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  1. Correct....I am seeing it now coming more and more to the fore....50% of Chinese cities take the E-Yuan as well as standed Yuan currency, but that is because China's economy has grown...They are not out of cash...sadly the rest of the world will be, and soon, much sooner than people realise...There isnt the World Bank or the IMF to bail out all countries...It couldnt happen....which is why Governments are spending what they are...They will have no need to pay it back to themselves...
  2. I work in Finance....I have been a Forex, Futures, Options and stock market trader for 38 years....It is usually my aim to predict where financial markets are going to be heading in a few days/weeks and trade accordingly...Nothing in these markets is making sense at the moment...nothing...The recession that should follow this will make anything in mankinds history look tame or a blip...However...look at the crypto currencies and Gold...they are at record highs....So I think we will, as a world, run out of money, be bankrupt, and that will induce the world to change over to crypto currencies....and then thats when the nightmare begins
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