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  1. So one of the symptoms of the ‘new variant’ is fatigue and tiredness. Is this to explain 5G?
  2. Ah yes I forgot about the Khazarian’s and the likes of Sabbatai Zevi who I read the Jews rejected as the next coming. And that began a breakaway following, the Zohar, leading to the Kabbalah, Jacob Frank, Rothschilds, then Illuminati/ freemasonry, infiltration of even Christianity, like the pope for example. Thank you for clearing it up, it’s a very deep and confusing topic, designed that way imo. From stories i hear, there is 100% something positive to this Jesus character. I’ve had people tell me he’s rescued them from tormenting demons, they’ve met him in various states of consciousness. The way some people talk about their experiences, like Tyson Fury, the way he describes his experience has conviction for me personally. One conclusion you may have heard is that Jesus was a Jewish fictional creation to enslave the goyim, or is actually Satan. Channels like Know More News on bitchute and various books conclude this. I don’t know what your counter argument to this is, but I personally have a hard time believing it. 100% the churches at the top are hijacked, especially the Vatican. But when a bunch of devil worshipers like the Rockefeller’s are trying to make society atheist, then that speaks volume to me. Thanks for everything
  3. Just finished this, I had to type at the time so that’s why I struggled to hear some of it. I learned some interesting things. I was going to ask about Altiyan Childs, then he came up. A few questions: What exactly is this religion? You mention the Kabbalah, Zohar, Torah, which is considered Jewish, or sabbatean frankist by some. I have a hard time believing that all Jews are a part of this. So is it a small portion of people who identify as Jewish, but are actually something more satanic? Giving the rest of the Jews a bad name? I know Altiyan Childs’ main message was that Jesus was the answer. I can see hints in the Talmud of a character being ridiculed who could be interpreted as Jesus. I can see the Satanism in the world, which in my mind means there’s an opposite. However as I’ve asked in a new thread, why would a loving god sacrifice his son in a brutal manor? Sacrificing in a bloody way seems satanic to me? I’m not disputing Jesus, just this action seems strange to me. Also with the pyramid symbolism, why do you have a pyramid in your logo? Overall a good watch though, thank you.
  4. I know it’s to cleanse us from our sins. But the idea of sacrificing your son seems almost, satanic? Is there not a nicer way to go about things, seems a bit ruthless to send your son to a bloody end. Just an innocent question as it’s a confusing topic to me.
  5. This definitely ties into this thread. Especially in part 4 where they talk about yoga. Yoga to activate kundalini, chakras and all that. What ever the fk they are doing in that video, is very different to random yoga for strength from YouTube. Ive asked this question on this forum before about if yoga is good or bad. Whenever I’ve done yoga, I find it strengthens the body, does some fitness, and as a result makes me feel good in myself. When I follow a YouTube video, there’s nothing satanic, demonic or Freemasonry about the people practicing it. The appear to be generally good people, wanting to stay fit and positively spiritual people. I wonder if yoga is a powerful tool that can be used for good and bad, depending on the users intent. For example I use it to build some strength in my body, maybe feel relaxed afterwards. There’s nothing evil or new agey about that. However, whatever is going on in that part 4 video, is something I’ve never seen before, and is very different to anything I’d go near, it looks like demon possession. This does also tie into Alister Crowley’s work and thelema, which some members here practice. For example Oz93666 was big on yoga, thelema, Crowley, but he wasn’t evil, and had positive intentions imo. Again this would indicate on the users intentions and if they’ve been led down a deceptive path. Another question relating to the above, if the chakras, kundalini, third eye and all that is satanic, then why would god create it in our bodies? Is it again a powerful tool that can be used for good or bad depending on the persons intentions?
  6. Kind of difficult to make out what he’s saying, but alright so far, only on part 2
  7. Suggested on my YouTube homepage today. Was an interview from May 2020. Either he’s setting himself up for a fall, fakes covid in hospital, promotes jab, or he’s legit. Was interesting to actually listen to him, I get the feeling he sees it. As for photo shoots, he may have been asked to pose like that and he doesn’t know why. Although I don’t know why they do it, maybe he’s controlled, maybe he’s innocent.
  8. Yeah you have a point, all the focus on 5G is gone, even from people like us. Another one today though I’ve heard. Someone I know who was telling me how their cousin took a booster jab, suddenly organs starting failing and died a week later. Obviously not recorded on the yellow card system. But that’s messed up, makes me wonder if some jabs are placebos, some have no side effects at all, some get killed...
  9. I feel some of the jabbed subconsciously know there’s a chance that something is dodgy and very wrong with the jabs, and they want everyone to be in the ship sinking with them, so they don’t feel like the only fool on the ship
  10. From my observations of people I know in 2020: - Virtually no one had covid - Virtually no one was ill - Of the few people who tested positive, said it was very mild. Now fast forward to as of now end of 2021: - A considerable higher number of people testing positive and being very ill (some hospitalised). All but 2 have been jabbed, and are younger people. - In one case I suspect the illness of ‘covid’ was a victim of shedding from the AZ jab, as they mysteriously had a very low platelet count, something associated with the AZ jab. - I know younger people who are very ill after testing positive who have literally not left their home at all the entire time, took every precaution, jab, and somehow ‘caught the virus’, and still can’t figure out that the jab is whats fucked their health. Although their copious alcohol and drug intake doesn’t help their cognitive skills. My conclusion so far is that I am beginning to see the effects of the jabs seriously affecting young people’s health, that is being disgustingly named ‘covid mutated’. Even if it was a virus, taking the jabs and destroying the immune system is what’s knackered them, not catching a virus. I really do fear the worst for the jabbed after the past few days. I’m not sure it’s a huge culling event, the awake ones will be left, how could they control the ones who see through their lies? Big pharma make more money by injecting toxic chemicals into healthy people to give them chronic diseases in years to come. I don’t know what the endgame plan is for the jabbed, but from what I’m seeing, it’s not looking good.
