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  1. 2 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    So you're okay with paying money to buy DI's books, or to buy tickets for a live 'in-person' event.


    But you object to paying to watch a livestreamed 6 hour presentation?


    Granted, this kind of event will be cheaper to organise and stage, as there are no venues to book and transport and other associated costs to cover.


    But even so, I doubt this event will just be David Icke sitting in front of his webcam like he does every week, so this live event will still incur some costs to produce and livestream.


    Anyway, Ickonic subscribers don't have to pay any extra for this, and the ticket price also includes 14 days of access to all the Ickonic content, so at least there's a bit of extra value added.

    Part of the problem as well is that it will only be David Icke fans watching this, while the presentation will be great, it won’t change anything the next day. He’s preaching to the already awake, having it free and easy to watch/ share, may wake some new people up. Imo DI is at his best in his presentations, his Wembley one is the one that woke me up. If YouTube had have made me pay to watch it, I’d never have bothered and probably still be fast asleep now wearing a mask. My saving grace would have been dr John Bergman, but I’d never have fully understood the NWO 


    Take the London real interview as an example, tens of millions watched that worldwide because it was free/ easy to share

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  2. Why do we have to pay for this? If the information is so crucial, why make it so people have to pay, meaning that not many people will end up watching it. 


    I do like DI, but it does feel like he is milking his followers at times. I can understand paying to watch him live, as it costs money for venue, plus money to survive. Surely he’s made enough from a new book every year

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