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  1. For anyone wanting to know a quick summary about the alien agenda, these are just my views after 7 years of research, I’m always keeping an open mind but here’s a quick summary Top of the power hierarchy are the Anunnaki, involved in the creation of modern day humans, Sumerian tablets go into good detail... some believe Anunnaki are reptilians but I disagree, in ancient history the reptilians were depicted fish like humanoids to represent their scaled skin, they were not allowed to depict the ‘gods’ so represented them like this... you’ll notice some ancient Sumeria representations of reptilians or fish humanoids but there’s also depictions of giant human like beings, I conclude they are the anunnaki - today even though they are at the top of the power pyramid, they let the other below them do the work Reptilians - all ancient cultures describe these reptilian creatures, some in a positive way helping humans, most in a way that says they are bad news for humans. They come in various forms, like the alpha draconians are tall white winged beings, the reptoids are more green, blue or brown coloured with no wings, most if not all are hostile. They played their part in history dividing humans and creating wars. They are infamously known to shapeshift, through our history they have killed people in power and assumed their identities for fantastic control of society. Today the reptilians reside either in deep underground military bases, or in a different dimension, with total control over world events wanting to create chaos and depopulation. They are clearly hostile, whilst there might be good ones about, they could be deceiving you. Arcturians/ Nordics/ Tall Whites - these aren’t as well known but they can pass for humans, usually tall, athletically built, blonde hair and blue eyed. Whilst history might show evidence of the Nordics at war with the reptilians, today I think there is collusion going on, and are not to be trusted by any means. If aliens were to reveal themselves to ‘save humanity’ these are the most likely to show up, do not trust them Greys - the most well known greys do the dirty work in abducting and performing genetic experiments on us. Some say they’re biological AI with no soul, created by the reptilians or Nordics, either way the greys are like the workers to the reps and arcturians. There are some people who say that the grey skin is a second skin and another creature is on the inside, as it’s not used to climate on earth. I don’t know about this though, but heard it from multiple sources. The last I have heard are the mantids, these are humanoid praying mantises, they seem to observe what’s going on and might use greys to do genetic experiments on us. All of these aliens have disconnected from spirituality, the divine, source consciousness etc through their addiction to technology. A dangerous road humans are heading towards. A saviour for humans would be these beings reconnecting with the divine realm, a potential way we can do that is by praying for this to happen. Praying is good for the immune system so let’s do it as we have nothing to lose. Some, more from a religious background believe that aliens and demons are the same thing, whilst I have an open mind I’m no so sure on this. All I can say is that there’s evidence of creatures with insane technology that come in various forms, anunnaki, reptilian, greys etc. And there’s creatures that feed off negative human energy (dark energy), imo they aren’t the same but there’s a relationship between aliens and demons, perhaps as aliens drifted away from spirituality, they fell into the hands of the original demons, the fallen angels who turned away from the divine realm. Their goal is to turn humans into synthetic robots where AI does human thinking. This ones a bit out there but I believe this is so the AI mind can always emit negative emotions, feeding the dark spirits, as it’s a synthetic robot that doesn’t age like a human, it’s an eternal source of food. Praying is a solution. If anyone has anything to add or question what I’ve said then you are more then welcome to. Finally I think by 2030 we could see aliens, either a staged alien invasion (project bluebeam) which will have the goal to create the NWO, or the aliens will reveal themselves to ‘save’ humanity, this is likely to be the Nordics who show up, like I said question everything and do not trust them. You only have to look at the stream of films about aliens and recent news reports about UFOs to notice we are being prepared for something, stay alert, pray and we will be fine
  2. Same on his social media, many comments deleted but he still gets hounded if he does any new posts, I’m sure many people are seeing those as for example on twitter he has 50 million followers
  3. Something positive, there’s a guy who I follow on Facebook who is into his gym and fitness having over 700k followers. I dont want to say his name and draw attention to him. He loves to train and is obviously not happy about the gyms closing. He’s seeing through the bullshit and making short videos to his followers about the numbers and how insignificant they are. The guys showing the facts, no one can argue with him and quickly scanning over the comments, people agree the situation is bs, some going further into what’s really going on. Considering he has 700k followers, it’s certainly a positive in the right direction, people into their fitness is a mixed audience so will be waking new people up, which is the inevitable ?
  4. Alok Sharma is another one controlled by bill gates, surprise surprise, Alok helping to fund Gates’ polio vaccine schedule https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-aid-to-help-vaccinate-more-than-400-million-children-a-year-against-polio
  5. As I said in the other thread, very much involved with Epstein
  6. I knew I recognised his name, tied with Epstein is all I’ll say about him
  7. As the based memes for normies has gone, I’ll post this here
  8. Haha I got a similar response, ‘stfu retard’, hopefully the forum gets back to normal soon ?
  9. Yeah I messaged Jaymie asking what was happening not knowing it was the hacker and my picture got changed after that, I dunno why he would change it to that over a beautiful Roddy Piper
  10. Tbf I started the FE thread that went a bit crazy so sorry about that, but like I said I just wanted to understand someone else’s point of view and answer my questions about the FE model. I don’t think my original question about how meteors worked got answered though. One positive of it is that it exposes some of NASA’s fake work, leading to the conclusion that some of it’s huge budget is going to secret projects, underground and secret space programs
  11. https://www.itv.com/news/2020-05-17/government-invests-93-million-in-new-vaccine-manufacturing-facility/ sounds like a good use of tax payers money ?
  12. David Icke isn’t a fan of him based on his valuetainment interview, at the end David Icke is given a series of names and he has to respond with his first thoughts of that person, he said he doesn’t trust Greer
  13. The coronavirus megathread was heading up towards 1 million views, can’t have that many seeing it now can we ?
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