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  1. As I said in the other thread, very much involved with Epstein
  2. I knew I recognised his name, tied with Epstein is all I’ll say about him
  3. As the based memes for normies has gone, I’ll post this here
  4. Haha I got a similar response, ‘stfu retard’, hopefully the forum gets back to normal soon ?
  5. Yeah I messaged Jaymie asking what was happening not knowing it was the hacker and my picture got changed after that, I dunno why he would change it to that over a beautiful Roddy Piper
  6. Tbf I started the FE thread that went a bit crazy so sorry about that, but like I said I just wanted to understand someone else’s point of view and answer my questions about the FE model. I don’t think my original question about how meteors worked got answered though. One positive of it is that it exposes some of NASA’s fake work, leading to the conclusion that some of it’s huge budget is going to secret projects, underground and secret space programs
  7. https://www.itv.com/news/2020-05-17/government-invests-93-million-in-new-vaccine-manufacturing-facility/ sounds like a good use of tax payers money ?
  8. David Icke isn’t a fan of him based on his valuetainment interview, at the end David Icke is given a series of names and he has to respond with his first thoughts of that person, he said he doesn’t trust Greer
  9. The coronavirus megathread was heading up towards 1 million views, can’t have that many seeing it now can we ?
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