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  1. Sounds similar to my mate, he won’t go near the jabs, but his gf who he lives with has had both. I don’t think any problems after the first, but after the second, she was wrecked, still is a week later, to the point of having to phone in sick to work that’s a work from home job. My mate got the pretty much the exact same illness 2 days later, and he was suspicious that the jab had somehow infected him. He had never heard of shedding until I told him after about it. I don’t know what brand... it is a bit suspect. In my own experience, I’ve had no obvious side effects, although my cardio fitness has gone from good to near zero if it’s connected
  2. I’ve heard this is the case in a couple of Eastern European countries. What do we reckon the situation is and how will the elite react, or will they just not care as they are declining populations anyway, instead focusing on the main countries?
  3. Whose gonna do these trials? They’re untouchable, can bribe, blackmail and kill anyone who stands in their way. Only solution I see is if enough people get their pitchforks out, but it will never happen. Too many brainwashed folks about, the protests are peaceful, and if they weren’t then we would be under a police state even faster than planned... only solution I see for us is to find an island somewhere and somehow survive
  4. This might have been covered already, but when they say an increasing number of younger people are getting ill with covid, from the people I know who are unvaccinated and getting the symptoms, sometimes with a positive test. I believe the increase in respiratory illness amongst younger people is because of the relentless mask wearing. An unholy amount of mold has been going into their lungs over a year, there’s only so much they can take. 90% of those testing positive with the symptoms are jabbed, and are confused, if only they listened to me...
  5. Does anyone know if graphene oxide affects platelets in the blood? I know someone, around 30 years old, who got the covid symptoms, tested positive, and developed a strange aggressive bruise on his leg. In the end the doctor sent him to hospital about it and it turned out his platelets count was extremely low. Everything is ok now, but I’m wondering what has caused this, he is not jabbed, although has had tests, meaning could have been exposed to lithium and ethylene oxide. Any ideas from anyone?
  6. One question I have, at some point the governments will want the covid jab mandatory, to enter shops, restaurants etc. If we move to another country, then we will need a visa, that will need updating either every year, or after 5 years. Is it possible that a visa or permanent residency can be rejected based on not being vaccinated? If so then escaping the UK will have been 1 step forward, 10 steps back
  7. I recently came across Richard Hall’s website thanks to a member on here suggesting one of his videos. I heard years ago about this guy being good. I saw he had a 3 part video on his opinions on David Icke. They are very interesting, overall he is a fan of David Icke, however he believes he has likely been set up with the idea of shapeshifting reptilians by the CIA, and also disagrees with Icke on 9/11. The first part begins at 18:30 - https://www.richplanet.net/richp_search.php?ref=231&part=1&search=David Icke
  8. I don’t mind slugs if I see one, not exactly what I’d want in the house though. Like Truthspoon said, I try to think of a legit reason how they got in, but sometimes I wonder if there’s harry Potter black magic shit going on. As crazy as it sounds, I had a wasp that I couldn’t kill, kept crushing it against the window with a shoe, tried another shoe and finally killed it, as I go to get a tissue to pick it up, it starts flying up the window again... in the event that something weird is going on as you suggest, what’s a good way to keep repel thing, plants, sage etc?
  9. Has anyone ever had this? A fly come through a closed window? My mate sometimes has slugs that randomly appear in his house, no trail of where it’s come from, doors closed and everything. Ive just been lying in bed for 45 mins trying to sleep, windows closed, and all of a sudden I hear a buzz, a wasp is somehow in my window, wtf. There’s no way in for it, so I’m sat in my other room thinking wtf, and I hear a buzz in that window and guess what, another wasp making it’s way through a window that’s been closed all day! I have a phobia of wasps too, how the fuck are they spawning in my windows! It’s not the first time a fly or something has magically come through a closed window, there’s no other way in for them
  10. I made a thread about this a while ago. Imo they never will wake up, most are all in on the covid hoax after taking the jabs. Not many of them would want to admit to themselves that they got tricked on such a huge scale.
