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  1. I always wondered why the word ‘spelling’ is used when learning how to write... words are magic... a spell... an interesting coincidence
  2. Just say it man, as David always says, speak your truth. This is the sort of stuff I’ve been looking at recently so would be interesting to hear what you know. I heard a claim that some polish were killing German citizens before ww2, and that’s why Hitler invaded. It seems very very difficult to find articles on this though, either greatly censored, or not true. I keep an open mind for all ideas
  3. Cheers truth I’ll check this out, this is something different to Judaism isn’t it? As regular none elite ‘Jewish’ people get shafted a lot by these people
  4. Belarus and Bulgaria could be options too, very very cheap
  5. Any ideas what the voynich manuscript is really about? Is it just a load of gibberish designed to troll? The ‘language’ just a form of art and decoration? Or is there something to it that TPTB don’t want us to know? At first glances it looks like a book with information about plant medicines and maybe other in depth knowledge. I was listening to Terrance McKenna talking about it, and he reckons the Jesuits has an interest or were in possession of it at some point, which makes things interesting, what do we reckon?
  6. I’m beginning to wake up to the deeper understandings of the religion the cult follows. Things like the Zohar and the Kabbalah come up over and over, any good videos on anything related would be appreciated please. I’m part way through In The Name of Zion and got Sabbati Zevy - The Zohar & Usury lined up next. If you’re in the UK then these videos are banned by even bitchute, so you’ll need a vpn or a copy from another channel. Its a very deep and confusing topic this is, I always assumed that the scum controlling us were satanists, which in a sense they are but there seems to
  7. Thanks Oz, i has a feeling you would share some good info about yoga. What do you reckon to people who have concerns about the poses attracting dark forces. Is this disinformation or real? Is it worth setting up protection before practice somehow with a prayer or however it’s done? Just touching on the Thelema as well, what are your thoughts on the idea of generating energy by abstaining, some people seem to promote it. For me if you love someone then that’s a special frequency that can’t be beaten
  8. Apparently snow is combustible now... more likely the heavy metals that have been sprayed And the wokers shout ‘climate change’, being totally clueless about geoengineering and one of its finders being Bill Eugenicist Gates, because he wants to ‘block out the sun’ oh yeah that will be great for life on the planet... interesting video anyway
  9. So yoga is something that seems to have divided opinions, naturally I’m interested to learn as much as possible. At first glimpses yoga is a form of exercise, and very good for strengthening the body and muscles. I find it is also good for the mind and connecting to conscious breathing. As like all exercises, I feel great after doing yoga, probably because of the endorphins. Looking a bit deeper into things, some people believe yoga is good spiritually, leading to being more calm in the day. And some people believe that yoga is asking for trouble from dark forces, as the poses att
  10. I always find the painting in his background creepy, not sure what the painting is of/ means. He’s done videos with richiefromboston too who I find is decent on the whole. He predicted a pandemic to get rid of cash before it all started, he got the hint from some documents he found which involved bill gates
  11. You’re right about it being easy to see through the lies, but most people just cannot. From my experience maybe 99/ 100 people want the vaccine, or will take it if it means they can travel. Out of those that don’t want the vaccine, they are all totally clueless about what’s really going on, and can’t suss it even after I explain it. I have met 2 people in total, in my whole life, that understand it. And they were both awake years before the scamdemic. The numbers aren’t looking good, maybe I just keep coming into contact with retards
  12. What about if it’s for physical exercise, it’s a decent workout and I do feel better after doing it
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