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  1. https://davidicke.com/2021/08/03/be-cool-get-vaxxed-sir-paul-mccartney-79-confirming-that-hes-monumental-system-serving-prat/ The picture of McCartney getting jabbed is NOT him. Just check out the neck from both pics. More lies.....
  2. See attached picture....
  3. I use my iPhone for looking at David Icke, brandnewtube, bitchite etc. If i open these up then go to safari ‘advanced’ then website data it shows who’s monitoring my access - David Icke & forum always throws up Facebook but I noticed on brandnewtube that it also shows this: http://extreme-ip-lookup.com/ I often get a frozen site until I clear these bits of cookie data. Bastards!
  4. Jesus! - bring on the hitler youth movement. I wonder if they’ll get a uniform. Once they were carpark attendants, then traffic wardens - now they can be ambassadors, or in other words - fucking jobs worth’s. I see also certain areas of the UK will get door knockers to their homes to test them for Covid. Must be the numbers are dwindling and they need numbers to propagate MORE fear!
  5. Just read the latest codswallop from the BBC news site... I was seeing what Buffoon Boris was saying now he and spatchcock are saying yay for summer holiday (Xmas revisited I image) and noted the paragraph below, so decided to check up on the said expert, as it’s always fascinating to wonder who the wise seers are that Boris and Hancock draw their directions from, and I note said expert is in fact a mathematician who does disease modelling in epidemiology. Another wonderful seer - bit like Mr half a million! See link to Tildesley here: https://www.turing.ac.uk/people/guest-speakers/michael-tildesley Quote from BBC News: ‘Dr Mike Tildesley, an infectious disease expert who advises the government, said that if the UK continued the current pace of vaccinations - and jabs are shown to prevent transmission, not just severe infection - measures could begin to be eased in March’
  6. Oh I so go with that. If health of the nation mattered, would they also allow McD to peddle it’s poisonous junk, supermarkets to flog nutrition-less products and allow so much cheap booze to be available. They hide all that with celebrity chefs by the score, cooking programs, knocking out healthy food like we all follow it like a religion, when all the vast majority do is feed their kids happy meals on a Sunday instead of cooking a roast. Very few bother with anything more than a convenient ‘ping’ meal and the PTB approve of that as we ‘all’ remain undernourished and sickly so the pharm gods can push their solutions. It’s all a joke. Same with education - the majority of people can’t cook, wouldn’t know how anything, like electricity, photosynthesis or other daily occurrences work etc etc. They just ping their dinners and sit and watch X-factor, goggle box or big brother, or some other cerebrally vacant air time trash - Keep em dumb, undernourished and brain washed. Basically the walking dead as a broad sweep statement. This is where the sheeple arise... Result! 1 nil to the NWO, as towards the cliff they trot.
  7. I find it crazy that the narrative continually focuses on the NHS being overwhelmed. It’s not and if it was that’s what the nightingale hospitals were for. Most of them have closed down and (if you recall) they called for retired doctors and nurses to come back. I know a few and they were never called upon. Who cares if the NHS gets overwhelmed. If it gets maxed out so be it. Nothing new there! ‘Covid’ people can then go home to recover rather than stay in hospital and die or be killed. I’m sick of hearing about save life’s, protect the NHS. It’s all bollox - and we know it. Grrrr!
  8. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/lt-gen-thomas-mclnerney-whitehouse-informal-chat_ewvV3eqI6mpL1HF.html Watch this - It's quite unbelievable given the location!
  9. A very interesting read from the pharmaceutical institute. Referencing vaccine risks, use of foetal DNA and a chart listing companies using foetal DNA. Note the synthetic content designed on a computer and which ones utilised that! https://soundchoice.org/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine-chart/
  10. I mentioned at the start of the year that my partners father had been admitted to hospital a week before Xmas with long time terminal cancer. Basically he had little time left. He got PCR tested and surprise surprise he tested positive! So was moved to a Covid Ward. Sadly he past away last Saturday - We have just had the death cert - Shows cause of death as Covid-19 and bowel cancer. Covid being listed 1st thereby being entered on the records. Absolutely outrageous!!!
  11. A certain irony me thinks. They’ll be back soon - but not for another jab!
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-55641624 Seriously? great so they put potentially positive (by their own definition) old folk back into care homes. Send others home for us to care for them - on our own - medically untrained and the test to hotels! what was the purpose of the nightingale hospitals then, when they said it was going to overload the NHS. Sounds to me like they just don’t want any ‘normal’ patients in hospital. Might mean they have to abort tic tok routines?!
  13. In one breath he says they (vaccines) won’t be affective for a period of time, then with another breath he says they are working They all talk bollox.
  14. and he now she is barking mad too!
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