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  1. Is there an easy link to see the latest from the yellow card system covid jab deaths and adverse reactions please?
  2. Someone else has told you the details, but it doesn’t matter, as we will not be following them
  3. An option for dark mode, much easier on the eyes
  4. Will see if this goes anywhere, to clarify this is not a Nuremberg 2.0 as some titles like to call it. This idea of Nuremberg 2.0 has similar traits of the Q-anon psyop, I’m not overly trusting of Reiner or Viviane.
  5. I can’t remember who the scientist was but they found when dogs were microchipped, they developed more illnesses and faster over their lifetime compared to those that were unchipped. In particular different cancers, this is a result of the emf radiation from the chips. None of this sort of health and safety issue is ever raised though.
  6. A person I work with has had constant tinnitus since their second jab. I tried to warn them so many times but they were guilt tripped into it and regret it now. They had a bad reaction from the first one too. I’m not sure how it causes tinnitus though. Also I have never known so many people to be off work sick as of right now, all jabbed, all a coincidence I’m sure...
  7. I’ve seen the document but didn’t realise how many participants, making it a 1 in 17 death rate, proving the regulators and big pharma knew this would kill a lot of people. This also makes me wonder if a portion of jabs are placebos, so too many aren’t dying at once. However after 2 jabs and 3 boosters, he chances of all 5 being a placebo is very low. So everyone would have had a death shot over enough time. Tying into what the woman from Slovenia was talking about. 1/3 placebo, 1/3 mRNA, 1/3 cancer causing
  8. Yep that’s the annoying thing about him, his name, not great for trying to wake sheep up. Other great info on uk column too who have covered him
  9. The person at the heart of it funding every important organisation or person is Bill Gates, we can all see that, so it would be him, along with other heads of companies like wef, Pfizer, moderna, Astra, etc, and those in government. From what i gather the first Nuremberg trials are not quite how we would think of them. For example one or two individuals were tortured for 3 days straight before their shocking confessions... were they tortured into making false claims? I guess we will never know. As you say this is never going to get anywhere in court. Even at an international level, allegedly 25% of the judges are funded by Gates & Soros, and the others can be blackmailed.
  10. The head nurse or something from Slovenia that was, the funeral director John O’Looney has similar conclusions based on what he was seeing. Yeah it was an odd comment to close on.
  11. https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=294&part=1&gen=99 Part 3 in particular is important about the UK banking system and how they could sneakily bring in the central digital currency, and it’s consequences
  12. Or new light the soul leaving the body maybe. Also another thought I had is if we reject the light and go into the dark, what’s next, do we just sit there forever and what else would be around, a creepy thought for me. Another theory I’ve heard is the white light is a trap, golden light is the one we want, again how can I possibly know. Hearing a randomer on the internet who claims to be spiritual isn’t the best evidence about
  13. I’ve heard that the idea we shouldn’t go to the light is disinfo, how could we really know what the truth is. But I remember Simon Parkes saying don’t go to the light, reincarnation trap and all that, and I do not trust him in the slightest, so that’s my thoughts on it.
  14. They’re now claiming there’s an error with the study https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/CIR.0000000000001051
  15. Apparently Sunday league has been bad for players too, but not much media coverage with it not being on tv
  16. And another fan collapsing in the Southampton game, was originally thought as a heart attack, but isn’t, just collapsed
  17. Just watching the Chelsea game, another medical problem with someone in the crowd, apparently a heart attack, but don’t know yet. Every god damn week
  18. Yeah there are exceptions of people who have bad reactions, or don’t take it properly/ too much, for enlarged organs is usually human growth hormone or insulin. For those who know how to take it properly, live normal long lives, look at Arnold for example. Thing is with bodybuilder deaths, it’s easy to dismiss it as a steroid death, which usually it is, but this past year there has been way more deaths than usual. And the studies show these mRNA jabs cause heart problems.
  19. Steroids have been unfairly demonised over the years, in comparison to things like alcohol. More have died of heart attacks than usual, same in other sports. There’s a clear elephant in the living room, we all know what it is, and it isn’t steroids
  20. Just watching it now, kinda curious by Richards ring he wears, at first glance looks like a Freemason symbol. But it’s hard to tell, I do enjoy Richards content and I think he’s very good overall. I don't think he’s a Freemason at all, but does anyone know what his ring is?
  21. With this law passed in Switzerland for covid passports, was this a vote by politicians or the public? And does that include mandatory jabs too, or just passports?
  22. Have they managed to put two and two together with the heart attacks and jabs?
  23. I don’t know if anyone experiences this, but the whole time my mate has said it’s a scam, and been telling me for days about the damage the jabs are causing in sports. But all of a sudden his old unhealthy mate has ended up in hospital after testing positive for covid, even though I’ve explained a million times a positive test means fuck all. But even after he’s said about all the damage and heart attacks it’s caused in sports, he suddenly wants the jab... wtf?!! Sometimes I believe we deserve to get culled
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