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  1. I saw some chick with a couch in the background, topped with pillows that still had tags, an 8 1/2 x 11 American flag on the wall above, and on the right side of the screen, opposite of the side which she just so happened to be placed.... a harp. Because screw a bookcase when you have a f***ing harp.
  2. The world is crooked. In America, age 20 is too young to drink and kill yourself with cigarettes, but 18 is old enough to vote and kill your unborn children. If a man pretends to be a woman, we are required to pretend with him. Instead of two sexes, there are as many genders as there are metal music subgenres. If a child believes he is the opposite sex, parents encourage it by feeding him/her hormones, while some are even willing to surgically modify their own child's genitals—even before puberty.
  3. From my site https://shimmerofreality.com I just put something together and haven’t been able to find anything about it anywhere. Bear with me, because it takes some context. So, we have Jack Parsons, who was the leading founder the Jet Propulsion Laboratories and a follower of Thelema, a satanic group founded by Aleister Crowley who was also Outer Head of the Order Templi Orientis (OTO—associated with European Freemasonry, particularly Germany (Nazism), that had charters given to occult brotherhoods in France, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, and the United States). Parsons even corresponded with the founder of NASA and German Nazi scientist, Wernher von Brahm, having hours of phone conversations about rocketry, and other things. He also worked with William C. Rockefeller and a young Ray Bradbury. In 1939, he was taken to the Church of Thelema in Hollywood and witnessed a Gnostic Mass with celebrities such as John Carradine. Already interested in occultism, Parsons felt right at home here. According to Aleister Crowley, the OTO is a vehicle for imposing an artificial reality based on the creation of lies and promoted by liars initiated into the art and science of illusion. They are responsible for that which ails us as a people and a nation. In 1946, Parsons brought US Navy Captain L. Ron Hubbard into the OTO, who would fulfill the ambitions for a Thelemic counter-church for the masses with his mix of scientism and occult doctrine, known as Scientology. Parsons, Hubbard, and the OTO performed a ritual (Babylon Working) at the first atomic blast site in New Mexico, since nuclear power is regarded as a diabolic consciousness—a literal demonic entity. They knew that during that blast, a large steel cylinder nicknamed Jumbo by construction workers had been placed near ground zero. They were obsessed with the idea that this cylinder had been a means of radioactively animating a tiny manikin, known in alchemy as a “homunculus,” and that it had represented the first creation of artificial life on earth. This homunculus entity of atomic fire comes from the cryptic “INRI” acronym, from the 18th degree of Scottish Freemasonry: Igne Natura Renovatur Integra, or “birth by fire renews life.” It’s a parody of the INRI acronym nailed on the cross of Jesus Christ. The animated dead matter (homunculus) was the OTO’s symbolic “Child of the new Aeon,” the “Moon Child” of the land of Death (Egypt), in other words Horus, son of Isis, “Rosemary’s Baby.” OTO doctrine, reflecting ancient occult tradition, holds that only by first animating the homunculus and keeping it incarnate on earth, could tampering with nature advance to the state of genetic engineering, cloning and xenotransplant bestiality we have with us today. Parsons, Hubbard and the California OTO lodge, consisting of other JPL and Aerojet scientists, were engaged in both scientific and ceremonial acts intended to keep this alleged homunculus, which they termed their “child,” animate on earth. The OTO included nuclear physicists from CalTech; JPL scientist Frank Malina (who was a Communist party member and a UNESCO official), and operatives from within the US government including Hubbard, who reported directly to US Naval Intelligence, William C. Rockefeller, and Parsons’ sex partner, Marjorie Cameron, who was an aide to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard was at Parsons’ side during his “Magnum Opus” which was code-named the “Babalon Working.” Though not all details are available even now (since they were destroyed), it has been established that Parsons managed to impregnate Marjorie Cameron in the course of the Babalon Working. The baby was then aborted according to Parsons’ instructions and the “fetal tissue” furnished to government agents, who, the OTO believed, had custody of the alleged homunculus. What precise use was made of the aborted baby’s remains are unknown as of this writing. Except for the diary entries of Parsons. After Parsons and Hubbard’s three-day ritual of March, 1946, Parsons proclaimed the physical reality of the homunculus and gave its gender as female: “Babalon is incarnate upon the earth today, awaiting the proper hour of her manifestation…” Parsons proclaimed the spiritual aspect of this incarnation of “Babalon” as an affinity between it and the women’s liberation movement, which at that time was in its infancy. He wrote, “Her spirit is within all women who proclaim their equality with men.” This may seem crazy but what I’m proposing is a theory pertaining to the future-mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations—which researchers have been continuously reporting contains aborted fetal cells. Could this really be the mark of the beast? If these fetal cells are those of this supposed homunculus, anyone vaccinated will have this demonic entity within them. From a previous post made in April 2020, The Hidden Plan for Humanity: Everyone must be subjected to various vaccinations, up to all forty-eight of the vaccine platforms. These vaccines will be the catalyst for an extreme reduction of the population. These vaccines, and the ones given today, have many substances that no human body needs. These include aborted human baby cells and humanized mice. A humanized mouse is a mouse that has been genetically modified to include human blood, human organs and immune system. They have also pumped human proteins into the vascular structure of plants, which is harvested and added to the vaccine. You’re most likely asking, What the hell for? I’m getting there. We will also be subjected to DARPA’s Hydrogel, which are nanoparticles that will be injected into the body and will assemble themselves while fusing into your human tissue. This is a biological RFID chip that grows inside you, while fused into the tissue. It becomes a part of you, and there will be no way of removing it. You will no longer be considered a true human being. You will be one with a massive computer network—your phone, “smart” devices, car, etc. All of this will be required of every human being, and with the amount of fear building every day, it won’t be difficult for them to convince us to agree. They will sell it by the only one seemingly beneficial aspect of this biological chip—we will predict future sickness. Having this inside you will be mandatory if one is to go out in public and be around other people. Large companies such as Moderna, AstraZeneca, Vortex, Merck, Karolinski, DARPA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MIT, and Johnson and Johnson, all have been working together to get these vaccines together. All have also been funded by Bill Gates and other billionaires.
