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  1. This is what caused the Zika virus outbreak in South America, thanks to bill gates... surprise surprise
  2. Does it do the same for you as well if you search on channels? Used to be top suggested, now completely gone for me, thanks for link
  3. I just wanted to have a quick check of David Ickes channel on bitchute to see if there had been any new videos over the weekend. However the search for David Icke on ‘Channels’ no longer brings up his account. To find it I had to go to find one of his videos on ‘Videos’ and click on his account that way. I thought bitchute was fair?
  4. Only works if Bluetooth is on... another way to blast the body with toxic emf radiation, suppressing the immune system even more
  5. I’m curious what you thought was disinformation? I assume you come from the point of view that aliens are demons? All I know for sure is there’s creatures that feed of negative energy (demons) and creatures with insane technology messing around with us (aliens). Some believe they’re the same, I think it’s 2 different entities personally and the demons are feeding nicely off the aliens as they have totally disconnected from spirituality thanks to their addiction to technology
  6. Did you know that before the lockdown the UK government quietly downgraded the threat level of the virus? Why did the media say nothing, and instead choose to terrify everyone? Why did we go into lockdown, destroying the economy and food supply, denying 2.4 million cancer patients treatment meaning they will likely die soon, many people will die as a result of lockdown, poverty and lack of medical treatment, all because of this virus which the government acknowledged wasn’t a high threat before lockdown, so why did we go into lockdown? What’s the agenda... then kindly explain the agendas are to destroy economy to bring in new cashless currency, microchips, mandatory sterilising vaccines (hcg antigen, which was used in the tetanus vaccines in Kenya by WHO, apparently being put into covid vaccine) https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid the fact it’s on the government website will make this undeniable that something bigger was going on, even to the most asleep
  7. Seeker


    Thanks for this thread Alnitak, i need to prepare for this just in case things do go bad. I’ve watched a couple of Vernons videos recently and his Richie Allan one last night. He’s like a cool wise old man with his presentation that will resonate with many people, deffo be awesome to hear him on London real
  8. Yeah the way I see it, it’s a war on the mind, to stop people having independent thoughts and waking up. Humanity is naturally waking up and they’re doing their best to stop it
  9. It could be for that yes, and simply to monitor us, an example of how nanotechnology emitting frequencies can affect our emotions and state of mind is a study from Jose Delgado when he stopped a raging bull mid charge to instantly calm down based on a microchip emitting certain frequencies, this is more like a neuralink device but surely any device that can emit frequencies can have this affect https://cognitive-liberty.online/jose-delgado-implants-and-electromagnetic-mind-control-stopping-the-furious-bull/
  10. From what I gather the more nanotechnology pulsating frequencies to affect the brain, the more likely it will work, so as many vaccines as possible, and my dad really went to sleep when the outbreak started, after flu vaccine but I don’t know how long after
  11. Yeah I feel like the main goal is getting nanotechnology into people for advancing mind control. I can’t help but think about my dad who was waking up, starting to figure it all out and now he’s fast asleep again. Maybe it’s the media, maybe it was nanotechnology in his flu vaccine, or a combination of a few other things. Nanotechnology has been in vaccines for a few years now and the goal is for everyone to get a high amount of nanotechnology into people via vaccines, only way to do that is with mandatory vaccines. Can’t make flu a mandatory vaccine so have to create something else to scare people into wanting a mandatory vaccine... an interesting article on vaccines research in Italy, it talks about contaminates found in vaccine, one of which was nanotechnology https://www.globalresearch.ca/dirty-vaccines-new-study-reveals-prevalence-of-contaminants/5572881 According to Andre Kaufman this lab was taken over by the police with research lost
  12. Yeah this makes me wonder about something, I imagine the nanotechnology will be able to influence the individual in some sort of mind control. Aren’t these the perfect people the 1% wants mind controlled to impose their agendas?
  13. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/parmyolson/2018/03/08/replika-chatbot-google-machine-learning/amp/ an article on it for a bit more info
  14. I reckon this will be of interest to a few people here. My friend started telling me about this new app where you basically text AI. The more you text it the more it levels up (learns more about you), it also keeps a diary of certain things you say and do (sounds like data mining or some sort). It’s advanced AI from what I gather and my friend has said a few times she wonders if it’s a real person talking back to her it’s that good and human like. This sort of stuff creeps me out to be honest, but it’s a perfect time for the app to be available, during lockdown when people can’t interact with other humans, so create a bond between ai instead
  15. Bill gates funds AstraZeneca and oxford, they’re under his command I imagine and he will earn himself a nice amount of cash from it. I agree 100% that bill gates is just a front man, I’d guess for those in the shadows like Rockefeller’s and Rothschilds
  16. Already loaded up and waiting to get me through my shift haha, I don’t feel like there’s as much hype for this but I’m sure David will be on fire as always ?
  17. @sickofallthebollocks yeah I started the time thread haha, I find praying before I go to sleep keeps things good for me, very bizarre isn’t it! The thought of spiders legs could creep me out more
  18. After listening to music that actives the pineal gland I seemed to open a doorway. I went through a phase of waking up, having visual and acoustic hallucinations (seeing words, pictures or hearing voices/ sounds) and then my body trying to freeze up so I could have an out of body experience. I was never sure so always resisted, some experiences were positive, some were a bit strange and didn’t feel right. So I played it safe and fought the sleep paralysis by moving fingers, hands, then arms etc. I would never wake up paralysed, I’d move and then freeze up, one time I woke up with my hands in my armpits so I couldn’t move my fingers, luckily wiggling my toes got me out of it. As I was never sure if it was positive or negative I played it safe, and then whatever it was gave away it was something a bit demonic. Waking up I saw hundreds of tiny black orbs, and realised I need to snap out of it and fast, wiggling my fingers and hands then to sit up was really hard this time, once I did it some sort of tentacle wrapped around my head pulling me back into paralysis. I had to grab the invisible tentacle with my hands to remove it. Weirdly since then I haven’t had many experiences, maybe the entity knew it couldn’t trick me anymore as it gave away it wasn’t a positive one. A lesson to use protection when meditating or using third eye etc
  19. ive got a thread, as it’s the day I’ll update one that’s been on my mind for a few days
  20. I was thinking of the doctor could smell it then surely the particles have gone into his nose, therefore he now has covid?
  21. Sorry to hear about your situation MKZI, some of these videos from Dr John Bergman might interest you at this time, he talks about natural healing and studies to prove it, the one that comes to my mind is vitamin C https://www.bitchute.com/video/cOAVpu8rvW6Q/
  22. This made me realise that you could make up any long word and claim you can’t wear a mask because you suffer from it. Who would question it, ‘sorry mate I suffer from noncomplianceinitus so I can’t wear a mask’
  23. I’m hearing rumours that Friends could be pulled next, not to do with racism, just because it’s shit
  24. Interesting thread Oz and I look forward to watching the video you posted in. What good practices would you recommend to sharpen mental focus? Prayer, meditation, yoga etc? If so any specific prayer/ meditation?
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