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  1. How Bill Gates has taken control of the pandemic, and the creation of a vaccine, potentially earning himself hundreds of billions of dollars if made mandatory
  2. *Chemtrails* otherwise known as geoengeeeing Chemtrails isn’t a crazy conspiracy theory as the mainstream media wants you to believe. Bill gates has funded this in the past. https://prepareforchange.net/2018/12/08/bill-gates-announces-plans-to-use-chemtrails-to-solve-global-warming/ John Brennan from the council of foreign relations has also admitted that they plan to use geoengineering to dim out the sun The idea is to create a thick cloud in the sky to help block out the sun to combat global warming... the man made climate change via co2 is nothing more than a political hoax by the United Nations to advance their agenda 21. If anyone needs me to explain the science then let me know. Using common sense, it isn’t a good idea to block out the sun, the sun gives life to our planet, something these psychopaths seek to destroy
  3. There were some in London, I think they were peaceful but as we saw with extinction rebellion, Soros can make it violent or if he wants to
  4. As we all know bill gates wants to vaccinate anything that moves, he has caused tremendous damage in India and Africa, having the WHO, which he funds, help to cover up his damage. Here is proof that bill gates knew his vaccines would cause a lot of damage. Starting with the oral polio vaccine (OPV) according to the CDC 95% of people who get naturally occurring polio do not experience any symptoms (thanks to a strong immune system) roughly 4% get mild flu like symptoms, 1% paralysis rate and a 0.1% death rate. The OPV was causing a new type of polio called non-polio acute flaccid paralysis which had a paralysis rate of 35% and a death rate of 8.5%. Here we can clearly see that the OPV caused far more harm than good, so it was phased out in countries around the world, phased out in America in 2000. It was the year 2000 that bill gates decided India needed the OPV, he knew it was dangerous as it was phased out in his own country in the year 2000. Over the 17 years it has lead to 495,000 children being paralysed. I cannot find an official death rate figure but if 495,000 is the 35% paralysis rate (based on CDC numbers) then an 8.5% death rate is over 100,000 kids. Like I say this isn’t an official figure but based on CDC numbers. The WHO covered for gates and media outlets claimed that gates had eradicated polio, sick fucks. The same was done in africa with the dtp vaccine, whilst the dtp vaccine showed signs of protecting against dtp, it was found to compromise the immune system, meaning that they were more likely to die from other diseases. It was associated with a 5 fold higher death rate than those unvaccinated, the dtp vaccine was phased out in America in the year 1997. So what does bill gates do, decide africa needs this vaccine. This vaccine as you can guess caused total devastation with those vaccinated now having a 10fold higher death rate than those unvaccinated, and more dying from the vaccine than the diseases they were supposed to protect against. Dr Soren Mogensen and Peter Abbey who were pro vac were shocked to find this. Again covered up for by the WHO. In kenya the scientists found that the anti fertility agent HCG antigen was in the tetanus vaccines. The question is why is bill gates sterilising and killing us with vaccines? He was raised by eugenicists, his dad was the head of planned parenthood. He wasn’t joking what he says below... he is now leading the way for a covid19 vaccine, do you think it’s wise to take it based on this info?
  5. Here is a great video I had totally forgotten about. Bill gates involved with climate change bollocks, transhumanism and gmos. We may remember a while while back we had that month where everywhere offered vegan meat products, only to find that they had extremely high amounts of oestrogen in them. In particular the impossible burger. https://nationalfile.com/doctor-burger-kings-impossible-burger-has-18-million-times-more-estrogen-than-regular-whopper/ this is is connecting a few dots here, can’t eat animals (real meat) because that’s where viruses might come from, and cows contribute to the greenhouse effect, so we get fed toxic gmo foods, making probably Monsanto more money. Giving a human male an extremely high diet of oestrogen is very likely to affect their sexuality, advancing the LGBTQdkdhgqojxjdirbe agenda, whatever the letters are now. That of course is perfect for children who are planned to become synthetic robots who won’t have a gender, imo. I always knew these gmo meats were really unhealthy for us, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see bill gates involved in this
  6. it’s about time he got his own thread, feel free to add what you know about bill gates and his NWO agendas
