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  1. TrUsT tHe PlAn for me, as long as they are giving out these covid jabs, it’s clear what sort of people are running the show... clearly not the ‘white hats’ or ‘good guys’
  2. I think they’ll always need enough sheep to outnumber the awake. Killing off elderly is one agenda, as they know climate change via co2 is a hoax, and that can rub off on grandchildren, pensions etc. Another agenda imo is sterilisation if children, so the only way to keep the human race going is transhumanism. Another agenda of the jabs imo is to disconnect people spiritually. One scenario is that they want the awake to survive, to then trick into a lucifarian new age trap... that ones a bit out there... The financial system is a clear agenda they have in this scamdemic, new controlled universal credit system... I guess property with no mortgage is number one investment, along with maybe previous metals and crypto’s... only concerning thing is that George Soros is one of the biggest BTC holders, can manipulate that currency easily like he has done with currencies before, and he’s currently fking with China’s economy. Bottom line about the jab imo is sterilisation of kids, killing elderly, reducing our life span, make us sick for big pharma, and a bit out there, but disconnection of some sort of spirituality
  3. https://www.bitchute.com/video/gVKJAVwqsSYk/ To summarise, DI looks into people who were very against the jabs, got a random thought telling them to get the jab, they actually went and got one, and don’t know why they did after they got it. This sounds like mind control, Barrie Trower has talked about similar technology, hearing words or thoughts while at the same time targeting the brain to release the right hormones to make the target feel happy or trusting. I have had these random thoughts every now and then, but I’d never take it, it’s only brief, then I think, what am I thinking about. I was talking to a friend earlier, we both said how recently we have felt relaxed about the situation, concluding it’s calm before the storm... very interesting. Has anyone else had this? I don’t watch tv so not subject to that form of strong mind control
  4. 3 other countries have adopted bitcoin too, Ukraine, Uruguay and a country to the right of El Salvidor, I can’t remember off the top of my head, maybe Venezuela. A fair few in the crypto world see this as a domino effect. Maybe in 10 years time, it will be more stable and not so volatile. One thing that is interesting, is that George Soros is one of the biggest holders, and we know he loves to manipulate currencies for either his favour, or to fk everyone below him
  5. You’re right in what you’re saying, only problem is, who would decide what the new system would be like? The cabal...
  6. I can kinda see him getting it, he’s still a perfect asset for Israel, especially if there’s any end time prophecies for them
  7. Interesting story Zark, what do you say is important for good gut health too?
  8. Whilst I’ve always thought it is about depopulation, at the moment they need a large number of sheep who outnumber the awake imo. So maybe some placebos, or some not as bad as others. However maybe once total control is set up, maybe a booster jab can do the rest
  9. Apparently charcoal is a good substitute for toothpaste too
  10. I assume certain vitamins and minerals will be beneficial for teeth and gum health. Also with food debris left on a tooth is what causes decay, then maybe flossing after each time we eat, or the water thing that sprays water in our mouth. I thought it was worth making this thread in case we cant go to a dentist unless we’ve taken the depopulation jab
  11. Which religions? Asking for a friend... also I read a court case where veganism was a good enough ‘religion’/ reason for an employee not to be able to force a flu vaccine on them. But these ones are different I guess
  12. I heard something about how in some places they aren’t testing those who have been jabbed, so that’s why the stats are like that
  13. Besides regulating hormones like melatonin, what’s its more spiritual purpose. It’s in our bodies, there must be a reason for it being there, hinting that it’s supposed to be used. Unless it’s just for that final dmt rush as we die. One obvious thing is that there is an attack on the pineal gland, fluoride, gmos, chemtrails, vaccines, emf etc all hinder its use. So the elite want it suppressed in the average person. Maybe to impair their intuition, making them susceptible to mind control and the inability of a questioning independent thought. Or maybe the pineal gland can be used for greater things than just intuition. On the other hand, there appears to be some sort of new age spiritual trap. Perhaps as we are not educated on the pineal gland and spirituality, us amateurs could be prone to mistakes when trying to use it, resulting in negative experiences. Theres no doubt the human brain is absolutely incredible, with most of it in the subconscious and not used at it’s full potential. I’ve seen people say the third eye is Satan’s eye or something similar, as you’ll see demons with it. That may be the case, if doing things wrongly. I don’t believe we would have this in our human bodies if it was such a negative thing. I think it’s a very powerful tool we have, that can be used for very good and very dark things. We have good intentions, but with deliberate lack of education and disinformation, some of us end up opening ourselves to something negative rather than something positive. What do you all think on here? I enjoy reading about it, but can’t say I’d want to experiment with it again.
  14. I don’t know how true this is, whilst I have read stories of people going to SP for spiritual help and having a dark experience, this one is kinda on the bizarre extreme side. This YouTube channel makes videos exposing the usual tits like Charlie ward and Simon Parkes, maybe they have an agenda, I can’t say for certain if any of this is true or not. Sounds messed up
  15. Interesting that DI has done a video on him https://www.bitchute.com/video/XX8lddzjCx9Q/
  16. Interesting read, how true is this and if it’s true, then when’s justice coming? We’ve been waiting a good while for Reiner Fuellmich, I think he said first hearing was on 9th November. It just all feels too good to be true at this point, as I’m sure you can understand
  17. We had the deagal population forecast for 2025, but removed from the website now.
  18. The way he laughs when saying ‘there’s every reason to get the vaccine’ these people are murdering us, and the masses have no idea and never will
  19. Wow only just seen this, obviously he didn’t die of covid... what do we reckon the story is here? It’s one the media will love ‘covid denier dies of covid’. I didn’t watch much of him cuz it was just qanon, or stuff that was never going to happen, so don’t know much about his situation.
  20. World bank expecting covid to end in March 2025, is imagine the next hoax to come in will be the climate change hoax
  21. A fantastic set of links, one question I have... with all these industries predicted to reach high amounts of value, would this indicate the great reset would be some time after 2025?
  22. I thought I saw someone say this about DI. I’ve never heard of this sandy person, or why DI trusts her channeling so much... This would set things up nicely for a new age trap in 2025. Another thing I have noticed with some new agers, is that they don’t realise how damaging some technology is to their health, or the transhuman agendas. A classic example is how they wear these AirPod wireless headphones, which blast an unholy amount of emf radiation into their brains, probably damaging their precious pineal gland. This ties into some of these technological/ transhuman predictions posted above
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