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  1. Keeping this fresh, what’s the latest excuse/ story from Reiner? Was his roll just to do interviews to keep those awake entertained and full of hopium? Similar to Q-anon... sit back don’t worry someone else is sorting it with magical arrests, ultimately do nothing. We have to question the integrity of reiners guests too

  2. On 6/21/2022 at 8:22 AM, Storm in the garden said:

    I'm becoming more and more convinced that virtually nobody in the entertainment industry have arrived at their high profile position without agreeing to conform to the agenda at some point in their careers. It is also becoming more difficult to separate the person from the actor and enjoy or appreciate their "entertainment" while knowing full well that they are essentially 'bought and owned' by the establishment. 

    I have been wondering the same about Arnold Schwarzenegger, tempted to create a separate thread. Why he met with Jacob Rothschild all those years ago baffles me, how it came about, since then he’s become a woke politician. 


    He talks about how hard it was to get into movies... maybe he struck a deal somewhere, he knew how to get where he wanted. 


    I dont know his family history, other than some relation to Nazi soldiers, but wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a distant relative of the elite. The thing is he made his name in bodybuilding, which only a tiny % of people can ever do because freak genetics are needed, 99% of men don’t have these genetics, but Arnold did, money can’t buy god tier genetics like that, unless he was somehow engineered.


    Either way, he moved to America to pursue a bodybuilding career, how he funded it I’m not sure, he got a sponsorship at some point though, funding prior to that could be difficult. It is a sad one as he’s a hero for many people who are starting to see his other side 

  3. 9 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    You know who I'd choose. It's so obvious that I didn't think of it.




    (Yes, seriously).


    Why fuck around with this "homegrown" nonsense when we have the players at the mo who play for the big CL clubs and know how to win. Just put Jose in charge, even if only short-term. He'll know what to do straight away, no learning the ropes and getting used to the job. Imagine England going to Qatar with the players we have, and Mourinho in charge. 


    Strange, I was thinking I’d 100% give Mourinho a chance and sack off Southgate now. He’s had easy runs in tourneys to progress far. Teams wank overall and he’s obsessed with Mount whose absolute shite for England. I refuse to watch them now until one of them goes. Both to blame for loss of euros imo

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  4. Relentless chemtrails in the midlands as usual. I notice it’s usually where the sun is. Which is the genius idea bill gates had of blocking out the sun (to stop global warming he says).... 


    I sat and observed a few planes, normal contrails (condensation) until they go close to where the sun is, then all of a sudden, the trails go from thin and disappearing to thick & spreading like a blanket. 


    Likewise some planes spray the thick blanket, and as soon as out of where the sun is, normal trails that quickly disappear, while the thick ones begin to blanket out the sun. 


    It cant be more obvious after sitting and watching this for an hour. Some planes don’t even show up on the flight tracker 24 website whatever it’s called, meaning it’s military. 


    No wonder May, yet again which is supposed to be summer was a cold month, they’re blocking out the sun, which keeps us low in vit D3, more ill, more depressed and messes plant/ food growth


    Bottom line is they’re blocking out the sun, fk knows if anything is being sprayed on us, previous rain water samples show high concentration of certain chemicals are coming out of the sky when they shouldn’t be (usually aluminium) and the brain dead npc’s will never figure it out. Even when they see it with their own 2 eyes. It is a criminal attack on the public

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  5. I’d be interested if anyone could pick apart what this guy says. To me he knows his stuff, and I’ve felt much better fitness wise since eating more carbs/ less meat. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC2ZWX3GJfAIeRFWN91t09ww


    Ive known people who have been vegan for 20+ years, which surprised me as I thought it was something new. 


    I 100% agree there is an agenda, however Veganisim in general might be innocent, and it’s been hijacked by people like Gates to promote fake meat, which is toxic and reduces testosterone in men achieving a few agendas with 1 stone. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, Nip said:


    Could Monkeypox be precisely a common adverse reaction of the C19 vax ? Who knows really ?