  7. You know people will follow it as well ??
  8. This is also a bizarre video, some German woman ranting about trump and at around 06:53 her eyes clearly change, if you think it’s fake then let me know, it’s a weird one https://www.daserste.de/unterhaltung/comedy-satire/carolin-kebekus-show/videos/die-carolin-kebekus-show-folge-1-video-108.html
  9. An interesting video of a ufo in March where the riots currently are in America, it’s a triangle shaped craft which I’ve seen and heard about quite a few times, similar to the one pictured in the Belgian wave case
  10. Or keeping 2 meters apart, tut tut
  11. I’m assuming he wants to destroy America to help bring in the NWO? He’s beginning to expose himself even more though
  12. If I remember correctly Credo Mutwa describes a tall grey in his alien abduction experience, along with an arcturian looking being and some sort of metallic robot
  13. Im not sure if this video has been posted here before, but I enjoyed this one challenging germ theory, and Rockefeller’s big pharma, vaccines etc
  14. How do you reckon they view people like David Icke or even people like us who are fairly awake to what they are up to. Do you reckon they like to play games with us to see how alert we are? They see us as a nuisance? Maybe even impressed that some people can see past the bs, what do you think? I know one thing is for certain, they want to silence us so we don’t wake up everyone else
  15. Have you managed to find any science to say this social distancing works? I’m struggling to find any
  16. A bit off topic but if Gareth happens to see this then is there any chance ickonic could have an option to pay be on a monthly subscription please?
  17. The winter is inevitable for a spike of illness, we suffer from illnesses when our immune system is weak. Normally we invite the virus into the body, create antibodies and never even know we had it. There’s a fair few factors that will result in many people’s immune systems being weakened more than usual this winter. Firstly there is the ‘flu season’ when we have a lack of sunlight leading to a vitamin D definitely which results in a weakened immune system, that is natural and can be combated with a good diet or supplements. With isolating and social distancing we are not exposing ourselves to bacteria and viruses from other people so our immune system isn’t very active. Think of I think like a muscle, every day you do 100 press ups, your chest muscles are good and strong. If you don’t do any push-ups for 6 months, when you come to do 100 press-ups you’ll be very sore, (symptoms) of the stress to the body that is is now not used to. We also have people living in total fear and stress which directly suppresses the immune system, also wearing masks often, leads to an acidic build up in the body, creating more stress. We also have the rollout of 5G creating an even more toxic environment, which will weaken the immune system. Here’s 5 factors going into this winter that will cause an inevitable spike of illnesses, doesn’t even matter if covid 19 is real or not, a rise in illnesses will happen this winter, what will it get diagnosed as? Covid 19, advancing the agenda
  18. It’s to Greece, I’m tempted to cancel but I don’t want to miss out on the experience
  19. Hi I thought this might be worth having it’s own thread as this will affect a fair few people, I like in the uk and have a holiday booked for October. I booked before the outbreak and I have 2 options really, cancel and lose £100 or see if I can go in October. If the holiday can’t go ahead because of covid then I do get a full refund. I am worried that the holiday will be able to go ahead but there will be some bs contact tracing, vaccine or some other bollocks that I refuse to take part in, meaning I’d lose out on the full cost of the holiday, any suggestions please? I am also looking at leaving the uk permanently at some point, I don’t know if new regulations would affect that, ie you have to have a vaccine to travel
  20. Will it change your mind if you learned it’s something that bill gates funds? The idea is to create blankets in the sky to block out the sun to stop global warming apparently https://prepareforchange.net/2018/12/08/bill-gates-announces-plans-to-use-chemtrails-to-solve-global-warming/
  21. Absolutely relentless today, gotta get that nanotechnology around though
  22. Nice to see the chemtrails are still about
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