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  1. Reading books is just another tool to opening your mind and researching Ive tried mushrooms many times and salvia I like to experience things and learn from them open your mind rather than just trying to just shoot people down for offering opinions we learn through other peoples experiences also.
  2. Because they are politicians there only there to lie and manipulate the masses give you the illusion of choice.
  3. Psychedelics act different on different people if you suffer from mental health issues you will go into a hellish state of mind if you don’t suffer they will take you to the heavenly realm aldous Huxley explains this in his book the doors or perception it’s an informative read , so this could be another way to continue to destroy society I have lost pretty much lost all faith in the health system I’m afraid they can’t be trusted after what’s happened this year .
  4. I’m afraid it is pal ya can check out on the places I put up I stopped supporting football after 30 years once they took a knee for a globalist operation footballs dead not what used to be there all sell outs to us the fans.
  5. Everton football club in the northwest first club in the uk mandatory tests for fans before games can check the story @joenada on Parler or YouTube Hugo talks this will become normal no false test no entry then no jab no job . Part of Matt halfcocks operation moonshot .
  6. I would recommend this book by aldous Huxley very informative on psychedelics and how it effects people with mental health issues to people without it’s a good read this is the book that inspired Jim Morrison to name his band the doors after .
  7. You seem to have some kind of problem with concrete it’s irrelevant to my original question the buildings been there for centuries so whatever it’s made of it’s still standing .
  8. Cheers I’ll look into it more and things are not as they are presented as Christianity is derived from paganism Christmas was adopted from the Roman festival saturnalia Constantine added his pagan religion with Christianity to keep his people in order It’s all sun worship originally the Saturn sun as that was known as the black sun . They were (saturnists) where the term (satanists) is derived from .
  9. The inscription is a memorial of John cunmen of zoons court 25th December 1689 a memorial is for the dead not the living or have I missed a point your trying to make the reply is quite vague to my original quote thanks .
  10. It’s made from limestone it’s been there for centuries so it’s hardly garbage as it’s still standing to this day.
  11. It’s very interesting hard to read tho it’s a memorial to a young boy who was said to have died on the 25th December 1689 aged 8 Christmas in the Druidic world is a sacrifice day so I think possibly something to do with this to appease there pagan deities.
  12. Thanks for the input yes it’s part of the church people go here during the summer and winter solstice it’s old Celtic Druidic fort from the 1600s I’m trying to find out the meaning of the childlike being holding or riding the skull meaning . Here’s more pictures
  13. Yes it dates to 1689 old church was a Celtic fort originally 500ft to reach the top
  14. There’s esoteric meaning to all artwork on religious buildings looking to find out if anyone has any knowledge of this particular piece
  15. Hello anybody no what this is or what it represents taken the picture from old Druidic Celtic church ??
  16. It’s not going well for Pfizer 2 people in uk suffered allergic reactions to the vaccine people with allergies told not to take it hopefully this will wake a few more of the sleeping up and get them questioning more .
  17. I do believe they already have this system in place in Australia for parents who are on welfare and won’t have there kids vaccinated
  18. This is how they will get people to take it no jab no job .
  19. The date of when this terrible event took place was 22/5/17 if we apply numerology to this it would be 2+2+5+1+7= 17 = 1+7 =8 or 22+5+17=44 = 4+4 =8 either way you will get 8 The number 8 in numerology is the number of building and in some theories destruction which would be the case here as the brotherhood of the snake invert everything they destroy in order to rebuild There language is numbers and symbols . Also as you correctly state 22 is the master builder number which would be inverted to destruction in this case sadly this was a planned ritual as this is what they do like with 9/11 and the 7/7 attacks .
  20. Q is a pysop disinformation tactical unit it is trump and his side of the two way political system right wing left wing both wings of the same bird . Trump said openly he has the military on standby to deploy the vaccine he’s the front of operation warp speed and trump is owned by Israel it takes very little research to find this out . Don’t matter who you vote for your just choosing a different slave owner if voting and politics made a difference they would ban it . It’s just to give people the illusion of choice. The power is within each individual to change there perceptions of the illusion and break free from the chains we can’t see . “If a blind person leads a blind person both of them will fall into a hole”
  21. This is from the Lake District on a kid’s play area. Manipulation of the young they are the prime target.
  22. Respect working class hero and god are two of my favourites from Lennon he would have something to say about the state of the world today .
  23. Guys check out this http://www.nysenate.gov/legislation
  24. John Lennon assassinated 40 years ago today the powers that be don’t like the truth being sung or spoke.
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