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  1. If there are any experts on South African "common law" please contact me urgently. I need clarification on some subjects.


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    2. Reptile hunter

      Reptile hunter

      Thank you very much, I will look into that. Thats great because I want to target those responsible for the 5g rollout too. I have studies from the "Department of nuclear energy........" 


      But we first need to look into a Jural assembly. 


      They have absolutely corrupted the court system.

    3. theo102


      You're welcome. If the liability involves health effects then it's a good idea to get one or more expert opinions (usually from doctors) who can describe specific risks for the people affected.


      I don't know how the process works in South Africa, but this approach is more consistent with contract law where the accused effectively becomes a party to a contract by the doctrine of latches if they don't respond by rebutting your affidavit.


      I believe that the success of this approach is based on having a solid set of facts which implicate the accused, and also on having strong evidence that the accused was aware of your affidavit but did not respond with a rebuttal.


    4. Reptile hunter

      Reptile hunter

      That makes perfect sense and I will definitely do that, it will definetly make my case stronger. I have already made the 2 individuals aware that they are in breach of the Nuremberg code. I have been totally ignored. When I phone up one of the companies they will talk to me up until I mention 5G then they drop the call or act as if they cant hear me. 


      Im not keen on the legal route because these companies have lawyers trained in dragging out cases for years. If I go through a public courts Jurisdiction I have a strong case as I can prove how they have trepassed against me (my property) and no Judge, State or Corporation has leverage over me. 

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