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  1. https://www.med.hku.hk/en/news/press/20211215-omicron-sars-cov-2-infection This is the paper claiming to have isolated the Omicron variant. Some electron pictures, I’m clearly no scientist, but it doesn’t look so isolated to me
  2. Just in case anyone fancies a go, supposed to be good for depression, worth a go
  3. Did I hear it right when the guy said Robert kennedy Jr flew with him?! The guy doing all the stuff to raise awareness on vaccines and Fauci. That’s mind blowing. Although not proof he’s done anything dirty, is strange if he was associated with Epstein at one point. Also I’m curious they never asked the pilot about Bill Gates.
  4. 100% spot on. As Brian Gerrish from UKColumn has stated a few times, in the UK all of this is decided by Susan Michie, a behavioural psychologist, using various techniques to make the public literary hypnotised, out of the minds and unable to think. He showed a clip from yesterday’s show of people lining up to get their jabs, and a woman is trying to tell them about the yellow card numbers, all the adverse reactions and deaths. The people respond saying that they don’t want to know about the adverse reactions and deaths. They are clearly not thinking straight if this is the response they are giving. It defies all logic. How could you not want to know about potential risks before taking an injection, especially when it could be fatal!! Another aspect psychologically is mental health in general, it’s so depressing, nothing to look forward to, no point in living. The government want our lives to be a total misery, to feed the demons. A simple bit of laughter and in the moment it’s like everything is perfect again.
  5. Has anyone heard of these cytokine storms that were predicted for the jabbed in winter?
  6. https://www.bitchute.com/video/USCqlW6KHNqe/ Channel covers all sorts of NWO stuff, and goes deep into the Talmud, Zohar, Kabbalah, Jesus etc. Very interesting stuff.
  7. I think a few of us have heard about this. Looking at random pictures of people’s cards though, there’s all sorts of numbers. Like some beginning with 9, 6, 8, etc Theres no doubt in my mind of placebos for the elite, but there’s clearly more than just the 01 02 03 she talks about. Could be different in Slovenia though
  8. In one of amazons terms and conditions it says something along the lines of dead humans reanimating and passing on the disease by biting people would void some T & C
  9. Just looked at his YouTube channel, I recognise him now, I don’t know what to make of people like him tbh, reminds me of similar ones like Infinite Waters and Aaron Doughty. I think these smaller names are influenced by the bigger names, so end up repeating what they say. There is something to what they say, just depends how it’s used I guess, I’d be surprised if they were proper in on it controlled opposition. I think they likely have good intentions, also they will make lots of videos for more views and money etc. I am certain that the infinite waters guy is a David Icke fan, as he’s repeated his lines many times.
  10. I wonder if they will try to postpone the football, it’s so obvious that something wrong is going on with players dropping multiple times a week. The elephant in the living room is clearly the jab. So they have started to do daily tests on players now, more tests means more false positives, and an excuse to postpone it, before the sheep figure it out. Although it doesn’t solve anything, as the problems will carry on when they come back, just delaying the inevitable
  11. Made me laugh, Richard has a way with words. Fair play to him for trying to do something about this, but I can’t imagine he will get a positive response
  12. As I mentioned, everyone is welcome to comment and post about who you think has an agenda. I think there is real spirituality and brilliant things which can be used in a very positive way in our lives, however this is clearly an area that has been hijacked by fake gurus, leading those who are awake to the NWO, into some insane fantasy story. Similar to Q, great awakening, aliens gonna save us, all in all, do nothing. Some speculate it’s a deeper agenda of taking people into some sort of Kabbalah luciferian worship. A good portion of people who believe this say it is a luciferian agenda to make those stray away from Jesus. All interesting ideas, and there’s certainly something to it.
  13. Threads have already been made on Sasha Stone and Simon Parkes. There are other threads talking about Simon Parkes as he talks about many topics. One interesting thing about him is that even though he claims he’s the child of aliens, he’s into new age and all that, he has stated that he is in fact Jewish. I never knew Jews believed in alien parents, interesting either way. I believe he likely knows quite a lot about occult and Kabbalist magic. Some strange stories on the internet about people’s interaction with him, just stories though, not solid proof.
  14. Everyone is welcome to chip in with their thoughts on particular people. I’ve been meaning to set up a thread on this for a while but forgot. However, I recently came across an interesting video that connected a few dots for me - https://www.bitchute.com/video/KRspxhs8zuBX/ Skip to 5:30, and skip the bits where he’s ranting about this woman on twitter So this video is about the likes of Corey Goode, Steven Wilcock, Steven Greer & Linda Moulton Howe. How between them they push this idea of friendly aliens, new age spirituality, galactic federation, new earth, Q, all of these insane ideas that have zero evidence behind them. You may have noticed that these type of people are usually promoted, let’s say a Gaia advert on Facebook or YouTube, and I now know why. It turns out that a company called Zohar Entertainment Group has taken over particular platforms and promotes these type of people. Interestingly here is their website if anyone wants to check it out - https://zoharmanagement.com and here is their YouTube channel - https://m.youtube.com/c/UAMNTV/videos This channel looks to have been around for about a year or two, and already has 410k subscribers. Plenty of videos pushing aliens, new age etc, interestingly they have some David Icke videos, however these videos appear to be videos where they have taken speeches he has said, and turned it into a new age video of their own. It doesn’t appear that David Icke has specifically worked with this group. Interesting either way, only showing David’s spirituality work, nothing on his other brilliant work. It seems beyond a coincident that a company called ‘Zohar’ entertainment is pushing this shite. A company run by an English man with dual citizenship, and his second nationality just so happens to be Israel. Very interesting overall. As for the new age/ alien/ ufo/ abduction/ implants/ mutilation subjects, I don’t know the truth for certain, I’m an ordinary person with not much experience in that sort of stuff. However, I’m sure some members here can add interesting knowledge and experience to the topics. There is no doubt in my mind of something beyond this realm, extremely advanced technology that’s called a ufo, probably human made, and some of these people I’ve listed above may well be telling the truth about some things, maybe about 5% if I’m being generous. In particular with aliens, Linda Moulton Howe and Steven Greer have done a lot of work, but let’s remember who their friends are, the Rockefeller’s... another coincidence....
  15. Is the cdc getting rid of the pcr test on 31st Dec? If so it seems they want a different test to bring in, or... at venues or travelling when they say; you need a negative test or proof of vaccination to travel, if there are no tests any more, then there’s only one way they will let you in/ travel...
  16. Is there a simple cases/ deaths graph for flu? Or has it combined with covid? For anyone who doesn’t know flu isn’t the killer, pneumonia is. However they just name it ‘flu’ as they can give flu jabs each year, whereas pneumonia vaccine is once every 10 years... fear sells. But it seems impossible to find just the basic graphs for flu/ pneumonia? If it’s combined with covid and it only says covid in the title, then it’s extremely misleading as usual, and what % of cases is classed as flu? Any help on finding these basic graphs please?
  17. I see what you did there ‘quite heartening to see’
  18. Seeker

