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  1. Muscat: The MOH has identified the priority groups for vaccination with a strategy to cover 60% of the total target population to prevent the spread of the disease in the Sultanate. The target group will get vaccines and will be free, it was revealed at the press conference on Thursday. People who are highly exposed to risks and complications of the disease will be vaccinated according to priority, including frontline workers, basic service providers, chronic diseases patients, the elderly and immunocompromised patients with two doses per person. “We have not yet given a specific date for the arrival of the Pfizer vaccine to the Sultanate,” the Minister of Health said. There is no law that compels a person to have any vaccination except for some groups of children, so the Corona vaccine will not be compulsory. The priorities for the Corona vaccine when it arrives: the elderly over 65, diabetes, chronic lung and kidney diseases, front lines in the intensive units and Covid departments. MOH has set up a mechanism to distribute vaccines to the governorates of the Sultanate, and we have the experience and knowledge for that with an international certificate.
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