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  1. Not to mention that the great majority seek no information above what they are fed. They are happy in the rut that has been made for them. It's hopeless.
  2. This forum doesn't even feature on Google search anymore, I had to go to yandex. Despite that, every single conspiracy type forum has been overtaken by pathetic right/left bollocks. Above top-secret being especially egregious. I have noticed a lot of racist and weird stuff posted here. It didn't used to be like that at all. I imagine it will either deteriorate further into nonsense or be banned. Perhaps I'm just being pessimistic.
  3. I just want a place where people chat about things and maybe form a community. Every chatroom I try on the Internet are either creepy sex shit, or literally talk nonsense. Like how can it be this hard.
  4. Does anyone know of any discord servers which discuss, similar topics? I have searched lots and come up wanting. Thanks.
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