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  1. Call me crazy but I think I see a link,
  2. Does anyone have any information or leads on this secret society. https://www.bitchute.com/video/KAl2xfFk3JNX/
  3. Arn't you guys bored of this topic yet?
  4. Exited for David Icke and Sasha Stone livestream
  5. You mean like those intellectuals that study where the bible originates from?
  6. https://www.bitchute.com/video/oixMeuYAhtTZ/ My only argument with this discussion is that I do not believe Jesus is the saviour, we are the saviours of ourselves because no one is coming to save us.
  7. The bible was based on astrology, the new testament was written by the Piso bloodline. Jesus was the name given to sun,, That's why the Jesuits (the society of Jesus) have a sun on the emblem. No thanks, I have everything I need to guide me from within.
  8. Well, the one that I was at were telling the students to wear a mask , wash hands and were contact tracing. They also run an academic school so I assume they were doing the same thing. Just shows how much attention these money loving fakes pay to their own religion.
  9. I just quit my job at a church yesterday because it seemed they were really starting to turn on me ,maybe because I was bad mouthing the Vatican and refusing to call myself a sinner and probably because I didn't want to go to the sermons ,church is a cult, the bible is a cult and I have no idea what shape earth is.
  10. Just finished a new track today
  11. There is more to this then the eyes can see, my question to you is, if Im ignoring all of this other stuff, what is the solution? but you are 100% right about funded dis-information campaigns.
  12. When my grandmother passed away I saw her interacting with another realm. When we were trying to get her to the hospital we she kept yelling for someone/something not to leave. She was even describing to me what she was seeing and no one can tell me anything about twaddle mate, I've seen and experienced things with my owns eyes.
  13. I agree with the link he sent me, but in saying that I will still research clones and aliens because I'm aware that there are insects, animal and sea life that haven't been discovered and being discovered everyday. I'm also aware of of parasites that possess their hosts and insect and animal life that camouflage themselves to look like their prey. I can't see why that doesn't apply to us either. Im open to all information.
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