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  1. High above Bradfield Dale but feels like Sat on run way at Heathrow Airport right now yep certainly being dosed with something not quite glowing yet
  2. They vary in altitude but they are passing over constantly even right now as I'm replying here look at the peaks some I have seen are quite low but it's the strangeness when you see 2 jumbos together wing to wing climbing near verticle like a scene out of top gun that left an x in the sky over a school at 3.30 that was 17th Dec Plus the Big dirty copper coloured clouds over each reservoir by 9am then its constant planes
  3. I have never previously posted on any forum before so please forgive any errors This is urgent information that I share it will be affecting all of us soon if not already I am now feeling ill affects of this as I ve been capturing video /pictures I live in uk remote very high up surrounded by 13 or so reservoirs all with in a few miles Normally I would hear the occasional plane but since March these planes have become many many more planes now this last two weeks beautiful days soon become dulled out First I started tracking planes with a flight tracking app
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