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  1. All google services down worldwide anybody no what’s going on ?
  2. Crazy got be the most stupidest thing I’ve seen at these riots yet
  3. Cool I don’t now y it’s doing it like that just a vid I uploaded what someone sent me .
  4. I mean rioters not protesters and what does BC mean ?
  5. My original post is A clip of protesters in America why ? Not sure what you have linked to asking me to download is there a problem?
  6. Check out James English podcast with Darren gee part 3 Darren goes off on this topic a lot stuff coming out now.
  7. 3 books every school should teach (1984) (brave new world) (Fahrenheit 451) real educational work in this 3 science faction documents .
  8. 4DD15C6A-3D53-4893-9E03-C17ED5DF99B6.MOV
  9. Guys check out a video on YouTube AYE JOE NADA is the channel I’m not a YouTuber I have no subs I just uploaded the video there to expose the tyranny of the shopkeeper who rang the police and mimicked the person for having a medical exemption businesses like this need exposing and educating I tried to upload here but I don’t now how to add the link etc cheers .
  10. They live from John carpenters is a documentary on how the human race a subliminally controlled by the creatures in the unseen who pull the strings operating on a different frequency to us they are all about you all around you . There is a element truth through out all of carpenters work he is an inside man they put the truth in films so people will just be like that’s not true that’s just in the movies your crazy well I say to them the best people usually are .
  12. The scientific professionals can be bought just like politicians can they have recruited the rich and the powerful and blinded us from the truth just follow the money you will see who nearly all of the uk and U.S medical/ scientists answer to , they sell humanity out for greed all souls have there price just some choose not to sell out and do not seek material gain take a look around you at what’s going on if you can’t see the lies every where then you have been deceived . Humans are manipulated by forces that are out of our sights working on different frequencies . Wake up there all about you all around you . Don’t sleep with the sheep .
  13. Interesting there’s a dvd called you are exiled and it explains this concept that the womb represents the sheep’s head we are offered up as the food to there deities born into death thats the concept in the dvd , in this case would be the Celts as this is a Druidic Celtic church they were well known for human sacrifices and these sculptures are memorials and tombs of children. If you have anymore information that would be welcomed Thanks.
  14. I was a life long football fan and boxing and MMA I’ve not supported any sports since all what’s gone on this year as I’ve realised now that all sports and so called sports stars are just there to keep us distracted from what’s going on playing us off against each other in the arenas feeding off that negativity between rival fans of whichever is your chosen sport a mass awakening has happened the time for true change for the good of humanity is on the horizon the power is with the people the time to rise is now . Truth is there enemy ... Lies is there power ... fear is there food ...
  15. Why are you so emotional you seem worked up try raising your vibration your holding to much anger and low vibrational negativity be happy and more constructive just how you reply and word things your full of venom you talk of intelligence and speak so unintelligent. Whatever troubles your having they will pass positivity is key . Are we not on a forum for like minded people to help each other in the research for truth your acting like a troll from Facebook I’m not here to argue I’m here to seek truth and positive interactions to many arguments in the world this is why the planet is in the state it’s in . Just some advice let go of your ego
  16. You seem very upset about said craftsmanship , there is no bias I have no affiliation to this building I merely came across whilst on my travels , your whole input is unhelpful to my post I did not ask what this was made of simply what does it mean you keep going on about concrete and workmanship one could ponder on the idea you are some sort of disgruntled stone mason who did not get to do said work here, you keep going on about how this building is sh11t etc your whole input is irrelevant to my original post you need to relax a little go build something in the sand and be happy , don’t let concrete get to you try to be more positive in life there’s enough negativity around as it is Have a nice evening.
  17. Check this out snap shop of the website there’s loads of these trials been going on for a while now full article on that website plus others I’m quite new and don’t now how to add links on here .
  18. Yes another real rap song check out kkoke kokespiracy on YouTube absolutely smashed it he has hard bars spitting real truths .
  19. Also the weed don’t sound like it’s helping you once it’s doing you more bad than good get rid detox for a few week see if you feel any better if not then it’s not the weed .
  20. Just stay positive keep the resistance strong they control us by consent and ignorance that’s why they try dumb us down cos we are more powerful than they are they no this there more scared of us than us them they can only shepherd sheep into their plan it’s down to the lone wolves of society to change this world for the better I’ve lost friends my job been called crazy get abuse every where for being a none mask wearer but I won’t give up never can’t let them break you . Power to the people.
  21. Most are asleep yes but it’s down to those of us who no what’s going on here with this plandemic to the great reset to set up of the agenda 2030 if we can change our own and others perceptions of the world we live in the creatures in shadows can’t divide and control us they need us manipulated and deceived as they can not create reality it is us who create it that’s why they attack the subconscious mind as this is what creates the matrix illusion we are now living in keep up the fight stay strong they feed of our negativity energies that’s their food this is why they cause fear and conflict since the start of what we perceive as time to control us this plandemic has also gone against them as so many people have woke up who never new about any so called conspiracy theories which can now not be denied they are telling us what there doing coercing people into their plan as they can only get away with it if we consent the power of NO is very strong stay positive.
  22. Come on where’s the spirit the battle for our freedoms is far from over and generations that have fort for freedoms didn’t have it easy we cant just roll over and let them take it with no resistance stay strong the battle is far from over this is spiritual warfare trying to break our hearts and minds and take our souls . No surrender . The truth shall prevail stay positive .
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