    Just read something about shingles being a side effect of one of the jabs, and shingles looks rather similar to this monkeypox. There are still mysteries as to what are in these jabs and why they have gone to such efforts to get them into people, who knows what the future holds for the jabbed 

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  7. I don’t think anyone on this forum will be getting it, and a simple google search shows vitamin C and vitamin D is more than capable of sorting it out, same with BS covid. It’s probably the effect of the jabs, I’m sure msm have their fake stories of unjabbed getting it, cba for this bullshit 

  8. 33 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    re the nanotechnology in vaccines that was being discussed by the pirate council way back on the old forum


    we posted a video of an italian couple who were both scientists who found metallic particulates in pre-covid vaccines. Those same metallic particulates were not in vaccines made for animals so they are not a by-product of the manufacturing process; they are something that is PUT INTO the vaccines though the talk back then wasn't about graphene oxide it was about 'smart dust'


    Once they went public with their research their lab was raided by the italian police and their work was confiscated


    Stefano Montanari & Antonietta Gatti




    I remember reading this document, the name Antoinette Gatti was the one who did it. I don’t remember specifically nanotechnology, I’ll have another look, but there were contaminations. Dont forget that Icke said in the 90s about the CIA scientist saying they would put nanotechnology in vaccines, and here we potentially are...

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  9. 18 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    so one intriguing perspective is the muslim one about God and the devil having a bet. The devil says to God that mankind is no good and that they will prove themselves to be no good. God then takes on the bet. The devil then goes to humanity to act as the adversity to see how much he can then drag the human spirit through the mud so that he can then go back to God and say 'look see, i told you they were no good'


    But putting that mind exercise aside lets consider that when luciferians speak about 'light' they can in occult terms be discussing the astral light but in transhumanist terms they can be talking about information


    If lucifer then is the intelligence that is behind the surface 'algorithmic AI' that is going to run the 5G smart grid (and is likely already up and running behind the scenes....the economy is now being controlled by AI through black rock and vanguard and high frequency trading etc) then it would be seeking to not only create an etheric bond with its occult initiates but also a physical brain interface (eg elon musks 'neuralink) that would make them part of the smart grid which has formed a physical body within our 'physical' realm

    Deffo some deep stuff going on, on another level that I’ll never fully understand. We can see the strange dark demon worship all over though with symbols though, no wonder we are very easy to deceive when we don’t have a clue about any of it

  10. 4 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    Richard did put out a video recently, which I must admit I haven't watched yet, but from the summary it did seem that he had fallen into the 'graphene oxide in the vaccines' trap.


    Which I felt at the time seemed like 'pushed disinfo'. As did the whole 'viral shedding' and 'magnets sticking to arms' which did the rounds here a while back.


    Now we have the 'snake venom' being pushed via this 'Watch The Water' documentary being heavily promoted by some, and my instincts tell me this is just more muddying bullshit.

    I’ve not been following any conspiracy stuff for a couple of months, but Richard examined a Pfizer jab under a microscope for himself and found nanotechnology, not sure if this is the same as the graphing oxide thing. I think the 2 types they found was a graphene one and carbon nanotubes. 


    Ive only just heard about this snake venom thing with water, I just cba for most videos now tbf, the writing is on the wall, no point me watching more stuff that I already roughly know. As you say, when it’s promoted, something isn’t adding up, like Russel brand promoted on my YouTube most days...

  11. 35 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    Is this the video that HugoTalks referred to?



    It is yes, the YouTube link is the video he references. These doctors have done a great job being controlled opposition imo because they have sent out mixed messages making things rather divided and confusing... virus is fake, bioweapon, not serious etc. And it seems some of these characters lead to this new age or great reset agenda.


