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  1. Hello I seem to have missed something here and you have removed what you said which I didn’t think you could do on this platform they say everything you post is kept so how are you able to remove what you have posted quoting me on? What was is it that you said and then deleted seems strange thought we’re on a David icke forum for freedom of speech instead of deleting what you said you would of been better quoting your apology underneath what you originally said we can’t go through life deleting all our mistakes we have to learn from them . Cheers nothing but positivity to you .
  2. nothing to do with the vaccine this article headline is from 2 months ago it was always in the script for it to mutate just making headlines over here in the uk this week .
  3. I’ve already got a thread going on the mutant strain what I started Monday covering this topic the headline of this topic could be conceived to be adding fuel to the anti vaccine theory here people are not anti vaxers a word again created by the media to label people who are willing to question the official narrative of a rushed unlicensed vaccine the whole mutant virus story is straight out of Michael bays film songbird I suggest watching the trailer , the whole world is a script and like grumpy owl has said here Covid 19 has never been isolated or purified and proven to exist which I’ve stated in the thread I made , to me this theory would just give the media ammunition to slate people as crazy that a vaccine is causing a mutated virus . THERE IS NO VIRUS until it’s been isolated and purified not said to exist just on symptoms of the first patient with pneumonia like symptoms.
  4. “Lies travel faster than the truth “
  5. Shock moment Covid 19 has never been isolated or purified or proven to exist over 40 freedom of information acts been requested and not one medical facility in any country has acknowledged that they have it on there data base CDC was one of them what’s mutated is the script to make more restrictions on the people psychological warfare gates money is all over everything to do with this I agree he’s heavily involved he’s only a puppet for his shadow masters . As for the bird flu story more propaganda I would say they just want the world in constant fear . Look at these masks they selling in shops read what they say if there’s deadly viruses on the loose what are these going to do the story’s got more wholes in it than Swiss cheese. stay safe stay home most of all stay sanitised
  6. Where we’ll be if a full blown outage happens back to the Stone Age we no it’s on the horizon I got my twigs ready just need to locate a decent cave .
  7. Haha this was meant for my other thread how do I move it over to the new corona virus strain thread lol .
  8. The new teenage ninja mutant Covid is on the loose causing tier 4 to be created Christmas essentially cancelled for millions of people Michael covey Angelo and friends are here stay safe stay home and most of all stay sanitised folks
  9. There now holding a meeting at 5pm to talk about tightening the restrictions at Christmas what they said they would loosen obviously on the understanding that Covid likes time off at Xmas like rest of us seems he’s decided to multiply and work Christmas now tho. Covids got more work ethic than Santa last advert I’d seen he’d pulled a sicky .
  10. The dark force’s working in the shadows have taken the hearts and minds of are leaders they have recruited the rich and famous they have infiltrated all institutions over a period of thousands of years they run the whole show everything is connected like one giant global circuit board , it’s hard for people to grasp that this could be done on such a monumental scale all this virus talk is just the smoke screen to bring in the new normal (world) order planned for centuries the end game is A.I development going un regulated which will be leading us to the SINGULARITY which not even they can control once SKYNET becomes self aware and when I say SKYNET it’s not a metaphor it’s real look it up it’s a military satellite company which the uk has just pledged £16billion to this could be the anchor point which you maybe looking for . TECHNOCRACY will be the new world super power. The more mankind is manipulated and chases technology the more mankind will become enslaved and eventually extinct . John Connor was the realist hero the movies ever created “keep calm and join the resistance.”
  11. No amount of evidence will persuade an idiot.
  12. I’m going to get the vaccine so you should to I’ve got vulnerable loved ones so I want to protect them if you don’t get the vaccine your be killing people could you be any more obvious to decode open your mind more like close your mind people will make up their own minds they don’t need guilt tripping by people like you . No vaccine has ever been proven 100% safe or made in such a short space of time people are bound to be sceptical if people want to take it that’s up to them just like it’s up to the people who don’t want to take it is up to them and they should not be punished or made to feel guilty for not wanting a vaccine for a virus with a 99.97% survival rate . You seem to be giving out medical information on the internet the irony of your comment. I took medical advice they advised me it’s not necessary for such a small mortality rate and I’m in a so called vulnerable group as I had (CAP) pneumonia 2 years ago which by the way if you get that they don’t tell you stay home and watch Netflix they send an ambulance out as you will no when you got it without taking a test the severity of the symptoms alone puts you straight in hospital. All the best on your journey in life positivity is key.
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