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  1. Keeping this fresh, what’s the latest excuse/ story from Reiner? Was his roll just to do interviews to keep those awake entertained and full of hopium? Similar to Q-anon... sit back don’t worry someone else is sorting it with magical arrests, ultimately do nothing. We have to question the integrity of reiners guests too
  2. I have been wondering the same about Arnold Schwarzenegger, tempted to create a separate thread. Why he met with Jacob Rothschild all those years ago baffles me, how it came about, since then he’s become a woke politician. He talks about how hard it was to get into movies... maybe he struck a deal somewhere, he knew how to get where he wanted. I dont know his family history, other than some relation to Nazi soldiers, but wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a distant relative of the elite. The thing is he made his name in bodybuilding, which only a tiny % of people can ever do because freak genetics are needed, 99% of men don’t have these genetics, but Arnold did, money can’t buy god tier genetics like that, unless he was somehow engineered. Either way, he moved to America to pursue a bodybuilding career, how he funded it I’m not sure, he got a sponsorship at some point though, funding prior to that could be difficult. It is a sad one as he’s a hero for many people who are starting to see his other side
  3. Strange, I was thinking I’d 100% give Mourinho a chance and sack off Southgate now. He’s had easy runs in tourneys to progress far. Teams wank overall and he’s obsessed with Mount whose absolute shite for England. I refuse to watch them now until one of them goes. Both to blame for loss of euros imo
  4. Relentless chemtrails in the midlands as usual. I notice it’s usually where the sun is. Which is the genius idea bill gates had of blocking out the sun (to stop global warming he says).... I sat and observed a few planes, normal contrails (condensation) until they go close to where the sun is, then all of a sudden, the trails go from thin and disappearing to thick & spreading like a blanket. Likewise some planes spray the thick blanket, and as soon as out of where the sun is, normal trails that quickly disappear, while the thick ones begin to blanket out the sun. It cant be more obvious after sitting and watching this for an hour. Some planes don’t even show up on the flight tracker 24 website whatever it’s called, meaning it’s military. No wonder May, yet again which is supposed to be summer was a cold month, they’re blocking out the sun, which keeps us low in vit D3, more ill, more depressed and messes plant/ food growth Bottom line is they’re blocking out the sun, fk knows if anything is being sprayed on us, previous rain water samples show high concentration of certain chemicals are coming out of the sky when they shouldn’t be (usually aluminium) and the brain dead npc’s will never figure it out. Even when they see it with their own 2 eyes. It is a criminal attack on the public
  5. I’d be interested if anyone could pick apart what this guy says. To me he knows his stuff, and I’ve felt much better fitness wise since eating more carbs/ less meat. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC2ZWX3GJfAIeRFWN91t09ww Ive known people who have been vegan for 20+ years, which surprised me as I thought it was something new. I 100% agree there is an agenda, however Veganisim in general might be innocent, and it’s been hijacked by people like Gates to promote fake meat, which is toxic and reduces testosterone in men achieving a few agendas with 1 stone.
  6. Just read something about shingles being a side effect of one of the jabs, and shingles looks rather similar to this monkeypox. There are still mysteries as to what are in these jabs and why they have gone to such efforts to get them into people, who knows what the future holds for the jabbed
  7. I don’t think anyone on this forum will be getting it, and a simple google search shows vitamin C and vitamin D is more than capable of sorting it out, same with BS covid. It’s probably the effect of the jabs, I’m sure msm have their fake stories of unjabbed getting it, cba for this bullshit
  8. I remember reading this document, the name Antoinette Gatti was the one who did it. I don’t remember specifically nanotechnology, I’ll have another look, but there were contaminations. Dont forget that Icke said in the 90s about the CIA scientist saying they would put nanotechnology in vaccines, and here we potentially are...
  9. Deffo some deep stuff going on, on another level that I’ll never fully understand. We can see the strange dark demon worship all over though with symbols though, no wonder we are very easy to deceive when we don’t have a clue about any of it
  10. I’ve not been following any conspiracy stuff for a couple of months, but Richard examined a Pfizer jab under a microscope for himself and found nanotechnology, not sure if this is the same as the graphing oxide thing. I think the 2 types they found was a graphene one and carbon nanotubes. Ive only just heard about this snake venom thing with water, I just cba for most videos now tbf, the writing is on the wall, no point me watching more stuff that I already roughly know. As you say, when it’s promoted, something isn’t adding up, like Russel brand promoted on my YouTube most days...
  11. It is yes, the YouTube link is the video he references. These doctors have done a great job being controlled opposition imo because they have sent out mixed messages making things rather divided and confusing... virus is fake, bioweapon, not serious etc. And it seems some of these characters lead to this new age or great reset agenda. As you say, careful who you trust, id like to think Richard D Hall is one of the legit ones. Problem is even the legit ones can get caught up by the disinfo agents
  12. Quite a good video on these doctors we see who have roots to new age and Sasha Stone and ultimately the UN https://www.bitchute.com/video/ndnP6qPkyGCi/ The video about SS, interesting channel in general.
  13. Yep something doesn’t add up about it, I’m gonna post in the exposing new age gurus in a sec with some interesting videos
  14. Putin was very pro Zionist in his youth, doesn’t matter if it’s him or a double, still a Rothschild puppet playing his part ^ normality as usual in Russia, same Zionists using puppets there to cause havoc
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