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  1. Just a bit of speculation, but I think there’s something to this. The average age of a human in our time is maybe late 70s, early 80s, depending on where we live/ lifestyle. However, I’m starting to this that we are designed to live much older, and not in a decrepit state. For example, some people who live over 100 years, begin developing a new set of teeth... the body wouldn’t develop a brand new set of teeth, if it thought it was going to die soon. There are stories, some appear true, some unconfirmed of people living over 200 and 300 years old, mostly India/ China. If you believe the Old Testament, Adam and Noah lived to be over 900 years old, and each character begins not living for quite as long as the story goes on. So what causes us to age? One idea is that eating/ calories is what ages us, and Adam/ eve ‘eating’ the apple, causes the downfall of humanity, especially as they begin to eat more things (if that’s how you interpret it). With the natural state being a breatharian. The idea of being a breatharian is purely speculation for me, and even after a life time of eating, I don’t 100% rule it out as being impossible. I guess it would depend on our mind set, remember the body is made up of atoms and is just empty space! Now getting to things a bit more plausible. I believe we are having our lifespans deliberately shortened, and greatly. The various poisons in the water, food, chemtrails, vaccines, and a silent huge one, emf radiation. Along with other psychological factors like stress (especially in the rat race), is poisoning us, killing us, and what rapidly ages us in such a decrepit way. There are people about who have spent most of their adult lives eating a raw vegan diet, usually with intermittent fasting, and even though they are in their 50s, they still look like they are all mid 20s. For me, this is a great example proving that we are not supposed to age so fast. I don’t know what the perfect diet is, but it certainly works for these people. We are in a time where these toxicities are hugely increasing, naturally shorter lifespans will follow. Maybe the elite don’t want us reaching our full human potential. A good question would be, if this is true, and we aren’t supposed to age so fast, why do the elite still age at a relatively fast rate, albeit not as fast and live longer, but they aren’t reaching 300 years old any time soon.
  2. After watching the latest fall of the cabal, it is important to remember the emf radiation issue, and how it will dramatically increase with 5G. I have noticed more of these towers going up in random places, and that would explain this sudden decline in my fitness. 1 is even less melatonin produced at night, hindering exercise performance, but also if 5G is at 60ghz affecting oxygen rotation and absorption to red blood cells, then we know what this next wave of ‘covid’ could be. Oddly as I sit here typing this, I have some random tinnitus sound in my ears
  3. Maybe a bit of both some interesting stories out there from people who claim to have had consultations with him. He claims to be good at getting rid of demons, I wouldn’t be surprised if he knows some dark stuff. Either way, based on the utter shite he talks, I’d never trust him.
  4. Don’t forget, even though he says he has alien parents, he also claims to be Jewish, very interesting... The guys got everything wrong he’s ever said, especially about Q and trump, he even claimed to have communicated with Q. I think he’s actually sinister, trying to trap people into new age tricks. And don’t forget his 5G usb sticks he was selling for hundreds as a method of protection from 5G, that apparently was just a normal usb stick
  5. My thoughts too, although it has already killed an alarming number of people compared to previous vaccines. Next step is ID2020 etc
  6. Not that I know of, I don’t know if some sort of detox would help
  7. We know it’s not about health. Is it to make more people sick, to profit off their illness, make kids infertile, depopulation etc? I don’t think it’s solely depopulation because they clearly want control of people, there needs to be people to control. Also if they wanted us all dead, they easily could without jabs and propaganda
  8. About 90% if people are, or just clueless as they only watch MSM. This is why I’m pessimistic
  9. I don’t know about anyone else, but my fitness just seems to be getting worse by the day, and I have no idea why. I eat healthy, exercise every day, but for weeks now, my cardio is declining, I’ve tried a higher carb diet for more energy, but not made much difference. Is something similar happening to other people, or is it just me, about 6 months ago, I was easily doing 2 hour bike rides with some intensity, then for past couple of months, it’s suddenly started declining, to the point where I’m now struggling to do 20-30 min casual bike ride with 0 intensity. It doesn’t make sense, nothings changed in my diet or exercise, only thing I can think of is if my environmental has changed, chemtrails, 5G etc
  10. Yeah I get this, but we are the only European country who is test crazy! Maybe the UK has just more sheep
  11. Does anyone know why the UK is doing so much testing? We are doing more testing than the whole of Europe combined!
  12. Another interesting idea I heard recently was that it is eating & calories that ages us, so that first apple was the beginning of our downfall, beginning of our eating. As each character in the bible lives a shorter life over time. Not saying it’s what I believe, just an interesting idea.
