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  1. Sorry I wasn't very clear. What I meant to ask is when ardent believers of the covid scam say that icu's are over run with patients seriously ill with covid and nurses and doctors report it too how can I argue with that? Is it really sufficient to say its the seasonal flu? Nurses and doctors who work on those wards every year at this time (flu season) state that this is different to what they have seen before?
  2. I read everything I can find that goes against the governments narrative and propaganda regarding the covid 19 virus but I am struggling to rationalise or understand what people are dying from in icu's up and down the country. I know that lots of medical staff have said its a hoax and wards are empty but I have close friends who have family members who are in icu on ventilators with a covid diagnosis. These are healthy people in their 40's. If these people don't have covid then what do they have? Tia
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