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  1. Cover their mouth? That’s going to do them good isn’t it... people will actually do this as well
  2. He’s demonic enough I guess
  3. Yeah I expected him to be a bit smarter haha, but his answer on ‘anti vaxxers’ and Kennedy jr was his best... basically telling people he’s the guy to go to if you wanna learn why people are against vaccines, and he’s got fantastic information
  4. Such crap answers in his interview lol
  5. Keep him talking, the more he does these interviews the more people realise he’s up to no good, already seen a couple of people say ‘ok now I know something strange is going on here with Bill Gates’ after that video
  6. Thank you Oz, I’ll give it a go and try to master it... and the NWO has no chance, we will win!
  7. Funnily enough I buy a lot of my food in bulk from that buywholefoodsonline above ^ - I usually eat rice, pasta, lentils, chick peas, split peas, beans, nuts, oats etc, calorie dense food, easy to store and lasts a good amount of time - growing some veg would be ideal for more vitamins and minerals though... say I ran out of food in a years time, and organic companies like that weren’t around, then there would be a tricky situation, I don’t know how bad things will get though
  8. When do we reckon the best time to buy gold and silver is? Will there be a mini dip as it’s at a high right now? And how much will the prices go up in winter after furlough has ended?
  9. In the UK we are having thunderstorms, they are so extreme where I am I just keep thinking in my mind, this isn’t natural. I can see they’ve been spraying the sky most days and certain chemicals can increase the conductivity of the sky, the lightning is constant for hours and blinding, and the thunder has gone from being silent, to unbelievably loud, to the point where the lights were shaking in my house at one moment. Some of the sounds don’t even sound like thunder, just the sound of a pure explosion or bomb
  10. Has anyone seen that Russia claim to have already made a vaccine, calling it Sputnik V, not sure where this goes if it’s true
  11. I guess we are in summer when it is warm, I’m in the UK and I have seen planes in the sky spraying shit most days, geoengineering and weather modification isn’t just blocking out the sun and making it rain, it can create droughts and maybe intensify the heat of the sun, I don’t know how advanced this weather technology bill gates loves has gotten now. Droughts are definitely part of the agenda though as it destroys small organic farmers and only the big gmo corporations like Monsanto can handle it. Plus it’s a good way of getting people off the land into human settlement zones as planned in agenda 21
  12. I do wonder if the mask Snapchat filter was predictive programming, it was such a popular and widely used filter, subconsciously makes people who tried it out familiar with how they’d look with a mask on, a couple of examples from google images
  13. As places are opening up and I’m talking to more people, there’s one common denominator in who is in fear/ brainwashed, and who isn’t. The answer is who watches the news on tv, the people who don’t watch tv recognise that this is all bs but don’t understand why (the agendas). Then there’s the people who watch tv and are so gullible to everything they see on tv, obviously because of how it affects the brainwaves into an alpha state, making them more gullible without questioning. Obviously the challenge is getting people to stop watching mainstream media
  14. Some good predictive programming, I’m confused about the relocating to outer suburbs as I always thought the plan was human settlement zones, but one key thing I noticed was she moved after the lockdown of 2020... they tell us the only way out is a vaccine, that means it can’t be far away... as most predict, after this ‘second wave’ of skewing numbers to build fear to its maximum. This is an opportunity for more people to recognise something doesn’t add up though
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