  11. I’d still contest that those who have jabbed the sheep are criminally liable as they did not inform them enough to get informed consent. Im thinking for example your job or going into a shop requires you to have the covid jabs. I heard it was best to get sacked instead of voluntarily quitting. At this stage, there must be legal grounds to sue based on what you’ve posted above, I don’t know what sort sort of punishment or how much compensation the company would incur. This may buy us some time, to 2023, when the ‘trials’ end, we all know they will make it mandatory, and at this point can claim it’s no longer an experiment, I don’t know how to wriggle our way out it being shunned from society at that point.
  12. Juat reading about the Nuremberg code, the ‘fact checkers’, say the jabs are not a violation because the code doesn’t apply to vaccines, and even claim that these covid vaccines are not experimental, as they have gone through clinical trials. Plus it isn’t enforceable they say, can’t see this as my defence in future.
  13. Can these shops be sued by anyone unjabbed, with it being coercion into taking part in an experiment?
  14. What do you reckon the purpose is to promote dmt/ ayahuasca and what truly happens when people take it?
  15. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/worldsoccertalk.com/2021/08/15/after-eriksen-it-gave-us-chills-bordeauxs-kalu-collapses-in-match/amp/ Another player briefly collapsed in the french league. Don’t seem to know why he collapsed, but he seemed alright quickly
  16. What do you see happening with crypto during this time?
  17. I would try legal action if it happens, if you do, might be worth making a thread on it, I’d be interested on your updates. Good luck with it all
  18. What were your symptoms? I’ve been scratching my head over the past month wondering why my cardio fitness has rapidly declined.
  19. When you say a crash, how big of a % decrease? I’m only a few weeks from completed sale of my place luckily. Also what’s gonna cause the crash, we assume lockdown will happen again, and I’m sure stamp duty is back in September
  20. Ah yes the IPCC, who in the past have manipulated and falsified data. The same IPCC from theeee United Nations, who came up with agenda 21, 2030 and 2050. Using the climate as an excuse to make changes in society. (Putting us into a 1984 society with little to no freedoms). I did notice how we had until 2030 to change things, same date as agenda 2030 coincidently. Weather manipulation is child’s play for the elite, they can create floods, droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes etc, whenever they like. All they have to do is show a random tornado that is perfectly normal, show it on bbc news and the sheep will believe there’s a climate emergency, because how else would they know better, when the bbc is their only source of information. The weather manipulation technology isn’t even needed, although it is a tool if need be. Similar with the forest fires in Australia last year. Lots of strange happenings if I remember correctly, and just by coincidence, the fire set a path exactly where they wanted to build a new train line. Lucky that ey.
  21. Have you not gone skinny with poor fitness as a result of this? Or stayed a healthy weight?
  22. I play on chess.com often if anyone ever fancied a game or two @ink @webtrekker @Anti Facts Sir Or anyone else :)
  23. I do agree with quite a lot you’re saying, most of us who have been ‘conspiracy theorists’ for long enough, know Alex Jones is great for certain information, but he won’t touch Israel, or anything similar. Either blackmailed or controlled. I said something similar in the megathread about how he says covid is 100% real, but then says it’s fake when DI is on. Always known people like Greer has always talked pure shite. Just out of interest, is there a form of meditation that you like? And what are you doing to prepare an off grid lifestyle?
  24. I’ll make sure I watch this, from the ‘stories’ about the people who lived to 300 years, they barely ate. I do think good research and preparation before trying crazy diets and fasts are important, otherwise could be detrimental to health
  25. The thing with Alex Jones is that he says covid is 100% real, lab made, but also says it’s not as bad as cnn makes out. Then when DI is on his show, he says the whole things a hoax and the virus isn’t real. I like Alex Jones for the memes and rants, but it’s strange how he can’t stay consistent on this topic of a virus, and don’t even get us started on how he covers for Israel. I do wonder if he’s blackmailed or controlled these days.
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