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  1. Thoughts on Reiner fuellmich and his crew?
  2. Just to add with bullion vault, I recently sold some gold at a small profit, and withdrew the money to my bank with no issues at all
  3. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/01/22/depopulation-timebomb-facing-west-explode/ Interesting article from the telegraph, the title and a sneak peak is all we can see, rest is behind a pay wall. But the start is more than enough... deaths to outweigh births by 2025... less fertility and more deaths in other words, I wonder what will cause that...
  4. David Icke nailed it, but it is mostly what all of us here know already
  5. From what I hear his courses are a scam, he’s a total narcissist and very money driven. He’s a very good interviewer and I’ve enjoyed many of his podcasts, but I wouldn’t pay him a penny for anything. His freedom platform was a total scam. I was recently listening to the True Geordie podcast with Dorian Yates. The Dorian Yates London real interview is what made London real, and even though Dorian Yates was a bodybuilder, he was awakened by David Icke and was the one who recommended Icke to Brian Rose. In that recent podcast, Yates says the Rose just scammed people with his freedom platform and as a result he had cut ties with him. Whilst i think Rose is a rat, I am looking forward to this interview later as I haven’t listened to David Icke for a while
  6. I connected a few dots about this, amazing how in 2015 and now when they talk about this deadly pandemic, it’s been called disease X both times... and I wonder if disease X is the jab
  7. Twitter deleted the video, here’s a back up of it https://www.bitchute.com/video/FUU4aBHUNaSr/
  8. Just a random thought about the New Age Deception which is sometimes described as luciferian. It may lead to people believing they are equal or even better than god. A thought lucifer had before being cast out...
  9. Another interesting video with Djokovic, he loves Nikola Tesla and is clearly a spiritual person, as shown in his Wim Hof chat. In this he talks about the Schumann resonance and all that. The only scenario that plays out if he’s controlled opposition is if he pretends to get very ill from covid, then promotes the jab. Although after actually listening to him, he has real passion for the spiritual aspect of humanity, I think he is a good person. With 1 eyed symbolism, we don’t know if he’s asked for photos that way or if the photographers asks him to pose like that. As for wef and unicef charity, someone worth hundreds of millions who maybe isn’t aware of the child trafficking issues, is going to go to the biggest charities in the world, as they will believe that will help people the most. It’s worth listening to him for a few minutes, so you can make up your own mind on his motives. For now I believe he is a good person. He could have forged a fake jab passport, but he was willing to sacrifice his title and perhaps legacy, just to show the tyranny unfolding.
  10. The number is legit, I’d be amazed if they actually stopped the jabs as so many agendas ride on it. Also I dont know where this data has come from the doctor has received, as the mhra refuses to investigate adverse reactions from the jabs. Imo it’s likely the doctor on the phone has gone a bit rogue. Be interesting to see if it plays out in a few weeks or not, it certainly could explain the distraction in the media with parties Boris was at
  11. It sure is a messed up world, dr mike yeadon recently talked about data showing that certain batches of jabs are far deadlier than others. So it appears some have no issues at all, probably placebos, then some are deadly, as we have observed. Keep up Russian roulette with the boosters and eventually they’ll get a Satan juice one. Only thing is that in this scenario, only the awake are left. Imo they’ll want slaves/ sheep to always outnumber us. Unless for some new age deception agenda, they only want the awake left...
  12. They could sell it by the media reporting on a hurricane that always happens, and saying that bad hurricane only came about cuz of humans/ co2. Or even weather manipulation tech if need be. Project veritas filmed someone high up in cnn saying after scaring people about covid, they’ll scare people about climate change. It’s similar to flu, the media never reports how bad flu is, but suddenly focuses on covid to scare people. All they have to do is suddenly focus on natural weather events and the sheep will follow whatever they claim about it. As for depopulation, most have taken the shot, some I think are safe and placebos, some are evidently deadly. We have 5G, GMO’s, more fluoride, chemtrails etc to keep the slow kill going
  13. I wonder if they know they have pushed the limits. So will pull back and focus on the next scam, climate change
  14. I’ve observed a similar thing with a mate of mine. Was very against the jabs, complaining to me about how it was causing heart attacks in football. His wife bullied him into taking the jab, had an adverse reaction, had a very bad case of ‘covid’ not long after as well. Now he’s like, maybe it’s all a coincidence... doesn’t wanna admit he’s been duked
  15. https://mobile.twitter.com/theysayitsrare/status/1483017272058863617 What do we make of this? It would explain the media distraction of Boris and his booze party. But I don’t know where the data is coming from for the doctor, the mhra seem very reluctant to investigate anything negative about the jabs. The phone number checks out for the hospital though.
  16. I didn’t even know there’s was a 4th and 5th one. From what I gather Rose was happy to take the shot, not sure if he has or not. Icke must know Rose’s freedom platform is nowhere to be seen, and that he received all that money. I was recently listening to Dorian Yates on the true Geordie podcast, who was London reals most popular guest and was the one who recommended David Icke to Brian Rose. However, even Dorian Yates has said he has cut ties with Rose because he scammed people with his freedom platform shit. I don’t know if anyone even listens to London real anymore. Perhaps Icke just wants to get his message out to whoever he can. The thing is is that David Icke if far bigger than London real, and is a bit strange he still wants to deal with Brian Rose after all his antics.
  17. Can I ask, how do we know this child trafficking thing got shut down with arrests? Where did this idea of blue avians come from? If those behind The genocide have been arrested, then why is bill gates, Fauci, tedros, Drosten, Pfizer ceo etc, all currently walking free? And how does he know the energy weapons have been taken down? Dr Andreas Noakes’ recent death appears to have been from a DEW (directed energy weapon)
  18. Just thinking, if the nhs sacks 100k plus people for being unjabbed. It’s already under staffed, so come next winter, where there could potentially be a bigger effect from vaccine damage and 5G. This is a recipe for disaster and total chaos. Which means more deaths they can label ‘covid mutated’, as the government get away with their depopulation plans... order out of chaos
  19. Yep he’s still a tit. I look at the comments, it’s always the same ‘thank you so much’. I wonder if it’s bots or 77 Dr John Bergman on the other hand is a legend, shame loads of his childhood vaccine videos got censored, still one or two floating around on bitchute
  20. https://www.richplanet.net/richp_guest.php?ref=248&part=1&person=2 An interesting interview with Neil Sanders on the Manson case. Neil has previously done lots of research on mind control, CIA, secret societies, etc. But he concludes that Manson was unlikely a victim of mk ultra, something he would have assumed given what he has researched in the past. An interesting perspective!
  21. https://www.modernghana.com/news/1131209/where-is-the-end-point-if-vaccines-dont-stop-infe.html Only thing I could find
  22. An attempt at common law, Dave Murphy has tried it before with his car (and sadly failed in court). I don’t know if this sort of thing makes any difference, respect to him for making an effort to do something though.
  23. It is nice to see, but I don’t know if anything will change from it. Am more curious about Austria as they had until feb to get it isn’t it? Then jail or a fine they threatened. Will see if it happens
  24. https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/mobile/quebec-to-impose-significant-financial-penalty-against-people-who-refuse-to-get-vaccinated-1.5735536 Wanting to bring in significant fines for unvaccinated in Quebec, 3600 euro fines in Austria. Be some interesting court cases
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