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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-55641624 Seriously? great so they put potentially positive (by their own definition) old folk back into care homes. Send others home for us to care for them - on our own - medically untrained and the test to hotels! what was the purpose of the nightingale hospitals then, when they said it was going to overload the NHS. Sounds to me like they just don’t want any ‘normal’ patients in hospital. Might mean they have to abort tic tok routines?!
  2. In one breath he says they (vaccines) won’t be affective for a period of time, then with another breath he says they are working They all talk bollox.
  3. Alien!!! Or member of the tortoise genus
  4. And why should anyone on here have to give you links to real (sic) prove ‘this’ who are you to request such evidence. We do not have to justify anything to you. Everyone on here has watched and read an ocean of evidence - and that evidence keeps rolling in thanks to the people on this forum. If you’re not of a like mind, then kindly do us all a favour and f-off! It is not a forum for justifying what we know to some minor bacteria like you. Ciao!
  5. That’s coz you’re on the wrong site. You want the one for sheeple.
  6. Apologies. Not bitchute - BNT - https://brandnewtube.com/watch/antifa-is-escorted-inside-capitol-impersonating-pro-trumpers-to-be-blamed_Fmx22Zs9rjcYfBL.html
  7. This in my opinion is a false flag. There is a video clip somewhere on Bitchute showing a number of Black vehicles dropping people off - Antifa? so the guy filming says. Other aspects to consider (my observations from vid clips): This was orchestrated to ensure Trumps rally and all future Trump demos in the coming weeks are halted. They are now firmly putting the blame on trump, who the MSM are saying incited the ‘violence’. The largely peaceful demo of some 100k people wasn’t the issue. TPTB ensured a breakaway group stormed the Capitol Hill building. They weren
  8. Not sure if this has been posted on here before. Found the ingredients of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine (see pic). Potassium Chloride is used in foetal abortions and also death sentences by legal injection. Obviously varying doses (not sure how much). However it IS in the vaccine. Aide to sterilisation? See links for usage: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19924677/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21923800/
  9. Interesting thing I heard today. I’m in the UK - My other half has a friend in the medical industry. She’s is married with two teenage boys. They went to a test centre to get the boys tested re schooling and so her and her husband also got tested. My other half tells me her friend was positive for Covid, but her two sons and hubby were negative. Strange I thought. Then other half confirmed due to friends occupation she had previously (a while back) had a flu jab! Her boys and hubby hadn’t had it. Surprise surprise PCR obviously picked up flu sars element. So she’s now in isolation!
  10. If I’m ever in a situation like this I’m afraid I will just lose it! I can’t see me being rational when cops are so irrational. The fines they issue are paid to a private co run by cops! Maybe there’s less cars on the road for fines so their policeman’s ball is in jeopardy of falling over next year, so they have to raise funds via this?! Wankers!
  11. Merry Xmas back at ya. I have a lanyard - previously went to supermarket with mask under chin in case a granny got close - didn’t want to stress her out. Then last Sunday I got abused by two shoppers in two separate incidence in the same Tesco’s. One followed me round having a go. The other had a go a few mins after and as he saw me in another isle he smacked his basket into my trolly. I lost it and shouted abuse and threatened to but him lol. I’m never aggressive but I think he was the straw from a very heavy bale. This tine with a lanyard - nada! It’s now my force shield. Like you I wa
  12. I’ll opt for ‘something’ as he’s clearly unrecognisable on here lol
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