  11. I’m not too sure what to suggest sorry. I know there is truth to some of it, which can be used for good or bad. Other people here can suggest decent material to read or check out. I just follow a basic be kind to people and nature. I created the thread because some of the people promoting certain new age aspects, have dodgy connections which I do not trust. I guess part of the fun in life is figuring out the truth spirituality wise
  12. Considering 10s of thousands have already died from it, realistically the true figure is hundreds of thousands or millions. And on top of that millions of adverse reactions that will significantly shorten life for the jabbed, then I’d say your scenario is very unlikely. A fun day dreaming thought though :)
  13. A little different but English chess GM Nigel Short is in hospital suffering with covid, pneumonia like symptoms, problems with the lung and all that. Looking at his twitter he’s tested positive a couple of times but just minor symptoms I think. Then this time hospitalised and he describes blood draining from his brain, tested positive for covid, he’s in a bad way but recovering thankfully. All this sometime after the AZ jab though Must mean it’s working. Surely hes got to be wondering how hes caught covid so many times in such a short space, and hospitalised if the jabs ‘worked’.
  14. My mistake I must have missed or forgotten that bit, I agree though, overall a very good book and great for new people getting into it all
  15. They’ve been suffering with this for many years. I thought depopulation at first, although so far things haven’t been so bad... so far, it’s not been properly cold yet. Although some athletes have suffered quietly badly, including death. But overall hospitalisations are way down compared to last year. So in theory less sick people. There is a possibility that the jabs cause autoimmune disease and big pharma will hugely profit from that. I still 95% believe that the jabs are there to make us infertile, for various reasons. End goal being transhumanism. Problem: human race can barely procreate - Reaction: OMG we will go extinct - Solution: Transhumanism I also think they might want to turn off the VMAT2 gene in people, but that is only a theory, I can’t overly prove anything with that. I guess time will tell, the vaccine adverse reporting systems can be quite telling, over 1 million adverse reactions reported in the UK, with 1800 deaths, very under reported. Hopefully it doesn’t get much worse for them.
  16. It wouldn’t surprise me, and there’s something dark about her eyes imo. Unless I missed it, the article didn’t say what covid conspiracies she was saying, does anyone know please?
  17. https://www.jw.org/en/library/magazines/watchtower-no2-2021-may-jun/is-this-world-going-to-end/ This is the website they want me to visit visit in the letter. I’m still baffled Christians are eager for a 1 world government, playing right into the globalists hands
  18. So it turns out the people who sent it are about 4 miles away from where I live. Kinda surprised they’ve delivered so many of these letters at such a wide radius, must have cost a fortune at the post office
  19. So most Xmas I get a letter in the post from someone in the area, not that close by really, and it’s about believing in the bible and so on. Fair enough if they want to do that, however this year their letter says that god will end this evil soon with a worldwide government, have they not been paying attention?!! Ill see if I can contact them and get a response, but they clearly are not aware of the NWO. I was very surprised to see bible believers hoping for a one world government
  20. Back to the original post anyway, I remember hearing years ago that the Rockefeller’s were socially engineering us to become atheists, one way through education. I don’t know how true that is, but after researching the elites, and all the symbolism. It was clear to me that they are very religious, and these are the elite people of the world with all the power and money. They wouldn’t be wasting their time doing all these rituals if there was nothing to it. It’s also very clear to me that they worship Satan, the music industry and various logos was what made that so obvious to me. So in my mind, Satan is real, the elites worship him, they wouldn’t waste their time with it if there was nothing to it. So if Satan is real, I’d assume there is an opposite, a powerful loving form of consciousness that is what we call god. I don’t know the ins and outs of it all, but an interesting quote is ‘The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist’. I think this is true, because if people don’t realise the devil is real, then they are much less likely to believe in god. Ive tried some kind of praying, where’s I just say words out loud that I would like to happen for me, some how it actually works most of the time. How it works I don’t know, but it’s beyond a coincidence. Agreed modern day religions have been infiltrated by the cabal. Like the pope and the Vatican for example. Imo bottom line is there is a loving powerful consciousness that can help us if we ask. Just to add too, apparently there is a part of our brain involving the VMAT2 gene, which is far more active in those who are religious or spiritual, and there’s that old CIA talk about them wanting to turn off this VMAT2 gene to make people not a religious fanatic. It is possible with our technology to do that with vaccines. There’s of course the Rudolf Steiner quote about eliminating the soul with medicine... makes you wonder
  21. I’d recommend Dr Judy Woods’ book for 9/11, or some videos on richplanet tv. The trigger is very good, but for some reason David Icke won’t look into Dr Judy Woods’ work, with evidence directed energy weapons brought the buildings down, not thermite. Very interesting.
  22. What’s going to be the new test for passes? Or will the only option to get into venues and travel be jabs?
  23. I get you now, is there a way that we can check before hand?
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