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  1. A Norway player last week, another fan in the fa cup game tonight... all a coincidence... if you’re a moron
  2. Yeah I’m fully aware most top athletes take PED, especially Bolt, his coach was a steroids expert lol, there’s masking agents that can be taken too. With bodybuilding it isnt hidden, and a lot more is used. It is not talked about much as they don’t want to encourage kids to take it. The main 3 that is taken is a various forms of steroid to boost testosterone, should be ok if done properly, but has risks. But the other 2 are human growth hormone and insulin which can make organs grow too, which is why some end up with the bubble gut. And they are overweight, a lot of pressure on the heart. Its been a bad year for bodybuilders dying, if and a big if it’s a result of the vaccine, it can very easily be called a steroid death of some sort. Im still very surprised by Shawn Rhoden having a heart attack, I would expect he knows how to take PED’s properly to minimise risks, if he’s had the jab I’d be 99% sure it was a result of that, instead of his PED use
  3. Not a footballer, but pro bodybuilder (former Mr Olympia) Shawn Rhoden aged 46 has had a sudden fatal heart attack, no one seems to know if he had the jab or not. It is totally out of the blue. Heart attack for pro bodybuilders isn’t the rarest thing ever due to an abuse of steroids, and it’s very easy to blame any bodybuilder death on steroids. I was very surprised by his passing. RIP
  4. What do you reckon his game isn’t then? A shill for hopium?
  5. 100%, from what I gather ‘unvaccinated’ is anyone who hasn’t had their boosters, so having 2 jabs is still classed as unvaccinated... it’s extremely misleading when they say ‘unvaccinated’
  6. I’ve been watching Fuellmich’s videos for the past year, and he has had some brilliant guests on exposing some brilliant information. I remember him him saying he had the first hearing arranged for the 9th November, 9/11 for English dates... I doubt this will happen. Recently ive been skimming through some of his newer videos, and he makes comments like, ‘our best hope is for humanity to wake up’ (never gonna happen)... ‘in the future I see the unvaccinated will have to make their own community’.... and my thoughts are, what about his big case against Drosten and the PCR test that would end this fraud scamdemic!! Wouldn’t that be our best hope?? Why would the unvaccinated need their own community once the pcr is exposed in court?!?! At this point he seems to just be making videos to get to get the information out there, beginning to repeat things about it being a spiritual battle and all this... a solid court case exposing Drosten and the pcr test would end this, we wouldn’t need spirituality. I must say say I have grown impatient with him, as more time goes on with comments highlighted above, I become more and more suspicious. Although it confuses me as to what Dr Wolfgang Wudarg is doing in all of this. From what I gather he single handily stopped the Swine flu scam back in 2009, so I consider him to be a good person. Maybe I’m missing something with their corona committee. All credit to Milkheil, he called Fuellmich out from day 1. I hope for the sake of humanity we are wrong.
  7. It’s something David Icke said he talked about during his ayahuasca experience, that it would be like an alarm clock suddenly waking people up. I wish something like that was true, but I don’t see much sign of it, we are a loud minority at the moment sadly
  8. What solutions do you reckon there are?
  9. I’ve asked before on the forum where this idea of a great awakening comes from, no one seems to know. Without trying to be pessimistic, it’s too late, most have taken the depopulation jab, and most of them will never want to admit to themselves that they got tricked into such a huge scam, they’ll defend it to their graves. Looking around, I see people still wearing face masks, still fully believing the narrative without question, wanting vaccine passports, and even signing petitions to arrest the unvaccinated and hold them prisoners until they take it (was a fake petition but the people signing it didn’t know). At this point I feel like this idea of a great awakening is another psyop like Q... somethings coming to save us, you don’t need to do anything, don’t worry... most people are dumb and or heavily brainwashed, there’s so much to learn about what’s going on and how it ties with other conspiracies, we got no chance of a mass awakening at the moment.
  10. I couldn’t find anything about him promoting the jab. Also it sparks the debate of if pro athletes get the real jab or saline... but some sports people have magically suffered recently. Whilst it has happened in the past, it has been rare, and now becoming a little bit more of a common occurrence for some reason
  11. Honestly the more you go on social media and reddit, the more you realise we are doomed. I just avoid them now
  12. First comment I read online is ‘I hope it isn’t long covid from January’ fucking morons
  13. Yeah I remember him saying this, and any questions he got about the sticks he could keep saying ‘well I can’t say anything yet because of the case’ and can keep saying that excuse forever. I doubt there even is a court case, if it turns out there is, and he wins, then fair play
  14. I’ll be there with you, I agree with your assessment. From day 1 when I saw bill gates was involved, I said to those around me, this will end in mandatory vaccines that will kill the elderly and sterilise the young. End goal is transhumanism. If humans can’t procreate, the reaction will be, ‘oh no how has this happened, must be climate change, how do we keep the human race going Lord Schwab?’ Well only way to keep the human race going is by turning us into synthetic robots, that can’t get pesky diseases like covid, be super human and all that, we can see the writing on the wall.
  15. They’re both a pair of disinfo tits, I can’t believe they get so many views. SP clearly said that leading up to inauguration that Biden and the deep state would be exposed on MSM stealing the election, trump would deffo be president and all that... god knows what he’s claiming now. I don’t know if he’s ever said anything that’s ever come true or reported on, he can claim anything and say, oh well it deffo happened, just that no one reported on it... I reckon SP has some dark occult abilities too, but just imo. I wonder what the latest was with his 5G protection sticks he was charging hundreds for, which turned out to be usb memory sticks Its just a big hopium train SP and CW drive, driving us into oblivion
  16. Is there a single word of it that isn’t total bs as usual?
  17. I wouldn’t rule it out, but lately I feel like things have been easing (I haven’t been keeping up with things too much). I can see a lockdown for the unjabbed, and covid passports of jab or recent test needed to go to places, so the jabbed get their ‘freedom’. Otherwise some of them may just figure it out if they keep getting lockdowned regardless
  18. He had a heart attack, they said at the time, but they never explained why he had a heart attack, and probs never will
  19. I’ll consider the jab if he goes on a diet. I’m sure he will be using the emergency services long before I do from being unjabbed
  20. Thing is most of those left should be awake, hard to control, I feel like they will always need enough sheep to outnumber us. Imo they want a good portion of kids to survive but sterilised, for the transhuman agenda
  21. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/covid-19-medical-exemptions-proving-you-are-unable-to-get-vaccinated#:~:text=All exemptions will be confirmed,have a medical exemption. You can claim you are exempt up until 24th Dec 2021, then from 25th Dec, you have to use the nhs covid pass ive seen you can’t even get onto a plane in Canada without having all of them, UK might not be far away...
  22. Seems they want it for Xmas day in the uk too... https://www.gov.uk/guidance/covid-19-medical-exemptions-proving-you-are-unable-to-get-vaccinated#:~:text=All exemptions will be confirmed,have a medical exemption. ‘up until 24th Dec 2021 we can self certify we are exempt from vaccinations, from 25th Dec onwards, you have to use nhs covid pass’
  23. That’s where I’ve come across their work. Also I spelt Baram wrong because of autocorrect, could it be changed please?
  24. As good as his videos are, we are getting impatient, when is something going to happen legally? I know some people think he is controlled opposition, but he does have Wolfgang Wodarg working with him, which gives me a bit of hopium
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