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  1. There’s a handful of people know who have had the jab, become ill with ‘covid’ like symptoms, and tested positive for it. All jabbed except for one, who was around someone who later tested positive, and the unjabbed had the symptoms too. What would appear to be transmission, but we know the tests and virus are bs. I wondered, if the spike protein the jabbed are producing are more likely to generate a positive pcr test, meaning more lockdowns, more ‘variants’ leading to more booster shots, leading to more illness labelled a covid variant, and the cycle repeats forever until they’re all dead. If this is the case, then a huge amount of money will be made here. And it keeps up with other agendas like locking down etc as for my 1 unjabbed friend who appeared to catch it from a work colleague. I am curious what caused it, I don’t believe there’s a virus, and the tests certainly don’t prove he had it. But there’s no denying the illness, flu like symptoms he suffered, after being around someone who tested positive. So I conclude it’s either flu (rare in summer), poor lifestyle leading to a much needed detox (drinking more than usual, put weight on), or possible shedding from the jabbed colleague. I’d guess it’s the extra drinking that’s probably done it, coincidently testing positive. We have to remember that colds and flus (detoxes) still exist, we know it’s not covid, and I don’t want to quickly conclude shedding. Sorry for the long post as usual, I thought it was worth highlighting that almost all those I know who are ‘testing positive’ and being sick, are jabbed.
  2. Can’t say I’d be glad to be born in any era if I’m honest. Zombie is an accurate description of these people though, and they aren’t ever waking up, even if they had a soul, they’d never want to admit they got tricked into the depopulation jab. Frightening as you say and I don’t overly see a way out. Never know I guess
  3. Piers Corbyn controlled opposition?
  4. I heard someone earlier I know saying they will continue to wear a mask so they don’t accidentally kill someone. It’s sad that these people have been brainwashed so hard into this kind of thinking. And they’ll be the ones begging for the NWO to ‘keep them safe’
  5. I never wore a mask wherever I went anyway, if asked I politely said I was exempt, no problems at all the entire time for me, maybe I was lucky. Will be nice to see people’s faces for a change
  6. I came across this freedom of information request recently, confirming exactly what you say. I might do one of my own with more pressing questions.
  7. I agree, taking good action like getting out the city, growing food, building communities, not complying smartly etc. Ultimately though, at any they can ban us growing food or living rurally, manipulate the weather against us, have us only in the smart cities etc, which is the plan on agenda 21, the sheep, if not dead will applaud it. I sure do hope we do get a positive ending to all of this. Maybe just a bad couple of days of observing the sheep, which might be why I’m not very optimistic. That’s why I think the last resort is praying, along with taking action as you said. We have a gift of knowledge, and can’t sit around wasting it by sitting doing nothing.
  8. Imo best thing we can do isn’t form communities or find a way of communicating together, like on forums. Other things like grow food, filter water, legal action etc. In reality though, I think we’re fucked, only thing left is to pray to god. I work in a job where I communicate with a large number of people every day, in my experience, at least 95% have bought the covid lie, and even now, are falling deeper into the coma, no hope of return. We really are a minority. It baffles me every day the things I see and hear people say. For example, someone I work with asked if I was having the jab. I explain there is no virus, if there was then the tests don’t test for it, the numbers are crazy low and are not a pandemic, show how many deaths the jab has already caused, the fact we don’t know long term effects, and that it’s the biggest medical fraud ever with this pcr test. Their response: well I don’t care what the long term effects are... there’s no hope for these people. They’re in a trance, going deeper, impossible to wake up. Let’s face it, how many of those in the trance will want to accept they’ve been tricked, tricked into believing the extreme lies and taking the depopulation jab... barely any, they will continue to defend the lie so they don’t face the fact they’ve been fooled. They’ll support a North Korea like regime, ‘to protect the nhs’, and happily allow the persecution and extermination of us who are awake, because ‘we are a danger to the nhs’. Imo, our last resort is some sort of god to listen to our prayers and help us. We know the elite worship the devil, if the devil is real, then there must be an opposite...
  9. What religion does he follow? I’ve heard him mention paganism before, things like alchemy and great knowledge we used to have
  10. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/qPYBk4x8LaDs/ A very interesting channel exposing the zionist agendas, examining what things like the Kabbalah or rabbis say. They are very well read, take part and host interesting debates.
  11. I’m in the midlands, in England, but am open to north or west wales, snowdowia area. Let me know if anyone’s in this area too :)
  12. This is new to me, where’s this and what exactly is the situation
  13. Not that I’m aware of, just keeps making more videos. I heard 9th November as a date for first hearing I think, was a while back he said it. Which in English dates is 9/11... maybe I’m looking too deeply at it Another thing to consider too, is that we see no sign of politicians being worried about him. They are rolling out, full steam ahead, tip toeing towards mandatory jabs. If they thought there was a chance of Nuremberg trials, they’d have taken steps back, but nope, full steam ahead... this could be a very cruel psyop, and if it is, I wonder how many of the guests are aware. On a potential positive, he is working with Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, who if I remember correctly, helped stop the rollout of the swine flu vaccines. As we keep saying, only time will tell, and the elite can throw the kitchen sink at him to stop it going to court. Power outages, alien invasion etc
  14. Do we know what his situation was with Deutsche Bank? Ive watched quite a few of Reiner Fuellmich’s videos, because a lot of really good info comes out from them, which can help wake people up, if it’s not already too late... im on the fence with him, I guess he is recording the videos, so we can spread the info easily. Or he’s got us eating popcorn. Only time will tell, I think our only way out of this is revolt. None of this ‘opening the heart’ bollocks, because that doesn’t wash with this tyranny incoming. This is war, and it’s time we did something about it.
  15. It violates all ten parts of it
  16. Make it what you will, this looked super fake to me. I’m not a flat earther, but it sure looked flat. not only that, the airplanes in America seemed to have a day off in this video, as none appeared in the video. And once getting near space, they’re inexplicably back down to the ground in just 5 mins. Yet when I look on the flight radar website at the time he’s up in the sky, there’s shit loads of planes about. Yet no concern about not colliding with them on his way down. I don’t know what the point of faking this trip into space was, I’m sure Branson has better things to do with his time. But it reminds me of the highest free fall ever, where all of a sudden, New Mexico takes up 1/4 of the entire planet, again, with no planes, chemtrails, contrails or clouds about, deffo isn’t our planet they’re on...
  17. https://www.bitchute.com/video/GmcSTZv5FuPM/ interesting interview, going in depth into patents surrounding the coronavirus, and who owns them
  18. I don’t know what everyone’s experiences were today. But the servers at work were glitching and cutting out all day long, even into the late evening. Hoping it’s just a coincidence.
  19. It really does make me wonder if the jabs are as dangerous as some people say, ie, the jabbed won’t be around in 5-10 years. Even 2 years or this winter
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