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  1. I use my iPhone for looking at David Icke, brandnewtube, bitchite etc. If i open these up then go to safari ‘advanced’ then website data it shows who’s monitoring my access - David Icke & forum always throws up Facebook but I noticed on brandnewtube that it also shows this: http://extreme-ip-lookup.com/ I often get a frozen site until I clear these bits of cookie data. Bastards!
  2. I find it crazy that the narrative continually focuses on the NHS being overwhelmed. It’s not and if it was that’s what the nightingale hospitals were for. Most of them have closed down and (if you recall) they called for retired doctors and nurses to come back. I know a few and they were never called upon. Who cares if the NHS gets overwhelmed. If it gets maxed out so be it. Nothing new there! ‘Covid’ people can then go home to recover rather than stay in hospital and die or be killed. I’m sick of hearing about save life’s, protect the NHS. It’s all bollox - and we know it. Grrrr!
  3. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/lt-gen-thomas-mclnerney-whitehouse-informal-chat_ewvV3eqI6mpL1HF.html Watch this - It's quite unbelievable given the location!
  4. And why should anyone on here have to give you links to real (sic) prove ‘this’ who are you to request such evidence. We do not have to justify anything to you. Everyone on here has watched and read an ocean of evidence - and that evidence keeps rolling in thanks to the people on this forum. If you’re not of a like mind, then kindly do us all a favour and f-off! It is not a forum for justifying what we know to some minor bacteria like you. Ciao!
  5. That’s coz you’re on the wrong site. You want the one for sheeple.
  6. Apologies. Not bitchute - BNT - https://brandnewtube.com/watch/antifa-is-escorted-inside-capitol-impersonating-pro-trumpers-to-be-blamed_Fmx22Zs9rjcYfBL.html
  7. This in my opinion is a false flag. There is a video clip somewhere on Bitchute showing a number of Black vehicles dropping people off - Antifa? so the guy filming says. Other aspects to consider (my observations from vid clips): This was orchestrated to ensure Trumps rally and all future Trump demos in the coming weeks are halted. They are now firmly putting the blame on trump, who the MSM are saying incited the ‘violence’. The largely peaceful demo of some 100k people wasn’t the issue. TPTB ensured a breakaway group stormed the Capitol Hill building. They weren
  8. Well, we know from lots of different sources what the truth is. This video appears to expose the contents of a letter received by the presenter, after much chasing, from the HSE in Ireland - The equivalent of the NHS. In the letter they fail to provide evidence of the existence or isolation of the Covid-19 virus. They appear to conclude it isn’t there. This video report brings into question everything that we are having to deal with - ie masks, lockdowns, tiers, vaccinations etc etc.
  9. https://www.brighteon.com/215eb5d3-e4e6-4240-8ba0-6671414e66ec
  10. Main post on Davidicke.com refers - Follow the below links and watch their video: https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/Notice/bf6eef14-6345-429a-a4e7-df68a39bd135?origin=SearchResults&p=1 https://www.netcompany.com/govtech/story
  11. What happened to the video on davidicke.com? i started to watch it, went back to it and this....
  12. Oh and it didn’t show her actually getting it!
  13. I think I want to puke! Listen to the guy giving the jab - ‘make sure you get all the goodness’ Then her crap chat https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-55315802
  14. I’m guessing the solution to social media posting - specifically YouTube and Facebook that you don’t use words that get flagged the the algorithms. So instead of Covid say the current flu like problem, or instead of vaccine say the current needle solution. That might beat the censorship??
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