    Keto diet

    Here is 2 YouTube channels of doctors who love keto and have some recipes somewhere https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC3w193M5tYPJqF0Hi-7U-2g https://m.youtube.com/c/drekberg
  19. I wish he would have talked to his fellow German Dr Stefan Lanka, but instead talks to a ‘holocaust survivor’. A very loose term. I’m just not convinced he’s legit
  20. Seeker

    Keto diet

    Quite a tricky diet, as a lot of the meat, fish and cheese is unlikely to be organic, and induce problems of their own. It’s good for losing fat, but so is any diet complimented with exercise. Imo the main sugars to cut out are the fast and shitty ones from sweets, chocolate and sugary drinks. And any drinks with artificial sweeteners in! Dark chocolate has far less sugar in though, so even for diabetics dark chocolate is fine, darker the less sugar. After a while it actually tastes nice too. In an ideal world I’d like to try an intermittent fasting diet of only organic fruit, veg, daily avocado (calorie dense), nuts/ seeds. Would easily get all the vitamins and minerals in we are deficient of, maybe not enough calories, maybe it is. Bread, in particular white bread is one that’s maybe not the best. I found it quite difficult making nice meals keto only though, some say it affects their mood and energy at the beginning until a state of ketosis is reached; which apparently is a superior fuel to carbs. I don’t know if it ends up being too much fat in the diet though, is a tricky one overall. For me getting the organic veg in is key to good health.
  21. What solutions do you think are available?
  22. There must be law against forcing proven dangerous medical procedures on people?
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