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  1. I’ll opt for ‘something’ as he’s clearly unrecognisable on here lol
  2. Makes me wanna puke. Especially the paragraph that says about sanitiser. WTF?!
  3. But it does deflect attention from why we are all here. Surely that isn’t to counter respond to conscientious objectors? There’s enough of those wankers out there in the day to day. This forum is for truthers to share info not do battle in house. I say gag him, but who am I to judge?!
  4. Can’t we lose this guy. Surely the forum is about exploring information from around the globe, not a platform for some pretentious bi-ped to toss sarcasm, attempted wit and innocuous interjections into the mix. Please go and find a new user name and post your pseudo academia's onto a forum that gives a shit. Merry Christmas - go help Mother peel the sprouts.
  5. And where in ‘heavens’ name are 445,000 happy clappers getting their bells from? I don’t have one handy, does anyone on here?
  6. Well, we know from lots of different sources what the truth is. This video appears to expose the contents of a letter received by the presenter, after much chasing, from the HSE in Ireland - The equivalent of the NHS. In the letter they fail to provide evidence of the existence or isolation of the Covid-19 virus. They appear to conclude it isn’t there. This video report brings into question everything that we are having to deal with - ie masks, lockdowns, tiers, vaccinations etc etc.
  7. https://www.brighteon.com/215eb5d3-e4e6-4240-8ba0-6671414e66ec
  8. New haulier documentation is needed re EU.
  9. https://fdasis.nlm.nih.gov/srs/auto/61788-85-0
  10. She talks as though she’s educating the informed how to deal with poor, silly, ignorant, slightly mentally deranged relatives. Look little Sammy grandad has a slight problem with his memory so he may say odd things. Just smile and nod and hug him. An appropriate piece of advice for little Sammy where poor grandad has dementia. To consider your relative who brings new and legit information as retarded/deranged is soooo patronising and insulting. Begs the question - Oh so it’s ok for the sensible and sane family members to have got their information from a corrupt and dishonest government and MSM without question? But god forbid I, being considered the nutter, might actually have got my information from experts and actual government or medical reports that the MSM or social media have censored! Pathetic!
  11. Main post on Davidicke.com refers - Follow the below links and watch their video: https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/Notice/bf6eef14-6345-429a-a4e7-df68a39bd135?origin=SearchResults&p=1 https://www.netcompany.com/govtech/story
  12. ‘Bubbles’ - and by definition there's more than one! Im in a bubble with my partner - we don’t live together. She bubbles with her daughter and boyfriend who live in their own pad. They bubble with his folk and she does with her real Dad and step Dad and partner. I bubble with my daughter and her hubby. They bubble with her mother (my ex) and partner and bubble with his dad and partner and his mum and her chap. It’s enough to make a jacuzzi overflow . police that MF’s!
  13. Yes it’s that one which works above but wasn’t in davidicke.com?? Maybe it is now but I’ve just checked Carlson and that down. Enigmatic experiences the same.
  14. Carlson special on Biden corruption.
  15. Is it me or are two of the videos on Davidicke.com been censored. It says error when I click on it. I’m guessing YouTube? The one from talk radio with Tobias Ellwood being an example. Anyone else seen this?
  16. Tom Thumb is obviously hating the agenda as much as we are - so talking into his mirror he fires off at his crew. Interesting psychological observations being witnessed in all of this plandemic. Like has been said - the first to pop their heads out of the agenda trench gets blown up - frustration due to lack of freedom of expression is being misdirected. Straw and camels come to mind!
  17. You are surely enlightened by the fact you know your freedoms and safety are at risk. You know that because you are enlightened by the truth. Knowing the truth doesn’t mean you are free of fear - it merely means you are aware of the truth. Maybe a true fear. The sheeple are not enlightened because their fear is based on lies. If we were all enlightened then TPTB could not play out their agenda. No one would conform. It can only be played out because of the blind fear. Truth destroys the illusion.
  18. Exactly. So once reasonable or even nice human beings are glaring if you get too close and god forbid you haven’t a nappy on ya face, they are insulting and abusing you - selfish, ignorant, do as you’re told. Mob rule exists and it’s a kind of mob rule that takes over - fear is the ring leader - don’t comply and you are the enemy. Their once reasonable behaviour is gone. Lynch mobs exist even today. I’m wondering if it also includes elements of their own psychosis and irritation with no way of expressing it. They can’t express it against the government (their loss of freedom etc., which they are feeling whether they know it or not) so they target those that don’t want to comply. It’s a mirror affect - they see what they want so attack it coz they can’t have it. Instead they should join forces. But they don’t. They keep close to the flock of similar conforming sheeple. If the flock threw down their masks so would the antagonistic few who show anger towards the non conformists - the enlightened ones.
  19. Does this psycho think he runs the world. Who the F does he think he is telling us all what’s going to be happening. He’s not medically trained or elected.
  20. Does this psycho think he runs the world. Who the F does he think he is telling us all what’s going to be happening. He’s not medically trained or elected.
  21. Flu? What’s that - it seems to have totally vanished. Oooh that’s good - let’s hope the same happens to Covid-non-existent-19 with this magical vaccine lovely billy boy is planning on saving us all with! fnar fnar
  22. Oh my god. What Tony Benn states about the 3 elements of control is what I’ve been saying for years. Why is our education system still in a mess. Why are we consuming ever increasing amounts of shit food with next to zero goodness, yet watch more celebrity chefs and cookery programmes than ever (so we can kid ourselves how healthy we are) yet very few cook like that. Why are we fed trash tv like X factor, Big Brother, The only way is Essex and similar gutter shite. Why have they always instilled fear in our hearts - first religion, then terrorism and now viruses. It’s because TPTB want us thick, malnourished and fearful so we remain sickly, believe and comply. An intelligent and healthy population are resistant and enquiring. That threatens their agenda. We are now experiencing the outcome of that with the flocks of sheeple believing all the Covid crap and so fucking scared they can’t see beyond the lies they are fed. In the voice of a robot: We are obedient. We are complying. We don’t question. We are - totally void of individual thought!!!
  23. Oh and it didn’t show her actually getting it!
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