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  1. I’m on the fence for if he’s legit or not. By the sound of it though, even if he is legit, the laws unlikely to help us, and if it could, it will be too late I skimmed through his latest one with the Polish politicians, sounds like he’s banking on some class action in March. But a portion of the judges are funded by Gates/ Soros, and can be bribed/ blackmailed
  2. A death in the Japanese league, a suspected heart attack, but needs an autopsy to confirm https://wepublishnews.com/sports/riuler-oliveira-died-what-was-his-cause-of-death
  3. There’s allegedly been 108 deaths of fifa players and coaches in the past 6 months, not sure how many collapses/ sudden heart problems too
  4. Remember that someone who has had 1 or 2 jabs is considered ‘unvaccinated’ on the statistics. Going forward whoever isn’t up to date with boosters will also be considered unvaccinated. A deceiving way to skew the stats
  5. He sure is an interesting guy, also saying that god and Jesus Christ saved him. Whilst I’m not into boxing much, he’s deffo my fave
  6. I’m in a job where I speak to a lot of people, most of them while they’re are nice, they’re typical sheep. So many recently have talked about side effects from jabs and boosters, and are even getting the flu jab and booster on the same day, something which is medically advised against! I play devils advocate, and play dumb, like when they say they have covid but are jabbed, I always say, but I thought vaccines stopped you getting the disease... saying things like ‘they seem to make it up as they go along’, etc There’s such a range of side effects I’m hearing, aches and shakes over every part of the body including their hairs, strange never like before headaches, rashes, strange pains in random places and so on. If someone has died I’ll probably not know as I simply won’t see them again. And I see that many that not many stick in my mind. These people do recover usually, but god knows what the long term consequences are. On the flip side a portion of people have zero side effects whatsoever, it does make me wonder about the story recently of some people being given placebos.
  7. Who would have thought that the sun affects our climate... it’s so obvious, yet the brainwashed people never think about it
  8. So this week is a Sheffield player, will see who is next week... Aguero our for min 3 months after his heart problem. Did anyone ever hear anything solid about Erickson being vaccinated? I was skimming through the Reiner Fuellmich video with the Polish politicians, and he claims his Danish neighbour knows Eriksen, and that he was indeed vaccinated. I cannot possibly know how true or untrue that is. A lot of us are already suspicious of Reiner, but that’s another thread. I remember some article saying Inter Milan players had the jab, then removed... nothing solid. Over in Germany, Bayern star Kimmich is skeptical about the jab and still not being bullied into it despite media backlash. 4 other Bayern players have refused, who now have to isolate every time they come back from Europe and have their wages docked. 2 players have been persuaded to get jabbed. Although one player only needs just one jab, as he previously tested positive, and will count as double jabbed, talk about making it up as you go along... Will see you all next week for the unlucky winner of the national clottery
  9. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/finally-medical-proof-the-covid-jab-is-quot-murder-quot_TWpj5FDYSrjRIsT.html The medical journal he is referencing - https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/circ.144.suppl_1.10712
  10. If they believe these vaccines work, then why do they care who they mix with? Fucking clowns
  11. https://www.bitchute.com/video/NDuCJFRnwDQb/ Richie doing some good work at the moment
  12. It makes me wonder as well, they say fines for those who refuse, eventually they won’t be able to pay, so they say prison... will they be new prisons, modern day concentration camps?? With fluoridated water like in Nazi germany, truly disturbing
  13. It’s like they’re taking the piss, with Germany next to make it mandatory
  14. I’m wondering if they are just seeing how far they can push it, I feel like this has over stepped the mark. I hope anyway.
  15. What happens to those who refuse forever? Fines and prison time, where they get forcibly injected? Surely they’ve gone too far this time
  16. Sickening from Austria, what happens to those who flat out refuse forever?
  17. I saw this video a few days ago, it could something innocent like a hoodie, is a very weird one though, in general something satanic about the music industry and this concert though Best skipping to about 1:35 for the footage
  18. There’s someone I’m in a discord chat with who was very pro mask, pro jab, thinking covid was serious and all that... anyway I can’t believe it, I’ve noticed that they’ve started to realise that something is very wrong about it all. Ironically the blatant cover up and censorship about vax damage is what raised his suspicions, it made him look into it more and he’s now realising what’s truly going on. Always encouraging when you see someone who followed the covid religion begin to break out of it. Luckily they were busy on the days they were supposed to have the jabs, so hasn’t had them. I thought it would be an encouraging one to share, as we all know many who are still somehow believing it all without question
  19. It’s obvious Brian Cox doesn’t have a soul, or a brain, the rest of us do though
  20. I’ve noticed most people aged maybe 40+ do not believe in the man made climate change hoax for one second, as they’ve experienced enough life. The younger woke people in general are insufferable with their brainwashing. All they need to do is to get the BBC to film a regular tornado that always happens and blame it on climate change, then we would begin to see a mass hypnosis like how they were with covid. This is our window to explain the agenda to those who know man made climate change is not real but don’t understand why they lie about it on tv. (Agenda 21!!) It’s in writing for anyone to read on the United Nations website... who also just so happen to come up with the ‘data’ (IPCC) which has been shown to be cherry picked and fraudulent, to advance their agendas. Whilst I think the idea of a new age great awakening is a psyop, this really could wake up a lot of people, it’s become so obvious. Even my parents who have totally bought the covid lie, got every jab they can get, are starting to recognise the Orwellian goals of the government, using climate and covid as an excuse. The only trick left is to use weather manipulation technology, but hopefully we can wake folks up to that too so they don’t get tricked by it, and finally realise the governments wagered war on us many years ago. This is the best time to wake so many people up, because it is all so obvious, especially the censorship, MSM lies etc!
  21. The latest in clown world - https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/canadian-doctor-diagnoses-woman-in-british-columbia-with-climate-change-after-breathing-problems-during-summer-of-heatwaves-and-wildfires-12465131 wonder if this will go anywhere similar to a pandemic or not... a way to explain covid vax damage, 5G etc
  22. We’re we finally out of this madness at the time?
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