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  1. 8 minutes ago, Noctua said:

    I was thinking - do you reckon Piers Morgan and the Good Morning Britain team will be interviewing the two NHS staff who had the adverse reactions to the vaccine?


    You would think the media would be in a bidding war to interview them.  


    I wonder how much they have been paid to keep quiet.  I wonder just how much of a 'history' they are creating of their previous allergic reactions to downplay the danger of an experimental vaccine.


    This is biowarfare and I am not being dramatic,

    There will be zero reference to it. 

    The fact they are starting the role out on 80yr+ olds who in the majority are probably in care homes, is because there will be no way of knowing if they die from the jab or not (and if they do the gates crew will be happy with result) and families will just be told they died of something else or Covid got to them first. 

  2. Re vaccine side effects. 

    Now this (Pfizer) vaccine has been fully tested - as they all have per UK GOVERNMENT. Funny they forgot to test against sever allergies - something a very large % of the population suffer with - So day one and 2 NHS staff suffer shock syndrome - I wonder what other things this vaccination is going to trigger? 

    Stand by your beds!!

  3. My Surgery has just text me the following:


    Please DO NOT to call us about the Covid vaccine. As soon as we have full guidance from NHS England on where & how the vaccines are going to be delivered we will let you know.


    NHS England have advised that when we commence vaccinating patients will be invited using the following cohorts:


    Older adults in a care home & care home workers


    80 years (& over) & Health and Social Care Workers


    75 years & over


    70 years & over


    Adults on the NHS shielded patient list


    65 years & over


    Adults under 65 with a long term condition


    Those aged 50-64 will be offered it later


    I presume this is the ‘fully tested’ Pfizer vaccine that is so far ‘fantastic’ (providing you don’t have any dodgy allergies!)  

  4. Very interesting. Be great to find out how many who’ve never had a flu jab got the ‘virus’

    Maybe that’s the missing piece of the jigsaw in relation to why some got very ill and others didn’t. 

    I wonder if the First Lady in the UK to get the jab has had a flu jab before? God help her. Mind you I bet she only got jabbed with saline to ensure no side effects! 



  5. If you read the list of errors it appears to me that almost everyone of them has been left out or inaccurately quoted to ensure positive results - specifically with the amplification. What a joke - and to think this disaster (socially and economically - not to mention medically) has destroyed the world so easily. 

    Its terrifying to watch it play out in plain sight with all the sheeple continuing to graze as though everything is about to become ‘normal’ post Gates jab?! 

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