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  1. One interesting thing I read about the green covid passport using QR codes was: a section talking about how not to discriminate against the vaccinated. Something along the lines of ‘unvaccinated who test negative can travel the same as someone vaccinated’. Nice to see, but we know the end game. One exception I saw when glancing over, was Bulgaria who have put on the red list, say you can only travel, if a resident/ long term citizen, and must be vaccinated and also produce a negative test. I think this is an exception if the discrimination against unvaccinated because of it being people from a red list country. Will be interesting to see how this evolves
  2. Which resets and suggestions for this with spreading kids over the world? I’ve heard of the Tartaria idea, not sure what to make of it, and I guess the flood, any others I’ve not heard before?
  3. Stop giving them ideas please. Although I feel like they will want most kids to survive at least, for transhumanism purposes. At this moment, all bets are off the table, anything is possible
  4. I’m just trying to get more info as I’ll be attempting to leave the UK in the coming weeks. Some countries have blocked the UK flying to them, and require proof of vaccination as well as negative test, only while we are on the red list. Do you reckon it is possible to fly to a country that is considered green by the final destination country, and fly from there? Or would we still be embargoed with us coming from the UK?
  5. Yeah I’ve seen it, also interesting videos from Know More News talking about how the cult created Christianity to conquer the gentile. At this point, what regular person like me and you really knows. In your opinion, how does this end?
  6. I’ve read similar things about his tweets. I’m not saying I agree or disagree. It does make me wonder though, if people like him are controlled, then are all of the other big names controlled too, and if they are, then it’s not great for us at all.
  7. Was talking to someone who works in travel earlier. It doesn’t seem to be long until they’re mandatory for some countries, maybe all when ‘trials’ are done in 2023. The guy asked me if I had been jabbed, I said no because of all the issues and deaths reported on yellow card system, his response, ‘I had both of mine, to be honest I’m not bothered what they inject me with’.... I can’t see us winning this if people are thinking like that. I got a mate who wants to go back to watching his local football team. He knows the jabs are a death trap, and that he will need boosters after first 2, but he wants to watch his local team, even though he knows another lockdown is coming, his jabbed mates getting ‘covid’ and ill after being jabbed. This is why I’m pessimistic, a combination of stupidity and weak minded people in society.
  8. There’s that number again for probably over the 1000th time during the past 18 months... 33
  9. Go on bitchute and type in Reiner Fuellmich, then go show newest videos. If it’s not there then try brandnewtube
  10. Floods in London too after an estimated 3 months worth of rain in a few hours. I’m sure I recently heard that solar minimums bring floods. So this could be natural, however, we are all aware that weather manipulation technology is child’s play for the elite and bill gates. Natural or Gates made, the media will blame climate change, leading to climate lockdowns.
  11. There’s a handful of people know who have had the jab, become ill with ‘covid’ like symptoms, and tested positive for it. All jabbed except for one, who was around someone who later tested positive, and the unjabbed had the symptoms too. What would appear to be transmission, but we know the tests and virus are bs. I wondered, if the spike protein the jabbed are producing are more likely to generate a positive pcr test, meaning more lockdowns, more ‘variants’ leading to more booster shots, leading to more illness labelled a covid variant, and the cycle repeats forever until they’re all dead. If this is the case, then a huge amount of money will be made here. And it keeps up with other agendas like locking down etc as for my 1 unjabbed friend who appeared to catch it from a work colleague. I am curious what caused it, I don’t believe there’s a virus, and the tests certainly don’t prove he had it. But there’s no denying the illness, flu like symptoms he suffered, after being around someone who tested positive. So I conclude it’s either flu (rare in summer), poor lifestyle leading to a much needed detox (drinking more than usual, put weight on), or possible shedding from the jabbed colleague. I’d guess it’s the extra drinking that’s probably done it, coincidently testing positive. We have to remember that colds and flus (detoxes) still exist, we know it’s not covid, and I don’t want to quickly conclude shedding. Sorry for the long post as usual, I thought it was worth highlighting that almost all those I know who are ‘testing positive’ and being sick, are jabbed.
  12. Can’t say I’d be glad to be born in any era if I’m honest. Zombie is an accurate description of these people though, and they aren’t ever waking up, even if they had a soul, they’d never want to admit they got tricked into the depopulation jab. Frightening as you say and I don’t overly see a way out. Never know I guess
  13. If the news ever said this, a portion of the population would actually do it
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