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  1. Piers Morgan and Matt Hancock live will take it together - a shot of water, and the sheep will fall for it
  2. This oddly sounds like the TV show V. Cold hearted reptilians abusing the human race for their genetics with some reptilians here to observe people and blend into society. But some V’s (reptilians) after spending time with humans in a relationship, begin to develop human emotions line love. Viewed as a weakness by the reptilians, but in reality is their saviour
  3. ‘An open debate is the answer’ to combatting anti vax info they run to the hills and censor. Richie Allen played a clip a few weeks ago where someone from the media says they will not debate anyone regarding anti vax info, ‘right or wrong’. Even if the anti vaxxers are right (which they usually are) they won’t debate them, because they can’t win the debate!
  4. This is a very good YouTube channel by Richard Willet that I’ve only just discovered today. Many great documentaries and interviews with great names. This is one of their most watched video with David Icke going into those deeper topic which he doesn’t tend to in his normal videos, as most regular people new to this aren’t ready to hear it. Going into shapeshifting, archons, ai, dna harvesting and what that means. Some of David’s most in depth work imo, this is the sort of content for ickonic so I guess he’s not holding back for that audience
  5. I have been wondering this and planning. I wasn’t sure how long they would make it last for, having the TVs, Netflix etc keeps the sheep sheeping, and people apart. So why create a blackout? This theme of cyber security is starting to creep up, especially at the world economic forum. So i would guess something like a 3 day blackout at the max is enough to make people panic and welcome the Orwellian cyber security. I guess there’s the fine line of making it long enough for panic but not too long so people start to congregate again. Most important thing for survival is water. Half my freezer is
  6. Is this a law that can be used against the public? I’m on the fence with trump as he has a past relationship with the Rothschilds and Soros. Obviously we hope this is to sort out criminals like Hilary, but if this can be used on the public, and trump is working for the cabal, or any democrat gets in, then this could get ugly
  7. https://banned.video/watch?id=5fbdaab4227d214bb5c7a8b3 latest video discussing the great reset
  8. There’s a thing that’s called pneumonia, which last time I checked still exists. They have been renaming it covid though
  9. I can’t believe Fox News even let him on! I’ll have you watch the full thing but maybe they thought they could make him look daft or run over him. He’s the wrong person to try that with because he knows his stuff very well!
  10. The latest of the economist, I’m not sure I believe in these to be honest, but what do people here think?
  11. I imagine this is a place of great energy considering it has such a magnetic effect, potentially electromagnetic. This is another place, like Antarctica that doesn’t have much information about, and is not exactly easy to access. Any ideas or theories for if something dodgy is going on up there?
  12. There’s even shit in regular vaccines that the manufacturers don’t announce, as found in this study and article- https://medicalveritas.org/dirty-vaccines-new-study-reveals-prevalence-of-contaminants/ ^A DuckDuckGo job, I cannot find it on google so you know it’s a good one. As for this covid vaccine, if they were smart about it then they would want the negative effects to be subtle and take a long time to manifest. A lot of people are skeptical and on the fence about if they want to take it. If they see that there’s no problems then they’ll follow the herd and happily
  13. I’m pretty sure Christmas was originally some sort of satanic or paganism ceremony where they would give gifts and wear holy, Santa is an anagram of satan... If I’ve got this wrong above then please let me know
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