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  1. I saw some chick with a couch in the background, topped with pillows that still had tags, an 8 1/2 x 11 American flag on the wall above, and on the right side of the screen, opposite of the side which she just so happened to be placed.... a harp. Because screw a bookcase when you have a f***ing harp.
  2. The world is crooked. In America, age 20 is too young to drink and kill yourself with cigarettes, but 18 is old enough to vote and kill your unborn children. If a man pretends to be a woman, we are required to pretend with him. Instead of two sexes, there are as many genders as there are metal music subgenres. If a child believes he is the opposite sex, parents encourage it by feeding him/her hormones, while some are even willing to surgically modify their own child's genitals—even before puberty.
  3. From my site https://shimmerofreality.com I just put something together and haven’t been able to find anything about it anywhere. Bear with me, because it takes some context. So, we have Jack Parsons, who was the leading founder the Jet Propulsion Laboratories and a follower of Thelema, a satanic group founded by Aleister Crowley who was also Outer Head of the Order Templi Orientis (OTO—associated with European Freemasonry, particularly Germany (Nazism), that had charters given to occult brotherhoods in France, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, and the United States). Parson
  4. Theft, bribing and trade. Stock up on alcohol while you can to trade alcoholics for food and water. Tough times call for tough measures. Its survival
  5. See if you can bribe your doctor to give you a pretend shot like they've been doing for others in the know
  6. You ever wonder how a TV channel can air a news broadcast about “exposing” an extreme amount of sex and violence in outrage, but then show a movie or program that is full of such extreme themes? It’s this hypocrisy that creates a feud within our subconscious. When fighting or arguing with someone, where is your head at? Usually not in a very good place—anxious, angry, hysterical, hurt, and sometimes even apathetic. The satanic rulers use various methods to condition the human mind to subconsciously accept what’s to come, including predictive programming and cognitive dissonance. With cogn
  7. Thank you. He has both an overbearing mother and a father who is there but not really there. This makes sense
  8. Bisexual as in his own words, "doesn't know who [he] is," liking both men and women. I don't see how porn hub helps here, although it does help in other ways. He knows He knows I'm still there for him when or if he wants to talk but hasn't happened yet. Thank you though
  9. I have a friend, or had a friend until a recent argument over what's happening in the world, and both of us have been following Icke for years. We were aware of the agendas behind the LGBT and Transgender movements—how they've infiltrated schools and the entertainment industry, etc., destroying the male and female polarity in order to push androgyny. We have both had past sexual traumas occur, but have dealt with those demons and still had never questioned our heterosexuality. Well, at least I havent. I understand everyone is different and deals with experiences in different ways, but I dont u
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