suddenly spawned on the rings of Saturn, watching the probe from a huge distance, next thing is floating on Saturn turning and filming the probe to perfection. It all looks fake, how they recorded it makes no sense. Don’t forget... they can make dragons look real on tv, doesn’t mean it’s a real scene with dragons.
  11. Makes me dislike him more after how shite he was in the euros, will never understand how he starts over other brill talent on the bench
  12. I can’t seem to find the answer to what happens to those who take the mark, and what happens to those who don’t? Some speculate that jabs are the mark, and if it’s not that, they’ve got microchips lined up as Aaron Russo described, ID2020, etc, we can see what’s planned
  13. There is no way Jabba the Hut can be a health minister... I agree with the eyes though, Chris Whitty clearly a demon
  14. True, plus no sign of a cyber attack. Would be the first thing on the media if it was
  15. I’d imagine it’s so far north so if anyone escaped, they wouldn’t survive i cant find any news on this, you’ll have to keep us updated
  16. Similar to how only atypical measles, a more aggressive version only affects the vaccinated, but it’s still not many people who suffer from it compared to the total amount jabbed. But with measles we got the whole Stefan Lanka thing
  17. First person to notice ‘herd immunity’ was Arthur Hedrich in 1930s, noticing that after about 68% of kids had measles, it petered out. All of them were unvaccinated. They only say we need 95% coverage for herd immunity cuz it means can make more money than if they claimed 70% or so. They have near 100% coverage in china for measles, and still get ‘outbreaks’ every so often
  18. I’ll bite... what exactly are the ‘white hats’ doing?
  19. Interesting how he talks about acidic mouths causing decay, which brings things back to an alkaline diet
  20. One of the secret societies we sometimes hear about, but what exactly is their role in helping the NWO come about? A quick search shows me they’re big believers in Jesus Christ, kinda confuses me that does, especially with their symbol clearly being of a sun, sun worship, perhaps Saturn/ Satan worship... so why are they so pro Jesus and the pope if they’re the bad guys? What’s the deal here?
  21. This isn’t going to be one I want to watch before I go to bed is it?
  22. Kind of encouraging for now, so many agendas ride upon this hoax, in particular with the gene therapies. An insane amount of money made by the elite, and the draconian measures... hopefully it stays that way in Norway. Don’t know how optimistic I am for the five eye & commonwealth countries
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