  13. I was curious to hear people’s thoughts on if they believe in God or not. If God is listening to our prayers, or if it is simply a reference to the idea of a one consciousness, the highest form of loving consciousness, etc On this forum, we have a cool variety of people with different brilliant knowledge, meaning we will all have different conclusions, I’d like to hear your conclusion on this. My thinking was that the people who rule the world, worship the devil, or some sort of evil god. Now in my mind, if the devil is real, there is an opposite, perhaps we are tricked into worshiping the wrong god, I’ve no idea. As they say, the greatest trick the devil performed was convincing the world he wasn’t real... I interpret that as his greatest trick because if people don’t think the devil is real, then they are less likely to believe in God. Perhaps for me theres an an element of hopium, hoping that something great is on our side, especially during these dark times. What are people’s thoughts, I’d be curious to hear.
  14. One interesting thing I read about the green covid passport using QR codes was: a section talking about how not to discriminate against the vaccinated. Something along the lines of ‘unvaccinated who test negative can travel the same as someone vaccinated’. Nice to see, but we know the end game. One exception I saw when glancing over, was Bulgaria who have put on the red list, say you can only travel, if a resident/ long term citizen, and must be vaccinated and also produce a negative test. I think this is an exception if the discrimination against unvaccinated because of it being people from a red list country. Will be interesting to see how this evolves
  15. Which resets and suggestions for this with spreading kids over the world? I’ve heard of the Tartaria idea, not sure what to make of it, and I guess the flood, any others I’ve not heard before?
  16. Stop giving them ideas please. Although I feel like they will want most kids to survive at least, for transhumanism purposes. At this moment, all bets are off the table, anything is possible
  17. I’m just trying to get more info as I’ll be attempting to leave the UK in the coming weeks. Some countries have blocked the UK flying to them, and require proof of vaccination as well as negative test, only while we are on the red list. Do you reckon it is possible to fly to a country that is considered green by the final destination country, and fly from there? Or would we still be embargoed with us coming from the UK?
  18. Yeah I’ve seen it, also interesting videos from Know More News talking about how the cult created Christianity to conquer the gentile. At this point, what regular person like me and you really knows. In your opinion, how does this end?
  19. I’ve read similar things about his tweets. I’m not saying I agree or disagree. It does make me wonder though, if people like him are controlled, then are all of the other big names controlled too, and if they are, then it’s not great for us at all.
  20. Was talking to someone who works in travel earlier. It doesn’t seem to be long until they’re mandatory for some countries, maybe all when ‘trials’ are done in 2023. The guy asked me if I had been jabbed, I said no because of all the issues and deaths reported on yellow card system, his response, ‘I had both of mine, to be honest I’m not bothered what they inject me with’.... I can’t see us winning this if people are thinking like that. I got a mate who wants to go back to watching his local football team. He knows the jabs are a death trap, and that he will need boosters after first 2, but he wants to watch his local team, even though he knows another lockdown is coming, his jabbed mates getting ‘covid’ and ill after being jabbed. This is why I’m pessimistic, a combination of stupidity and weak minded people in society.
  21. There’s that number again for probably over the 1000th time during the past 18 months... 33
  22. Go on bitchute and type in Reiner Fuellmich, then go show newest videos. If it’s not there then try brandnewtube
  23. Floods in London too after an estimated 3 months worth of rain in a few hours. I’m sure I recently heard that solar minimums bring floods. So this could be natural, however, we are all aware that weather manipulation technology is child’s play for the elite and bill gates. Natural or Gates made, the media will blame climate change, leading to climate lockdowns.
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