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  1. Geoengineering!! certainly not condensation these trails linger all day we are being poisoned if you haven't seen the documentary the dimming by Dane wigington on David icke I suggest everyone watch it It's why our forests are dying rapidly and we will follow soon after
  2. A year ago my dog golden retriever and a sheep were facing each other through a closed gate very close both looked at each other my dog was very loving and they we starring at each other for a couple of mins Then both looked in the same dirrection then back at each other did this twice we both thought oh look he's made a friend thought nothing of it until we watched the video of it 6months later Something flew past them which they were both very much aware of but which was not visible to us but on the video when I slowed it right down frame by frame it was clearly something all I can describe it as is some sort of whispery flowing energy no distinct shape but was very fast went through the stone style next to the gate which are in an ancient Woodlands maybe some spirit I'm a great believer in dogs and animals they are much more connected than us we can learn a lot from them maybe one day we will all have the ability to see everything we might make more sense of this world hopefully
  3. Yes I remember those days fondly No more it's turned to silvery bright white those 747's that were retired are extremely busy along with every piper sesner and helicopter have a look yourself anyone got the old fashioned gas masks war type we will need those think paint vapours metals etc mould it's becoming insane! Getting worse each day Our health is being destroyed from above!!! Your thyroids lymth nodes swollen after going outside anyone would think history repeating its self black death, bubonic plague oh sorry its covid fingers and toes course it is thats why the forests are dying and the suns so blinding!!!! 7am 9am 11am 2pm 5.30pm UK hear the roar
  4. it's weaponised moss /mould funghi the plant/tree destroyer most of the forests in uk even evergreen trees are covered at the base then it works its why up 70ft trees dead from the bottom up in 2 months hmmm certainly not just regular moss Billy boy Gates it's ok it's safe he says so!! He's saving the planet! just like the vaccines are safe he's a doctor evil destroying us and the planet alot sooner than we think....
  5. Everything is distraction! Everything is being currumpted!!!! taken down removed Wondered why your phone camera quality is suddenly blurred because they don't want you seeing something look up north easterly UK big monkey nuts
  6. High above Bradfield Dale but feels like Sat on run way at Heathrow Airport right now yep certainly being dosed with something not quite glowing yet
  7. They vary in altitude but they are passing over constantly even right now as I'm replying here look at the peaks some I have seen are quite low but it's the strangeness when you see 2 jumbos together wing to wing climbing near verticle like a scene out of top gun that left an x in the sky over a school at 3.30 that was 17th Dec Plus the Big dirty copper coloured clouds over each reservoir by 9am then its constant planes
  8. I have never previously posted on any forum before so please forgive any errors This is urgent information that I share it will be affecting all of us soon if not already I am now feeling ill affects of this as I ve been capturing video /pictures I live in uk remote very high up surrounded by 13 or so reservoirs all with in a few miles Normally I would hear the occasional plane but since March these planes have become many many more planes now this last two weeks beautiful days soon become dulled out First I started tracking planes with a flight tracking app I thought they were targeting farm land but investigating a little further & zooming in on the app most of the planes are heading off course going to water reservoirs dams etc So I decided to go to highest ground before sunrise 7.30-830 having a clear sky I noticed that planes were quickly near reservoirs then some were climbing at extremely high angles leaving plumes behind the rest going in the direction of the other reservoirs leaving something extremely nasty in the process enough that I was sick instantly and my dog was sick also this is happening every single day you only have to look I urge everyone just to take a look at their local reservoir or simply look on a flight tracking app zoom in and follow the planes you will notice they stop or slow when near water and a lot of the flight info is not correct this is happening as I write this all over the uk maybe even else where
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