  4. Theft, bribing and trade. Stock up on alcohol while you can to trade alcoholics for food and water. Tough times call for tough measures. Its survival
  5. See if you can bribe your doctor to give you a pretend shot like they've been doing for others in the know
  6. You ever wonder how a TV channel can air a news broadcast about “exposing” an extreme amount of sex and violence in outrage, but then show a movie or program that is full of such extreme themes? It’s this hypocrisy that creates a feud within our subconscious. When fighting or arguing with someone, where is your head at? Usually not in a very good place—anxious, angry, hysterical, hurt, and sometimes even apathetic. The satanic rulers use various methods to condition the human mind to subconsciously accept what’s to come, including predictive programming and cognitive dissonance. With cognitive dissonance, both light and shadow sides have magnetic attraction for us. Using the question asked in the beginning of this post, the Official Orthodoxy allows us to indulge our good sense about ourselves as people who can be outraged, but also allows us to indulge in our “guilty pleasures.” Pleasure—as distinct from joy and happiness—is almost always enhanced by the glamor of the forbidden, and having reassured our persona of our essential goodness by sharing in the condemnations, we can jump headfirst into guilty indulgence of the very themes we had previously agreed were unacceptable when condemned on the news. Many unaware people are fascinated with exposes of sex, violence, and Satanism. Fascination is itself a form of mind control if we recognize obsessive treatments of these themes under the guise of “exposing them” as the very means of inducing interest and involvement in the occult. In other words, those who never hear of such extreme sex and violence are more unlikely to become involved such things. For example, ‘The Exorcist’ was released in theaters under the guise of exposing Satanism and the negative consequences of playing with occult tools like Ouija boards. It also brutalized audiences with pornography, graphic violence, and a powerful occult milieu. Roman Polansky’s ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ had the same effect, but was also released as a means of predictive programming. Released in 1968, Polansky’s film has been called “the best advertisement for Satanism ever made… an allegory to the birth of the demonic eon.” Roman Polanksy has been implicated of child molestation and child pornography involving animals. His wife, the gorgeous Sharon Tate, was due to have her baby in two weeks before she was brutally murdered by the “Manson Family” in 1969. Manson’s followers left an extremely graphic scene with Tate’s unborn baby literally cut out of her stomach, in what looked to be a satanic ritual. Charles Manson was involved in the occult, with his ties and connections to various celebrities and artists of the time. He also associated with The Process Church of the Final Judgement, a known satanic group within the Los Angeles area. While much was made of the murder of Tate’s unborn child, women who pay physicians to kill their unborn and unwanted babies are not regarded as guilty of any heinous acts of Satanism or otherwise. Was the murder of Sharon Tate and her baby a ritual precursor of the coming mass sacrifice of unborn children that soon followed? The very next year, in 1970, Title X of the Public Health Services Act became law, which provided public funding for groups like Planned Parenthood, which in New York that same year had legalized abortion, making a Planned Parenthood in Syracuse the first center to offer abortion. Then in 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion rights in all states. Is all this mere coincidence? I think not, since Planned Parenthood was established in 1916 and founded by the Rothschild’s back when America participated in the compulsory mass sterilization known as Eugenics. It may seem pretty “out there” to many, or even too much for some, but the amount of coincidences make it something that should not be shrugged off and ignored. It’s a scary thing to realize, but it’s that fear that needs to be vanquished if one holds a desire to help do something about it.
  7. Thank you. He has both an overbearing mother and a father who is there but not really there. This makes sense
  8. Bisexual as in his own words, "doesn't know who [he] is," liking both men and women. I don't see how porn hub helps here, although it does help in other ways. He knows He knows I'm still there for him when or if he wants to talk but hasn't happened yet. Thank you though
  9. I have a friend, or had a friend until a recent argument over what's happening in the world, and both of us have been following Icke for years. We were aware of the agendas behind the LGBT and Transgender movements—how they've infiltrated schools and the entertainment industry, etc., destroying the male and female polarity in order to push androgyny. We have both had past sexual traumas occur, but have dealt with those demons and still had never questioned our heterosexuality. Well, at least I havent. I understand everyone is different and deals with experiences in different ways, but I dont understand why he now chooses to identify as bisexual. We dont watch mainstream media, television, and try to stay away from anything from Hollywood. Is this a result of something such as 5G, GMOs, various low frequencies being blasted at us, etc., or am I being an inconsiderate asshole? This is an honest question, so please be helpful. Thank you
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