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  1. I read about twenty of the compiled deaths on Dropbox and just had to stop. It is heart-braking. And to make matters worse, the people who I know are planning to be jabbed, would not even read your link.
  2. Very good to read. I would like to think that the mainstream can become truthful. We shall see...
  3. Well that at least is a start. Now all he needs to do is convert a few large and poor third world countries and he will be on his way to competing with the established religious cults. He'll never catch the tribe though.
  4. What does the Dalai Lama do to earn his living? What is his net worth?
  5. It's a dog and pony show exactly like a Hollywood movie. Trump and Biden are role players. We Americans didn't fight the slow erosion of Christian mores at the hands of the sly infiltrators. Now comes the population reduction. Except for a select group.
  6. With due respect to all the information contained in the creations attributed to Janet Ossebard, I smell a gatekeeper. Henry Ford saw an absolute correspondence between the the contents of the commonly available Protocols and conditions existing in the world in his day. Also, at least in the first two parts of the creations attributed to Ms Ossebard, Donald Trump is portrayed as a white hat. Hello! Do research. Look at his connections to mobsters going back to his early years. Find out how he treated those ordinary people whose homes were located where he wanted to build a golfcourse in Scotland. Please don't engage in wishful thinking like the Q-tards. It is a time tested technique to state many obvious truths and to go off on fruitless and bewildering paths to hide the real truth. Just like the shell game. Look over here, not there. Here are five other possible protocols.,so don't look around you and notice that what is contained in the "fake"? document is happening right now in our world. David Icke is a good guy, but even he has to steer around some rough waters and "not go there".
  7. What ever China owns, their owners own.
  8. Hi Carolyn Joy, A man I worked for as his gardener had slit pupil eyes. Let's call him Mr R. They were shaped exactly like a cats eye jewel. Both he and his wife were of upper crust English extraction, and were considered to be Yankees, or WASPS, here in the States. At first I was just a crew member in the landscape company that mowed and trimmed for him. Later, I was hired away from the company to become his gardener. After some years had passed, and there had developed mutual trust, and even fondness, both Mr and Mrs would often drop their usual, cold, impersonal manner, and though always correct and understated, would talk to me with a lot of warmth and near comraderie. Now I'll finally get to the point. Mr R's eyes had been the subject of a few conversations between us and there had always been something that seemed to be understood, but not mentioned at the end of the talks. For instance, Mr and Mrs R would often gaze at me after the words of a conversation were finished, as though more could be said, but would not be. Finally, one day we were talking about why, after many years of marriage they had not had children, but did have an adopted son. I had always assumed it was that one or the other of them had had something physically wrong as the reason. Mr R told me that his eye shape was reptilian, not of cats. Then they each said that somewhere in each of their respective families were individuals who were "off", and so, in the spirit of "doing the right thing", they had decided not to have any children, though they were able to have them. The point I would like to make is that even though Mr R had reptilian blood, or genes, he also had a conscience and good moral character.
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