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  1. 4 hours ago, Illmatic said:


    I find it impressive in a strange way that there are people out there who have been living in constant fear since March. How could you not just find it fucking boring at this stage? Its the same old shite over and over and over again 😴

    Bloody beats me. Are they so thick that they don’t even query the obvious - Derr oh yeah, lockdown and masked for months but the cases are going up, didn’t fink of that? 

    Oh maybe the wool is too far over my eyes?!


    Total bloody dumbo’s. Give me strength 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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  2. 46 minutes ago, alexa said:

    This gives me hope



    Hundreds of anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protesters took to the streets of London on Saturday.

    More demos the better, but Jesus the pigs are tooled up ready to strike! Batons at the ready - anyone remember the bobby on the beat?? 

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  3. On 12/12/2020 at 12:00 PM, numnuts said:


    Some folks used it against the PTB quite well, over the years, but it is much tougher to do so nowadays. I would still say use it, for as long as you are able to use it, though.

    I’m guessing the solution to social media posting - specifically YouTube and Facebook that you don’t use words that get flagged the the algorithms. So instead of Covid say the current flu like problem, or instead of vaccine say the current needle solution. That might beat the censorship?? 

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  4. 1 minute ago, Chris K said:

    Whatever his disorder it’s interesting seeing the lie through his teeth and rage inside and the audacity to question him. It shows what this psycho is like. Give a psycho billions and what happens - scary stuff and we are living it today. 

    Apologies for typos 

  5. 1 hour ago, White_Raven said:





    Nice try! ... my research guessing game is almost over. He might have (DD) Dissociative disorders, where:



    and looking by symptoms:






    Btw that may be associated with MK Ultra program as well. There is nothing to surprise me.

    Whatever his disorder it’s interesting seeing the lie through his teeth and rage inside and the audacity to question him. It shows what this psycho is like. Give a psycho billions and what happens - scary stuff and we are living it today. 

  6. As far as I can see, no matter what your preferred sport is, or whatever you enjoy doing. What we all used to enjoy doing, they, the cult are out to destroy it. They will just take our pleasure away as they have successfully done so since March. If we ever needed a revolution it is now - otherwise is there any point in living - oops there’s a Bill Gates shout out! 

    Rise up and do it en masse.  

  7. In my opinion they lie because they are too scared to stand up and say what matters or what is true. They say whatever they need to say to retain their position of luxury and all that comes with it. Who, having got to that position, is going to risk losing it. It’s a good club to belong to. That’s why the various parties do sweet fuck all to change anything. They just toe the part my line. Only far right or far left state their case. The rest are just tossers. Lib, lab, con, dem or rep. There is no point in actually voting to be honest. None of them represent the public’s interests - just their own. Period! 

  8. Not sure if this has been posted but this article seems to imply (as we know) the vaccine has nothing to do with curing any virus. It also shows there is no pandemic just vulnerable people - as there are with flu etc. So if they know the gene that makes certain people very ill, that’s pretty much the only research needed - unless I’m missing something? 



  9. 34 minutes ago, jesuitsdidit said:


    From GLP
    My wife is a teacher and was told by her principal two days ago she would be fired on the spot for refusing the covid vaccine.

    Just Say This When Confronted by People That Want to Know Why You Won't Take the Vaccine.

    No link, use 

    >>Adv Search>>Thread Subject


    So did they skip the Level 3 animal trials because they knew what would happen?




    CNN: ‘Don’t Be Alarmed’ if People Start Dying After Taking the Vaccine


    “One of the things we want to make sure people understand is that they should not be unnecessarily alarmed if there are reports, once we start vaccinating, of someone or multiple people dying within a day or two of their vaccination who are residents of a long-term care facility. That would be something we would expect, as a normal occurrence, because people die frequently in nursing homes.”




    That’s why they are starting with the elderly as they are giving themselves some arse protection when they die ‘oh it will happen coz old folks die frequently’ ! Guinea pigs who can be tested on (maybe a variety of vaccines?) without risk to the rollout. 

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