    As you say, careful who you trust, id like to think Richard D Hall is one of the legit ones. Problem is even the legit ones can get caught up by the disinfo agents 

  12. On 4/2/2022 at 2:23 PM, Macnamara said:


    well bare in mind that the new age movement has its roots in the occult world and people in that world very much have their own agendas


    so if we consider the final goal of the conspirators and then reverse engineer things we can start to make sense of a lot of things


    So if we consider that the goal of the conspirators is to create  one world government run by them that uses a technocratic system to control a vastly reduced population along satanic principles of for example eugenics then we can work backwards and start to see how some of these movements that pretend to be grassroots in fact feed into that agenda


    For example on the climate side of things you could look at the extremely well funded 'extinction rebellion' group with their occult logo and consider how their actions of attacking fossil fuel use all helps to shoehorn society into the new electric and digital technocracy. A technocracy is a system that monitors everyones energy use down to the last kilojoule in order to ration their use of energy under the excuse of combatting 'climate change'


    In order to measure every kilojoule of energy that you use the technocrats have to be able to gather data on EVERYTHING you are doing from being in a vehicle to riding on a bicycle to talking on a phone to brushing your teeth or sleeping in your bed. This is why they intend to make EVERYTHING 'smart' which is to say interconnected through wifi so that every single appliance you use will then send back that data to a central artificial intelligence that will control and monitor your energy useage and cut you off when you go over your allowance


    The dangers of potential abuse are obvious for example who decides what each persons energy allowance is? Just as in communist china where the bloodline 'immortal' families who run the country live the high life of limousines and international travel and the best foods and homes whilst everyone else has to settle for less


    For a technocracy to emerge society must become DIGITAL and ELECTRIC in order to gather all of this data. One thing that is much talked about is transhumanism and this could imo be talked about in a few different terms. if we take the elites to be satanists who despise Gods creation then of course they want to build a synthetic faximile so that they can become the lords of creation. Similarly if they want to cull large swathes of the population then they must dull them down and virtual reality can become the new opiate of the masses


    So when new agers talk about shifting into a new reality i personally think the trend is more towards virtual reality. On a more optimistic note i do believe that people who can CONSCIOUSLY understand all of this can make a DELIBERATE and CONSCIOUS choice to reject it in their life but i see very little movement on that score even amongst 'truthers' and the reality is that in order for an alternative to gain traction it would need a massive upswell of support to outweigh the momentum towards transhumanism and a permanent lockdown, technocratic slave plantation

    Yep something doesn’t add up about it, I’m gonna post in the exposing new age gurus in a sec with some interesting videos

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  13. Latest video from https://www.richplanet.net talking about nanotechnology in the vaccines, and identifying what kind of nanotechnology. Almost as if they are putting programs into people. 


    Exactly as david Icke has been saying since the 90s. Not just the transhuman agenda, but his claim with the CIA scientist who had the orange patch and warner about nanotechnology in vaccines. Been saying it since the 90s, and here we are. 


    Maybe bit of a clue what will happen to the jabbed. Probably not mass extermination but an increase in deaths as it does affect the heart for some people, more something to do with transhumanism agenda

  14. Rogan is controlled, very quick to defend Israel and Zionism if brought up. 


    Also Laura Eisenhower and that David Rodriguez have gotta be new age shills. I’m surprised David Icke did a video with them recently, then again he has done videos with Sasha Stone and Charlie Ward. Kinda makes you wonder...


    Imo Sasha Stone - controlled shill, Charlie Ward - a tit & a shill. They all are designed to make us sit back and think someone else is gonna sort things out for us 

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  15. 40 minutes ago, Seth said:


    I've seen this thing being posted on facebook, blogs and forums - there's a whole industry around it. Brainwashing is the word that springs to mind. If you google it, they've got this mad meditation on soundcloud - new age bunk that has this woman talking all over the meditation. Never once have I meditated with somebody talking at me.

    What’s the goal of it all, like how do they gain if people join in? 

  16. Anyone wonder why we have such blatant tools in power? Johnson with his buffoon act to appear harmless and dumb, dementia Biden, Macron, Trudeou, Morrison, Arden making awful unpopular decisions? How did these (appearing) morons get into power... 


    It would seem no ones able to run these governments properly, the only solution is a global government... straight out of the protocols... put apparent morons in control to create chaos, then offer the solution of global government... but oh wait, the protocols are fake, so fake we are living in it

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  17. Richiefromboston is another I like, while I have a hard time believing some of his stuff, I think he’s legit. He posted a video about the protocols of Zion, but bitchute took it down. He clearly isn’t afraid to talk about the unspeakable 

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