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  1. Bill Gates was a mass murdering eugenicist years before 2004, I don’t think being ‘replaced by a reptilian’ has made any differences to his evil activities
  2. What’s his name so I can see when he posts his results please
  3. Yep, him and Rockefeller’s funded the big one in Svalbard, and of course, he must love us so much
  4. Beat me to it about the temperatures falling, if they’re going down anyway and Gates adds to that with making the planet even colder, it could be catastrophic, in particular for the northern hemisphere, food will be tricky to grow. Barely anyone even knows how to anyway!
  5. There’s no beating this guy, doesn’t even hide the he’s a demon. I’m not accusing him of anything... but, I’m pretty sure he lives alone, no wife or kids, I don’t wanna know what he gets up to in his spare time
  6. One factor I can’t help but think about is how does the mass depopulation plan affect things? I firmly believe this has been the plan for a very long time, and we are just entering it. We will see just how bad the jabs are in the winter. But if most of the population dies, then what happens to the price of crypto’s?
  7. Good job he didn’t snort it at the end B1096BBA-23F3-4FC8-B5BA-661349D16485.MOV
  8. Does anyone have any ideas what this phenomenon is with the jabs affecting women’s periods? Even those who haven’t had the jab, just being around those who have been jabbed. Some even getting colds and headaches from being around them. There’s a fair few here who don’t subscribe to germ theory, in many cases I agree, but something very strange is going to affect women’s periods when they aren’t even vaccinated... we all know a goal is sterilisation so I’m not surprised to hear these odd things
  9. I don’t know this is related or not, but since the heavy spraying from a few days ago, my phone signal (4g) has been awful, the worst it’s ever been. It can’t get off one bar, not much loads and people break up on a call
  10. This forum has a ton of stuff on chemtrails, and people post their rainwater samples, almost always aluminium is found, here’s a random example http://globalskywatch.com/chemtrails/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=17529#Post17529
  11. This topic is quickly surfacing again. In England, we had 2 lovely clear days, I couldn’t believe we actually had clear skies. Then very very heavy chemtrailing started, along with some very strange flight paths some people have found. Here’s a couple of photos from my window, it was much worse when I went outside for a bike ride. And when I came back from that bike ride, I developed a cold, coincidence? I’ve not had a hint of the sniffles for about 2 years... I’m noticing recently every day it’s chemtrailing this hard, and I go outside for a walk or bike ride, my nose is tingling, as if someo
  12. You’ll have to explain your situation better, who do you house share with? Starting easiest first: For the mask, just say you’re exempt, if anyone challenges you, say you’re exempt and most people leave it at that. One or two might ask why, to which you can say, it’s against the disability act for them to ask, or it’s private between me and my doctor. - This has worked for me every single time, at work and when shopping. Yes at first I was anxious about being challenged, be clear about what you will say before hand. And it will be an inspiration to others who don’t want to wear a
  13. I’m aware of terrain theory, Antoine Beauchamp, Dr Stefan Lanka and all that. I hear them, the terrain is super super important for health and a big reason why diseases manifest. But one thing I don’t overly understand is if germ theory isn’t true, or can’t pass on a virus, then what about std’s? Like you only get them after coming into contact with someone else who has it
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