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  1. I have a legitimate medical exemption in writing from my GP which I have given to them and they still place me on furlough you don’t need to be careful when your speaking truth I will not live in fear or be bullied by corporations who are tyrants making up their own rules but thank you for your concern I’ve taken legal advice and have a case if all companies acted like this one I would not be able to leave my house .
  2. Totally agree the worlds going in a direction that’s not good for humanity it’s like something out of a sci-fi film sadly this is now science-faction businesses think going along with this will save them when they have no idea what the real plan is the COVID vaccine paper passes are already here next be digital and microchips cashless society full big brother combine Orwell’s 1984 and huxleys brave new world we have full on huxwelian state of mass control we can still stop this tho people just need to wake up and wake up fast snap out of the perception deception then the shadow creatures in the background have no power they only have power by peoples ignorance . Truth is their enemy ... lies is their power... fear is their food ...
  3. Welcome Chloe to “The desert of the real”
  4. So you can’t go into work unless you are scanned by temperature measurer and pass welcome to dystopian Britain.
  5. This company are acting like tyrants basically do as we say or your out . I will continue to try and get some awareness raised to my situation masks don’t protect us anyway all about obedience. Yea I’m making good use of my time I was on furlough during the first lockdown I’m only on it now for the reasons I explain in my original post . Thanks for your input.
  6. Why would we need a vaccine for a virus which has never been isolated or purified so therefore can not exist. why would we need a vaccine going off there statistics of survival rate of 99.97% if it did exist . It’s all about control The new normal is just rewording of The new world order. only people who are asleep are going along with this why the rest of us are labelled crazy conspiracy theorists. They live we sleep .... the world needs a wake up call that’s why we are here to awake the sleep walkers .
  7. Van Morrison , Eric Clapton and Ian brown have all released anti lockdown songs check them out hope this helps media bear on YouTube also has a good few on there channel.
  8. Hello guys can anyone help with recommendations for getting help with workplace discrimination I am medically exempt from face coverings and my work will not accept this and placed me on furlough, I have provided written proof to my work place to show I am exempt which I did not need to do but they threatened to take me off furlough with unpaid leave if I did not comply with there demands and even tho I have done this they still won’t allow me to work I want to expose the tyranny of this company they are part of the bigger problem of what’s going on in the world they are making up their own tyrannical rules any help would be appreciated we need to out these kinds of businesses .
  9. The house of Windsor are of German decent from the German state of Hannover the first Hanoverian king to take the British throne was George Louis who became George I of England .
  10. Check out the new COVID vaccine paper passports this was a conspiracy 9months ago “show me your papers please “ This is just the start no papers no movement want to go to the football the movies the shops see a concert see a doctor the list is endless be aware and share people.
  11. Taurus 322 has the full has the full interview on there YouTube channel I’m new here so I don’t no how to drop the link the one I mentioned has David walking round London city explaining all the banks how the wars were funded by the same people both sides very informative
  12. where did I champion the words of maxwell I said he makes some good points I take all research on board and make my own mind up through my own intuitions I also pointed out he was friends with sitchen who was linked to Rothschild and is not to be fully trusted as is no man so don’t twist what I’m saying and I’m not telling anyone what’s true and what’s not people entitled to believe what they like but once you research religions the picture is very clear you can’t deny how many humans have died in the name of Jesus or Allah for what once people understand we are all one consciousness having different experiences the power of the hidden ceases to exist the powers that manipulate this planet do not care which religions you buy into as long as you follow one of them this then gives the followers closed minds and are more easily controlled then by the said religion they follow. ... the one true creator of the universe does not kill or mame people or commit mass genocide he creates not destroys once you can connect to this it does not matter what religion or I.d people give them selves the barriers between us would cease to exist and peace on earth would follow .
  13. Humans have been killed in the name of religion more than anything the holy war has been going on since it was created still going on to this day constant fighting for who’s more holy and who’s god is the true god it’s called divide and rule and it’s from my own vision my eyes are wide open to this fact I don’t need someone else to tell me that sorry if you feel offended by my pointing out that religious cults brainwash people they have been infiltrated by the brotherhood of the snake long time ago they teach very little about spiritual freedom you need an open mind and to look within to figure out the this world not one closed off from all possibilities the one true creator is within us all we are all just expressions of the one having our own experience of this world the truth is within people always looking for a saviour when it is us who is all there is ever has been and ever will be .
  14. Hello go on you tube Arizona wilder interview from the 90s with David the channel is Taurus 322 its 2hrs 55 min long amazing interview hope this helps
  15. Maxwell makes good argument with this topic the story of Jesus it goes back to Sumerian times where it was passed down through the ages from Egypt to Greece the story is the same it was adopted by Constantine in to modern day Christianity which is greco - Roman paganism Maxwell is good friends with Zachary sitchen who was a well known Rothschild associate so can’t trust him fully there’s some truth in what he says as they have to tell us some truth to what there doing it’s universal law ,but no one can claim to no the absolute truth also all religious beliefs are man made manipulations to brainwash the masses created by the brotherhood of the snake which infiltrated all religions , there has been so much blood spilt in the name of religion it’s a divide tactic ,the true truth comes from within everything we need is within us people are always looking outwards for saviours and answers when all we have to do is go to the heart source we just need to figure out how to decode it it’s laying in our dna extensive research can help speed up this process out of all the peoples material I use David icke is the only one who has not yet given me a reason to doubt what he says just look at where we are at right now in the world ,also a good book called the gods of Eden has some good material by William Bramley check out max spiers he new a lot about the family bloodlines and the committee of 300 hope this helps .
  16. Truth is there enemy lies is there power fear is there food
  17. Yes agenda 2030 all this plandemic is smoke and mirrors why sky net A.I is planning for its post human sustainable world they can only get away with this by peoples ignorance.
  18. In my area I seem to be the only one not wearing one and they think I’m the crazy one 12 months ago you would of been arrested for covering your face social engineering at its finest nice to meet you
  19. Hello guys just joined this forum long time fan of Ickes work , fellow truth seeker open minded spiritual being swimming through this sea of lies tyrants and there hidden masters must be exposed the great awakening is upon us only sleep walkers believe this new convid religion it’s literally a cult people walking in the streets with there masks on unquestioning zombies I lost a lot of so called friends telling them truth about what’s going on but they labelled me crazy joe I can honestly say if the sheeple call you crazy you are the sane one in this upside down world . I’m also a non mask wearer haven’t wore one in any place in the uk Ive had so much abuse refused entry to shops police rang on me abuse of the sheeple even to the point now where my employer has placed me on furlough as I won’t wear a face covering I am actually exempt with proof from GP but the tyrants won’t let me back in as I’m the only one in the company who has stood up to them and if I was to wear a mask to protect me it would be military grade not an old sock like most people are doing so frustrating glad to see like minded free thinking individuals in this forum .
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